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  1. OP - call the EA back and said that you had a good night sleep and it seemed like you slept for ages because you now found yourself waking up in 2008 during a huge housing collapse where house prices are falling faster than an EA's commission. Withdraw your offer and walk away. Or if you still want the property. Tell them that you have spoken to your advisors and they have valued the property, in its current state at £65k....and to call you when he wakes up in 2008. Edit: It is very likely that the Developer is imaginary. But even if they are real, let them have the property, you shouldn't
  2. not sure if this has been posted yet or if its in the right place but its pretty funny and sums things up well. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bNmcf4Y3lGM
  3. Nah, just make them sell their houses to us for whatever they would have been able to get as a loan if they hadn't commited fraud.
  4. you'd better specify the size. 2 beds to Foxtons means that you can "fit" two beds in the place.
  5. Evil BTL's will stop buying 3 bed semi's and dividing them into 3 "two bed" flats
  6. hahaha, I see that you have chosen to take this personally B, you really shouldn't its the internet. :-) and for the record, i was referring to "people" in a general stereotypical sense not you, but anyway, let's just move on. At least Kurt has a sense of humor...Kurt, I'll be waiting for you in my ivory tower...but can you come around next weekend because I have book club this weekend. ...wait a minute, why did you want to come over again?
  7. Isn't the general rule as a seller to market it at about 10% above what you have been told its worth?
  8. Touched a raw nerve eh? Nothing personal but its interesting to see your comment coming from someone who stereotypes all investment bankers and assumes that everyone who doesn't share your view is a troll and City Vi? but then, its hard to accept another person's view isn't it? I've met my fair share of investment bankers who are utter tossers but at least I am not yelling booyaa! when the whole firm collapses and takes out all the other innocent staff with it. I find (and this is my own personal view so don't be offended if its against yours)...that people (and this I mean people in a gen
  9. Guys, when you grab your pitchforks and march on London crying "Viva la revolution", remember that we have stop and search policy for weapons....and if you drive in on your tractors, there is a congestion charge. geez..the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well on this forum
  10. Agreed. The economy is really going to feel this...and not in good way And to those who are having a laugh at other people's expense....karma is a bitch.
  11. The muppet should rename it. "I need more 100% mortgages" idiots....I wish someone would just have the balls to tell the estate agents, mortgage brokers to just shut the hell up...they had their time in the sun, now go off and get some real skills
  12. Saudi and Dubai are pretty good at the moment. Good pay, family orientate culture and they are devloping very quickly while the oil money is still there to build infrastructure. The negatives are social lives take a bit a hit....but if you are a family person (i.e. go home to wife and kids, rent movies for nights in etc) then it won't be a problem. Weather is a big negative though...stinking hot and humid....
  13. That's really sneaky.. its under offer now....i wonder if the buyer knows about the 50% shared ownership rubbish.
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