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  1. You really are a prime bit of cuntery aren't you. You deserve 12 hobnails in each eye.
  2. We must've been pretty near each other. I was sitting on the grass planting Marijuana seedlings and spuds in the square in front of Winnie's statue.
  3. Took these pics on the Mayday do where Winston Churchills statue got Mohican'd with a strip of turf. Could explain the reluctance to riot in this country.
  4. Yeah either that or he's steadying the wibbly wobbly microphone stand. Can see how this is worth posting, real question of the moment stuff.
  5. Got one you ******ing ***** Now how about you get a life.
  6. Spent time reading this you silly bunch of self satisfied *****
  7. Yeah. It was a great cure. Pity it killed the patient. You go from the Tories lining their pockets to Labour lining their pockets and then you get the hard working over privileged rich who are our natural leaders vs the feckless supporting commie socialists running the country into the ground. One extreme to the other all the time. All public spending bad to all private wealth bad etc etc etc. There is never a price to pay for the political class, it's always one half of the population or the other that picks up the tab. When Henry II's men killed Thomas Becket inside Canterbury Cathedral Henry was so appalled he walked barefoot through Canterbury and offered himself to monks there for flogging as punishment. The KING did that. The king barefoot and offering himself up for punishment at the actions of his men. I'd like a bit more forfeiture like this in todays politics, as it is I will continue to protest with a vote for the Greenies. Edit to clarify. There was a 4 year gap between the act and the punishment but it was the act the sparked events that led to the king offering himself up for the punishement. and spelling
  8. So would that be an unreasonable thing to say? You put the gun to your own head, pull the trigger and expect what to happen?
  9. Crossed wires on my part maybe. I thought the people that you are talking about are, whatever happens, protected from wipe out. Apologies if I have that wrong. Protecting small savers isn't a bad idea. Carrying that on to protect the wreckless is a bad idea.
  10. Are we talking about people with a few grand? I thought they were protected up to 35 grand? Is that a few? Thats per institution as I learned from the daft bint on five live this morning.
  11. FVck off. There's very little connection now between hard work and reward. You don't have to be a marxist to want to see the system rebalanced. The poster didn't say let them burn, I think they said you don't get to have your cake and eat it. (FVcked if I know what that means cos to eat cake you generally need to have a bit of it.) I work hard and I want the system to change. The neo syndicalists are the bankers and their investors who want protection for their profits at all costs. You back them then you've chosen which way to go and you can't grumble.
  12. Just heard the presenter on Five live say that they have heard that HBOS is `merging with Lloyds..' Waiting for more.
  13. So no wiggle room for us to outpace this idea of the Matrix? I think that the effects of our experience of beliefs, society and systems like this are real. I think its like panic attacks. They are terrible disorienting things with real effects on our bodies but the reasons for them are often illusions of complex thought patterns. Having one immovable view of the world is like this, it can have measurable effects but isn't necessarily a tangible. Making changing such positions in other people like rolling the proverbial boulder up a hill. That said I do like the idea that to change someones world view you start with their moods. The Matrix is only as real as one allows it to be.
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