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  1. Are you after a prize for the most internet cliches in a single sentence? You 5hit-faced Gibbonmuncher.

    You're just as fanatical, blinkered, and bigoted as any Ku Klux Klanner. I bet you'll be quoting the Daily Mail and voting BNP within 5 years.

    It's not really your fault though is it? You're just too thick and lacking in self-insight and maturity to realise what a complete oaf you are. ;)

  2. From today's Telegraph:

    Pound 'will fall to parity with euro'

    Sterling weakened yesterday to close at just over 90p to the euro for the first time in four months, amid renewed concern over the state of the British banking system.

    By Angela Monaghan

    Published: 8:36PM BST 18 Sep 2009

    The low came as currency experts predicted the pound would fall further and reach parity with the euro within the first three months of 2010. One euro was worth as much as 90.36p, the highest level close since May 11. A year ago a euro would only buy 79p.

    Confidence about the UK currency was eroded when issues surrounding Lloyds Banking Group's participation in the asset protection scheme once again put the spotlight on Britain's financial system, highlighting the problems that remain.

    Currency strategists at BNP Paribas suggested sterling's weakness was not just a short-term blip because sterling would be dragged down by ongoing loose monetary conditions in the UK, relative to the eurozone.

    "Sterling is likely be the underperformer among the majors, despite a favourable global financial market environment, as the UK domestic picture is set to deteriorate, with the fiscal/monetary policy mix in particular working against sterling," they said in a note............

    Daily Telegraph

  3. That seems to be his strategy. I wonder what will happen if by some miracle he gets reelected. :ph34r: Just how delusional will he become then?

    I think that Brown still harbours the hope that he will stop the Tories getting an overall majority. But just watch the pound and the gilts market topple if there becomes any real possibility of that happening. The only thing that is sustaining those markets is the belief that the Tories are heading for a landslide and that Brown will be turfed out on his fat @rse within 12 months.

  4. Never trust an estate agent. Many of them really are a thieving bunch of low-lifes:

    Estate agents accused of over- pricing HIPs by up to 50 per cent

    By Sean Poulter

    19th August 2009

    Comments (14)

    Estate agents are levying mark-ups on the cost of Home Information Packs that are adding hundreds of pounds to the cost of selling a home.

    Some firms charge 50 per cent more to compile a pack than a specialist provider, according to a report by Which? today.

    The net result is that sellers can pay around £300 more than if they had shopped around.

    The estate agent arm of the Halifax was found to be the most costly for a typical three bed semi-detached property......

    Daily Mail

  5. Conway stating the obvious:

    ..........this boom feels very much like a last hurrah. My hunch is that although many bankers think it really is back to the races (in terms of their remuneration) I suspect otherwise (as you may have told from some of my columns). So after this round of bonuses the extra impetus from the City property buyers could dissipate. Moreover, there are still some fears that we could succumb to another round of financial crisis in the next year or so, something which could do for London prices.

    And this small pocket of activity cannot dispel the simple fact that house prices are unlikely to be fair value at the moment. They simply have not come down enough. Moreover, the amount of debt the average mortgage payer is in for has not diminished. Many homeowners have survived the first couple of years of the crisis because the Bank reduced interest rates so much. But they will suffer gradually as the Bank starts to lift rates. According to Fathom Consulting, this confluence of potential foreclosures and defaults could be a major issue for the UK economy next year........

    Daily Telegraph

  6. 'Angry voters' attack Hazel Blears' car while she tours her constituency

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    10th August 2009

    Comments (70)

    Expenses scandal-hit former minister Hazel Blears' car has been attacked while she was knocking doors to canvas for local support in her constituency.

    The Salford MP, whose claims are being investigated, had all four tyres slashed and the front window smashed on her Citroen Xsara Picasso.

    Constituent Norman Eaton, 51, who spotted the MP in her car after the attack, said: ‘This is the people of Salford telling her that they don't accept what she has done.'...............

    Daily Mail

  7. I think maybe we've hit a bottom but we will be hitting that bottom for quite some time.

    I remember the recessions of the seventies, eighties, and nineties. On a regular basis some professional liar or deluded idiot would pop up in the media to announce that the worst was over but the recession and it's consequences just went on and on and from bad to worse. This is the mother of all of them and isn't even a quarter of the way through yet.

    The same thing happened in the house price crash of the nineties.

  8. .......According to the Halifax, average wages fell between June and July, from £37,018 to £36,576. The P/E ratio now stands at 4.36.

    I know we have had this debate on here before but, are average wages in the UK really as high as £36,576? That seems to be considerably above what most people earn outside of the city.

  9. We do not have a free market in this country.

    All private institutions operate in a legal and regulatory framework imposed by the Government.

    If slavery was abolished and private individuals made money from slave trading, those individuals would have a moral case to answer, but the people responsible for the slavery would be the politicians who made it legal.

    The people responsible for the state we are in are the people who made it all possible - Politicians.

    Spot on. Brown and his mob have been a disaster for this country.

  10. I hear that the Supreme Court hearing has just been adjourned to 2pm today. I bet there's more than a few people sh/tting themselves right now as the frantic shenanigans carry on behind the scenes:

    .....And panic is exactly what High-Court judge Peter Kelly brought about last week, when he refused to extend court protection and appoint an examiner to six companies controlled by property developer Liam Carroll and his Zoe property group. But Liam Carroll isn't the only one panicking. So too are the banks, NAMA and the political establishment and, if the truth be told, the rest of us should be concerned as well......
    But NAMA (National asset Management Agency) is now in severe danger of being overtaken by events. And if the Supreme Court upholds Judge Kelly's decision tomorrow, there'll be a whole lot of people running for cover.

    Irish Independent

  11. Irish eyes aren't smiling anymore, they're all focused on today's Supreme Court decision:

    ANY SUBSTANTIAL “fire sale†of residential or commercial property could result in prices falling by 50 per cent or more, the head of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has claimed.

    The organisation’s director general Tom Parlon said the prospect of major banks seeking recovery of their debts from developers would have a disastrous effect on property prices and the economy.

    He said the whole rationale of establishing the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) was to prevent such a scenario.

    Mr Parlon was commenting ahead of today’s Supreme Court appeal by developer Liam Carroll against a High Court decision to remove the protection from creditors that had been given to one of his businesses, the Zoe Group......cont

    Irish Times

    The property pin

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