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  1. From today's Daily Mail: Householders in a hurry to sell before the election 'decimates the property market'
  2. [quote name='Timak' date='Sep 25 2009, 10:40 AM' post='2161989' ........However the BBC head political correspondent Nick Robinson is as Tory as you can get.......... Really? I heard his nickname is "Toenails", because he's so far up Brown's fat @rse that all you can see of him are his toenails.
  3. You're just as fanatical, blinkered, and bigoted as any Ku Klux Klanner. I bet you'll be quoting the Daily Mail and voting BNP within 5 years. It's not really your fault though is it? You're just too thick and lacking in self-insight and maturity to realise what a complete oaf you are.
  4. You PC cultists become really quite venomous when someone challenges the fundamentals of your religion
  5. The mortgage backed securities market which enabled the house price bubble has gone so there's nothing now maintaining the current market except smoke and mirrors.
  6. In the years ahead as the economy contracts, and unemployment rises, public spending is slashed, taxes rise, and the living standards of the majority are forced lower; things are likely to turn nastier and nastier in many parts of Balkanised Britain. I was considering fleeing to Ireland for a few years but it's probaly going to be even worse over there.
  7. I think that Brown still harbours the hope that he will stop the Tories getting an overall majority. But just watch the pound and the gilts market topple if there becomes any real possibility of that happening. The only thing that is sustaining those markets is the belief that the Tories are heading for a landslide and that Brown will be turfed out on his fat @rse within 12 months.
  8. Some people are prey to those great motivators: fear and greed. They get caught in a bull trap and end up throwing their money away. Plus ca change
  9. Gordon Brown is operating a scorched-earth policy and in his hate-filled, deranged mind, is calculating that the Tories get the blame when they come in next year and have to administer strong medicine in an attempt to clear up his mess.
  10. Never trust an estate agent. Many of them really are a thieving bunch of low-lifes: Daily Mail
  11. I remember the recessions of the seventies, eighties, and nineties. On a regular basis some professional liar or deluded idiot would pop up in the media to announce that the worst was over but the recession and it's consequences just went on and on and from bad to worse. This is the mother of all of them and isn't even a quarter of the way through yet. The same thing happened in the house price crash of the nineties.
  12. This is a bull trap fuelled by fear, QE, and loads of hype. The MBS market which fed this bubble isn't there anymore so neither is the cheap, easy credit to maintain it. Price falls will resume in the Autumn and continue throughout 2010. Anyone with cash who panics and jumps in now will regret it.
  13. I know we have had this debate on here before but, are average wages in the UK really as high as £36,576? That seems to be considerably above what most people earn outside of the city.
  14. Spot on. Brown and his mob have been a disaster for this country.
  15. That can mean just about anything these days. Can't you be more specific?
  16. So where are you coming from if you don't mind me asking?
  17. Many years ago I was in the Socialist Workers Party. Then I grew up
  18. I hear that the Supreme Court hearing has just been adjourned to 2pm today. I bet there's more than a few people sh/tting themselves right now as the frantic shenanigans carry on behind the scenes: Irish Independent
  19. I see this thread has brought out all the juvenile leftists, liberals and crypto-Stalinists! Go on then, I'll bite If you don't think the property should be owned by the current owners then who do you think should own it?
  20. Irish eyes aren't smiling anymore, they're all focused on today's Supreme Court decision: Irish Times The property pin
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