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  1. Exactly - I was at whas was / is considered a top public school 20 years ago; one of the worst 'crimes' was for parents to turn up and show off their wealth. This (as was the norm in society) was considered crass, common and would receive much ridicule. Now the norm has been turned on its head, both in public schools and in wider society. The other major drive for higher fees has been the completely unnecessary 'facility inflation' - the desire to constantly upgrade and expand facilities, especially boarding accomodation, art, theatre, sports facilities etc... has lead to the steep rises in fees and the sharp reduction in professions who can afford to send their children to such places. I suspect that the next 5 years will see a swathe of schools close - just like those greedy banks really.
  2. Well they're going to have to shovel like *u*k to damper down the fires that burn on HPC.... Good luck to them....
  3. Time again for Pals Battalions to be formed up and down the country to defend or be ready to defend our hard won freedoms and liberties. GS - you hit the nail on the head.
  4. I love Dixon's £200 off if you spend £1999...or more aptly, £200 off your own stupidity.
  5. This wretched government has a huge amount to answer for. A friend of mine, in a recent email to me following this week's PBR, describes the consequences and realities of Labour's abysmal failings very eloquently "We are set to be an insignificant economy on the north-western fringes of Europe without recognizable infrastructure and with a dwindling workforce doomed to pay interminably for the beer and cigarettes of the Liverpudlian unemployed. From the top to the bottom of this society, there is now an expectation that one should be rewarded regardless of talent or expertise, trivialism has seeped into every aspect of civilized discussion bolstered by a rhetoric that is as meaningless as it is self-important, and there has been a decade-long open season contemptuously rubbishing historical values and social traditions, censorious about the past and blind to its own pettiness" This is a verdict, that I think many on HPC share. The quicker the likes of Balls, Harperson et al - who have their hands filthy with failure - are kicked out the better.
  6. Very fair point; most of us are at fault here; we bemoan the fact they're going, but not doing anything to help their trade. A new year resolution will be to visit the decent local (400m away) far more often.
  7. The sequel will be called 'Hang 'Em High'....
  8. Brillant - got my morning off to a flying start. Must be careful though about emailing clip around one's work colleagues..... its a diplomatic minefield, with many in exactly the same predicament as our friend, Adolf.
  9. Excellent stuff... also remember those arguing that UK's hi-tech-high skills economy will continue to attract best workers from around the world....continued demand for slave boxes etc....
  10. Yep...! Starting to lick my lips on the thought of devouring a greedy BTLer's vacated assets... Lovely...
  11. I tend to agree with you. This sad case is down to a failed business transaction, appalling due diligence. We need risk takers. I salute the small businessman trying to make something rather than folk who sit idly taking the cheque - but still mock the desire to build and expand a business. I'm sure many of us know people in very similiar positions..... their fear must be growing by the hour.
  12. What a joke of a government; we are well are truly shafted. Debt upon debt, over inflated expectation of recovery over inflated expectation of recovery etc. This is a series of pathetic bribes which I am convinced that all folk, bar Polly Toynbee and fellow members of the ignorant liberal Guardianista mafia will see the folly of. How the hell can AD hold the future taxpayer to such despicable ransom?
  13. Made me laugh.... similar memories but a tad younger enjoying Rent a Ghost. What do kids watch these days when they get in from school?
  14. Exactly. Another way I encourage people to make these sort of comparisons, is to compare yourself to someone who is worse off - not better off. If we did more of this we'd take on far less debt, and be happier and more content with our lives.
  15. I love Christmas, its significance etc etc.... but I AGREE, trains not running on Boxing day is a disgrace. Willful denial of folks ability to get to great racing; Kempton especially.
  16. I'm a little anxious about these times.... we are truly headed into unchartered territory. For me though its about mental toughness, knowing that things will get really bad, but being ready for it; being being comfortable with the idea of living off the land, surviving on the absolute minimum. My challenge is convincing the missus to see the same way. She's improving though.... Families will be the key to survival - helping each other out; sharing resources, housing etc. Am going to take all survivalist precautions - as discussed on many other threads - to ensure that there is always a Plan B - if things get truly messy.
  17. Do NOT touch a lower ground or basement flat in Pimlico - horrific insulation, noise (both ways). Unpleasant. Thank God that small renting chapter is long gone in my life.
  18. For all the jokes, and this family deserve one or two- this article must be a wake-up call to many; STOP profligate expenditure, bunker down, prepare financially and mentally for a long period of real difficulty and discomfort. Inform your children, mould your family into a real close knit team, not a bunch of self centred individuals. This is going to get damn rough.
  19. Indeed - not just the last laugh but the ability to sleep easy in your bed. So many folk may not yet be caught in the death trap of the HPC, but they're there knowing it will come to them sometime pretty darn soon......
  20. Extend that feeling across folk who are far less (I would guess) law abiding and hard working than your friend, then you have the recipe for anarchy. For that reason I have now started seriously to buy gold and silver - at least there may be something left when calm eventually returns.
  21. Some serious - almost shameful - back peddling go on. But they can't quite do it, still promoting buying of property. How many more lives will they have ruined?
  22. What a joke of a program. It should come with a on-screen apology for all the grief their stupid buy / invest messages have had over the last 5 years. A disgrace.
  23. For a accurate record of HRH Duke of Edinbugh talks, please refer to video below.... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=o60W286cm-E
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