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  1. Choice between Clint (Fistful of Dollars C5) and this stuff.....?
  2. Do NOT get into debt. May they RIP. We are going to see more of this in the UK tragically.
  3. Yep - that's right; until the great liberal (middle class) conspiracy shaped up, to deprive the working class of their status and pride by: - Advocating and promoting the break up of the traditional family unit (by such guises as 'sexual liberation'; any choice of 'lifestyle' goes etc.) - De skilling young men and women by debasing the education system - Fostering an aggressive materialist and consumerist culture which promoted money and possessions (rather than fishing) as the source of happiness - Demotivating folk by creating an energy sapping welfare culture - Undermining the identity of urban working class folk by unfettered and rampant immigration, and an undermining of many of Britain's historic institutions - Undermining the role of the male by fostering an aggressive feminism - Etc.
  4. Exactly; this seems like bold and sensible action; a world away from what we have come to expect in the UK. Just felt sick - having seen Balls on Beeb being as shifty as ever about controlling govt spending. I'd vote for Arnie any day rather than the imbeciles in our government.
  5. Damn right; these excesses need reigning back NOW. This is an area for real tension and wider protests in the next 12 months.
  6. Why don't those idiots make it law to bring up your children: 1) to love hard work and self discipline 2) with a deep understanding of personal and civic responsibility 3) to embrace the pursuit of learning and self advancement 4) etc. etc. That'll help eradicate poverty. Blood is still boiling with regards the govt's pending attack on folk who choose to educate their children at home....
  7. If you want an amusing personal finance education and a reminder of why debt is bad....then trythe Dave Ramsey Show. Dave Ramsey Show
  8. Paris may be over-rated as a 'city'; but its women are worthy of the number 1 spot. Delightful creatures...
  9. +1; just thinking exactly the same! Good brain and commentary, but a dreadful voice. Tiresome even.
  10. Interesting; was just 5 mins ago browsing property for sale in Torbay; first reaction, was just how many properties on Rightmove, seemed to be for sale above the £500K mark. Any more insights into the top end of the market down that way of the world? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...p;auction=false
  11. Sounds depressingly familiar - this is very similar to the ITV Dig debacle; over optimistic subscriber forecasts and appalling commercial naviety. More honest folk put out of a job due to management incompetence and greedy clubs.
  12. Correct. I voted BNP in Wiltshire; but wouldn't consider it at the General Election.
  13. Greedy ass - good riddance to him and his fellow crooks; time to slay up this wretched 'developer' hype once and for all.
  14. I wouldn't be that surprised to see the BNP coming in front of Liebour in at least one or two of councils. I suspect that we'll be in for a shock on just how many 'minor' parties have been backed. Almost everyone I spoke to about the Euro election, was going for UKIP. Voting intentions with regards the BNP doesn't seem to be an open discussion topic amongest colleagues or neighbours (not yet anyway).
  15. Exactly - perfectly put. Voted BNP for the first time ever (County Council election and UKIP in Euro). No chance of winning, but an opportunity to voice agreement with their tough law and order policies.
  16. Previous Head of Corporate Planning at the BBC - says it all.
  17. Attractive looking (ish), but what a typical liebour drone; estuary english, all superlatives (I'm 100% proud etc...) - Time to go - every last one of them.
  18. This is a government built on lies and deceptions; it is rotten to the core. If an election is not called after local and euro election results, the anger will reach a point when it will start to boil over. I suspect that MPs will almost certainly be victims of physical attack. If they cling on, history deserves to treat them with utter contempt; for putting their god forsaken personal interests in front of the nation's. We've arrived at national crisis time.
  19. Goodness grief, the crowds which have come to watch Gordon's and Tony's execution are MASSIVE...As far as the eye can see....
  20. Joe public is getting very angry - worsening by the day. I seriously fear for civil order, and advise HPCers to get up to speed with survivalist techniques and tools / required goods etc. Form local neighbour hood alliances of like-minded men and women to step in to support the police when required. Their focus will be on the major cities only. The rest of us will need to fend for ourselves.
  21. Sorry, but that's still one heck of a lot of folk (many of them relatively junior), who in the private sector would never be allowed to travel in this way. First class between St Pancras and Sheffield is dominated by NHS and DWP staff.
  22. Somewhere in deepest, darkest Tunbridge Wells - ".....Immigration is a very good thing, it brings skills into the local economy, exposes us to many different cultures and creates continuous demand for homes; I'm sure we'll sell our house to a hard working Jamaican family very shortly...."
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