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  1. Lets hope so; greedy jerks who will stop at nothing to enrich themselves at others (our) expense. Anyone else feel more sympathy now for the 1789 French peasantry / revolutionaries ?? Join the club.
  2. That country is well and truly screwed. And the fall out is gonna be really, really awful. Seriously, mass bankruptcies, rioting, and worse must be round the corner for a society which was spun the story about material possessions being good for you; why two houses was a must have; why extravgence was your 'right' etc. We'll have the same here mind you at some point in the near future...
  3. Would rather see more robust debate on current problems etc. and greater scrutiny of government performance - BUT, also FAR LESS time spent debating and pushing through new legislation. We need to slim down the statute book by a huge amount; and get this country free from suffocating laws and controls.
  4. Many thanks for this; very interesting reading.
  5. Why the hell have people been so damn stupid?; thinking that the good times would continue for ever? And still a sizeable majority think that we'll all sail away from this mess with nothing more than a slightly tricky 6 months of economising etc. We need TOTAL change, and prepare ourselves for life with half the income we may have previously enjoyed. I have instigated a complete LOCK DOWN on family spending, and am buying gold coins (and a wide range of other tin foil hat measures) to ensure that we can survive the next decade. Aussies - wake up and prepare for years of pain.
  6. Absolutely. Added to this, is the wide spread feeling that decades of growing disparity between Directors and workers pay is starting to catch up with society. I fully support good monetary reward where you have risked your own capital, but inflated executive pay and bonuses out of all proportion to the wider workforce is starting to hack many off.
  7. An excellent read; with a very lucid and amusing writing style. Will be following it regularly. Best of luck to him and others in a similiar position.
  8. He was probably fired for inflating business case assumptions / projections. A proposterous character. What a dreadful website as well.
  9. Imbecile. Develop a sense of humour quick, or get off this site.
  10. Its gonna be grim to watch. There must be '000s of folk tottering on the edge..... I wish them luck, but somehow I think the past is about to catch up with many of them
  11. Further testimony to the wicked excesses that the financial sector were party to. Disgusting.
  12. Can't stand these sort of articles; pushing a materialist, debt ridden lifestyle as the path to happiness. What a sad illusion.
  13. Its when folk like this (the thousands upon thousands of them) start to default in BIG numbers that the dam will really burst with great destruction. These idiots (aided and abetted by an immoral finance sector and media) have lead themselves to ruin. The mess will take a generation to clean up.
  14. I put it down to straightforward cowardice, and the corrosive effect of political correctness, which has neutered their ability to say anything which might be construed as honest or direct.
  15. Seriously, do you think there are bods within Govt who are addressing some of these fundamental questions? It makes you think, what the heck are we paying all these great civil service brains to do? Surely they are giving ministers some genuine insights / advice on how to address this critical issue? Or are they like 95% of this country, slave to a cozy liberal consensus which is suffocated and scared witless to challenge the established orthodoxy? We must address the challenge of work desperately. Where is the economic vision for this country, where are the robust plan to reduce the attractiveness of the welfare system, where is the focus on real "world class" industrial excellence and skills, where is the challenge to society to think more about our collective future rather than fecklessly spending their dosh on selfish pursuits and lifestyles?
  16. Those were the days..... Prezza, Mandy and Blair all widening their fat ar*es and about to c*ap all over Britain. What a wasted decade; debt, lies and a wilful desire to bring this once proud nation to its knees. They and their brown nosing cronies should be strung up.
  17. How do you recognise an extrovert accountant? They look at YOUR shoes when talking to you
  18. I know, those out of Madrid developments, reached only by the Cercanias network are pretty soulless places. One of the worst seemed to be out in Tres Cantos, to the north of Madrid.
  19. Business plans? The Spanish don't do business plans! Was always amazed by just how much money flowed into all sorts of Spanish businesses which had next to no chance of making money. There's a heck of a lot of "politics" in Spain; with all sorts of 'deals' being done between Govt, corporations and banks. Profitability is something to think of way down the line....
  20. When I used to live in Madrid, I remember one evening walking home pretty late, and getting chased by about 50 hookers who were touting their stuff close to the Bernabeu Stadium. There were literally hundreds of them at work.
  21. I agree - she got better. Quite impressed. Lets hope she doesn't blow it.
  22. " I feel in love with it" - NEVER EVER use those words with regards property, Mandy. You will PAY for it.
  23. I agree - foolish to the extreme. It's not that not decent people; its that they've taken very bad decisions, because of their ignorance of risk, and a sense that everyone could make money. You were damn unpopular (even within families) if you took an opposing line.
  24. It was the glossy brochure's fault. Idiot.
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