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  1. Fascinating read.... another interesting quote from the article - "Almost 70 percent of Las Vegas-area homeowners with mortgages were underwater at the end of 2010, meaning they owed more than the value of the property".
  2. Interesting post - and agree that the EAs in question sound like complete fools. Who do they take us for? Idiots who have become so hardened to the property lies that we're going to open our cheque books up just to please their greedy clients? HPC used to get the excellent views of 'Honest EA' - is he posting any more these days?
  3. Wonderful bear food. Painful digestion for the couple concerned, but has to be good sustenance for many many more.
  4. A few others worthy of the noose for the damage they've overseen: Hewitt Vaz Hain Byers Bradshaw
  5. This clip provides the clue as to the price those Labour goons should pay for the havoc the wreaked upon this once fair land.
  6. I am kind of entering that territory now from in-laws; murmurs that I'm not "providing" for their DIL i.e. becoming a mew slave just when interest rates are about to rise and where my job could be at risk! Madness!
  7. Must say, travel in Mexico (outside of the usual US Spring Break Resorts) is a joy. Yes - there is danger; but there is real life as well.
  8. Similar dilemma I'm facing in Corsham - Wiltshire. Big pressure from Mrs LB to abandon rental ship and buy. But I'm still on balance happier with the flexibility which renting brings, in a economy that is still very unpredictable, and one where interest rates are about to rise.
  9. Agreed. But how do we recreate the sense of wonder at what education can offer? How do we encourage the young to better themselves, to do their best, to turn their backs on the vacuous, the infantile, and their debauched lifestyles?
  10. Along with credit availability - employment security must play a huge influence in future asset prices; and this is what I worry about. Why buy when companies are so focused (still) on managing costs out of the business rather than growing the top line. Maybe not everywhere, but my strong sense is that the hackers are still marauding around the majority of companies. I'm waiting till more blood has been spilled.
  11. We have been conditioned to almost accept that higher prices will never reduce to sensible levels. I occasionally browse on the moneysavingexpert forums; and the level of debt and financial misery caused by grotesque mortgages and complete abandonment of reality and responsibility is shocking. The Welsh are hurting big time. Greedy EAs are directly contributing to this DISASTER.
  12. Absolutely - and just goes to show how preposterous the system is. Like all things, folk need to remind themselves who is paying for this. I once worked in local government for a year or so, and can say hand on heart that for almost all staff who discussed it, pensions were seen solely through the narrow prism of self entitlement, and never remotely questioned affordability, the ethics of future liabilities for younger generations etc. This self centred, financially suicidal attitude must be challenged at every available turn.
  13. Some sympathy for those wholly sucked in relying on 'experts' now finding themselves up the creak. BUT - the lessons are still not being learned - people not caring about income post working age; future energy costs; future health / care costs. Still this gross sense of inflated entitlement remains. Makes me sick.
  14. Short drive with Mrs LB to Bath for a smallish dinner party with friends. Taking a bottle of home made damson gin, and a pudding made by the missus. Have always hated the big nights out on NYE - just tipping money down the drain. Happy New Year to all.
  15. Fully agree Sarah - we have become sclerotic, lazy, infested with an expectant attitude that the State or someone else will be there to pick up the mess we have created. Time to give the country a huge kick, and pray it will be understood (at least) by the generations to come.
  16. As many I'm sure have said, 2011 is going to see loads more of this type of case. The unravelling of all that irresponsibility, fecklessness, the sense of entitlement to a new car / house / 2nd property in France etc. We'll blame everyone; every government, every bank, everyone else APART from ourselves. Time for each and every citizen of this once proud land, to grow some cajones and take responsibility, think and plan for the long term, and understand that we are owed nothing by anybody.
  17. Has this 7M+ joblessness story been run in the East European pres? Interesting to know what the Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians et al make of this national scandal.
  18. Very true, and to think that usually less time is spent thinking about going ahead with such a crippling purchase, than that spent booking a summer hol. Bad, mad and sad.
  19. Don't you just hate that sort of mentality. Links also to the garbage about 'my yuman rights' etc.. Its time the irresponsible, feckless, whinging, materialistic losers dragged themselves into the real world and grew up. The level of deep seated financial and social immaturity in this country is shocking.
  20. +1. Immigration has gone way beyond a joke. We kind be both kind and firm. Time to pull up the drawbridge. NOW.
  21. It sort of makes you want to support Sharia law. Seriously; its time for local sheriffs, hard labour and birchings. I'm sick to the back teeth of reading about these and other morons. Where the hell is the country headed.
  22. Seriously - this stuff makes me f***ing sick. And angry and prone to violence. How I despair at where this country is heading.
  23. A Sunday Telegraph article, with a gloomy assessment of where the western world is headed economically. I'm sure that many on HPC will concur.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment...ld-beckons.html Your reflections and comments please......
  24. Interesting thread....my folks have had an apartment in Port Solent (Oyster Quay) since 1992; purchased I think for c.£120k (3 beds) It has fantastic views over Porchester Castle and the Harbour. They use it almost all weekends, and have a small yacht down there - which is used regularly. They also have elderly parents close by as well. It suits them perfectly for what they wanted it for. I have never known of them having any problems whatsoever. Oyster Quay is well managed, and is kept in very good nick by the management company. But - accept some of the criticisms made in earlier posts; as a place to put down any sort of roots; probably not desirable!. It is isolated in terms of walking anywhere else - though its location close to Paulsgrove is a complete non issue. The shops and restaurants are convenient once in a while, and I certainly accept that any purchase / rental of a house / apartment must be checked for motorway noise.
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