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  1. Same with Leeson. Barings wanted to make their bank 'younger and more dynamic'

    Certainly worked.

    Same with Applegarth. Another episode of youthful dynamism. IE employ a dipshit to appease Harriet Harman and Jackboot smith that the workplace is suitably 'diverse'

    What's become of that particular Master of the Universe? The cult of the all conquering CEO is one of the worst pieces of BS to be promoted over the last 20+ years.

  2. I always find it heart warming to see special corporate "talent" take a slip. So many of these MBA educated, fast tracking, high-potential, company stars are nothing but shells of people. No natural affinity with the human condition, poor motivators, self interested, attention seeking and over the longer term deliver very little to anyone - their unit, teams or companies.

    Good riddance to them. Bring in more rounded folk - who understand how things get done, trust others, look for the best in their teams, and build value that lasts.

  3. Yeah interesting stuff....and thank God I'm working class! Perhaps becoming working class is something for the middle class to aspire to!? She descibes the middle class lifestyle as an endless grind, why would anyone choose to live like that? Perhaps it's just a massive con and a multi-generational one at that.

    This is the transition that I badly want for my family. A move away from the suffocating, demoralising, exhausting pursuit of material goods and middle class luxuries - to a life that focuses on understatement, few possessions, freedom and the prospect of a square meal a day at 80 rather than cat food. Its hard going when the example seen by the missus in her life is the complete opposite.

  4. 50+% of homicides are committed by urban blacks which skews the numbers a little.

    if you live in a rural/suburban white setting the crime rate is the same as a similar setting in Europe. The murder rate in Vermont was 1.1 in 2012.

    Exactly - the homicide levels in inner American cities are horrific; but most of it them seem to be black teenagers killing each other over a $10 debt or a verbal insult. At least that what I hope - moving to Dallas in Spring 2013.

  5. Here you go - games in Cardiff


    July 26th 7.45 Group C Brazil vs Egypt

    Aug 1st 5pm Group B Mexico vs Switzerland

    7.45pm Group A Team GB vs Uruguay

    Aug 4th 7.30pm Quarter Finals Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B

    Aug 10th 7.45pm Third place playoff Loser Semi-final 2 vs Loser Semi-final 1


    July 25th 3pm Group E Britain vs New Zealand

    5.45 Cameroon vs Brazil, Cardiff

    July 28th 1.30 pm Group E New Zealand vs Brazil

    4.15 Britain vs Cameroon

    July 31st 1.30pm Group F Japan vs South Africa

    The top two teams from each group along with the two best third place teams qualify for the quarter-finals

    Quarter-finals Aug 3rd 4.00pm Second Group E v Second Group

    Ticket info here


    Many thanks. Think I'll go for the Mexico game; 5 years living in Mexico City - so can at least have a modest sense of allegiance to someone.

  6. If you want to see some football and aren't bothered who the teams are, I understand there are some (heh!) tickets left for the matches at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. Which is right in the middle of the city, within easy staggering distance of dozens of bars and eateries and a stone's throw from the main railway station.

    Might be interested. Who is playing out of interest? Greece v Germany?

  7. Great thread.

    The other issue for me is the question of pensions or savings. What amazes me is how seemingly so few (outside the well provided for public sector and final salary corporate schemes) take this into account when buying property.

    Surely there will be a time when a generation will wake up and say - what on earth am I doing pumping in all that I earn and will earn into bricks and mortar, with next to nothing to live on when work dries up, or I'm too ill to continue.

    There seems to be a complete unwillingness to face this problem, and hiding behind the pension scandals etc. as an excuse not to save, is not going to do anything other than compound the misery.

    There is now wanton and wholesale financial denial across this country. :ph34r:

  8. What gets me about the usual buyers of these 'lifestyle' homes, is the complete lack of thinking or caring about their lifestyle when they retire, made redundant or even have a family.

    What the heck is the point of impressing one's architect and legal friends with buckets of chablis, Webber BBQs, flash furnishings etc.. if in 30 years time all you'll be able to share with them is a spare (small) bowl of cat food. Madness. :D

  9. Am hearing with far greater frequency financial hardship stories from friends or friends of friends. One theme is that of paying for private education - It is is driving many to the wall - added to the social pressures they feel around maintaining it.

    Also, when you raise the issue of (future) retirement income or pensions (in the widest sense), most folk's faces turn white with fear. Many are doing NOTHING to prepare for that stage of life.

  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15757932

    Missed this one last week(not sure if it was posted). Someone at the BBC has been doing some research?

    Truly dire. I remember visiting in 2007 and thinking how mad must folk be to buy? But many did and the price they're paying is horrendous. But what the heck possessed them to purchase....? Apart from the mantra that prices will increase for ever... Madness.

  11. Same in Bath this morning. Packed pretty full - but most shoppers had that zombie look, suggesting that shopping has become such a way of life, that evening crippling debt isn't going to stop them from buying all that can be thrust upon them.

    God knows how they're going to fund their 'working' life, let alone in retirement.... :unsure:

  12. I've stopped reading it after being a loyal reader for a decade. Its been in a gradual decline for a few years, losing good columnists and editors ... and now this.

    Their 'campaign' against the planning changes has really p1ssed me off, and every day there is a new splash about it.

    FU Telegraph :angry:

    + 1. I have always been a natural TD reader, but now I loathe it. A grotesque caricature of everything I have grown to hate in this country - hypocrisy being the worse trait. The NIMBY warriors make my blood boil. Time for it to be well and truly ignored.

  13. Have to agree, tore a strip off a Surrey agent yesterday for serving me up overpriced sh*it.

    Pi*ss of and come back when it's £70 grand cheaper you hair-gelled oink .. don't waste my time with your ridiculous nonsense.

    They'll get the message eventually.

    Brilliant - what was the lad's response. More spouting or a humble acknowledgement that he's been peddling bull for far too long and has been found out for what he is.

  14. Now every journey is being assessed as important or not. The majority of sheeple will continue to drive long and far, until they or bank balances break.

    Far better to prepare for the long term by adjusting driving / travel habits now, rather than when the situation reaches breaking point.

  15. There's only one way where Greece is heading; and I'm afraid its to the dogs. A wonderful place, but sadly a slow malaise, a creeping sense of entitlement has reached a point where it has almost destroyed them.

    They (and we) are owed nothing (incl. benefits / pensions / education / defence / health care) unless we can afford it. When will their and our idiots get this into their skulls.

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