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  1. Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Hungary, ITaly Must be an acronym in there somewhere.
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted. The government wants our views on whether the current tax breaks for "furnished holiday lettings" should be modified. In short, current situation is....... Buy holiday home - let it out for a few weeks to friends & family (or indeed, pretend to let it out!) - pretend it is a business - offset losses against other income. The result of this is that owners of holiday homes can receive a 40% taxpayer subsidy (and property prices go up!). The new proposals will help close this loophole by ensuring that the losses from the "business" can only be offset against future income from the same business. You can make your feelings known here...... http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/consult_holiday_lettings.htm or directly by email: holiday-lettings-consultation@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk Closes 22/10/10.
  3. Perhaps the bank will be happy to keep you as a tenant. From your description of the flat and the block it is situated in, I would say an existing tenant coughing up £700 a month is its best selling point. Good luck.
  4. If the tax was to be raised to 40%, but not until April, would you be inclined to consider selling within this window? If the government could get a load of people to sell assets in the next 9 months, they could rake in a huge amount of CGT (and a fair amount of stamp duty). Then in April, they could introduce taper relief if they felt it would be beneficial. BTW, I once had a colleague who was reluctant to take promotion because he didn't want to pay higher rate tax. I didn't understand his logic either.
  5. Viewed a house in April priced at £295k. Before we even got through the door, the EA said the vendor would be interested in offers around the stamp duty threshold. Obvoiusly, I said something along the lines of "so the asking price is £250k". He insisted the asking price was £295k, but they would accept around £250k. We got into a bit of a loop on the matter. A couple of weeks later, he phoned to ask if I was still interested as they has received an offer of £220k. I have no idea whether this was the truth, but property is now SSTC. Seems to me that asking prices are being set high so that people think they are getting a bargain when they pay a much lower price. A bit like the "previous" prices in a Tesco wine sale.
  6. He has already got the union to back down and ask for the original proposal to be put back on the table. He is now intent on rubbing their noses in it. Suppose he gets his way and humiliates his staff - what position does that leave BA in? The best staff will be looking for jobs with other premium airlines. The rest will be totally demotivated and taking turns to pi$$ in the coffee. You can fly Easyjet for that.
  7. All this is clearly true. However, you overlook the fact that it has some bright yellow plastic bits and that later models can be pushed along on a rubber ball dog-toy. Owning such a product sets you apart as a hip, trendy, quirky couple - well worth the extra 200 quid. Get rid of your Dyson and you run the risk of trendy mates laughing into their skinny lattes at you and your "functional" vacuum cleaner.
  8. This thread was getting me worried, so I phoned my letting agent and enquired about the house I am renting. Mine is also unavailable as it too has already been let out. I thought I'd better check to see how I was fixed job-wise, only to be told by my employer that there were no vacancies at this time. Being homeless and jobless, I thought I'd better let my mate handle the phone call to my wife. Fortunately, she told him she was available all day Friday and most Tuesday afternoons.
  9. My brother's house sale has just fallen through for the third time - each time with a different "buyer". I wonder how much effect such failed transaction have on indices such as Halifax, Nationwide and BBA "approved mortgages"? I am guessing that there have been 3 approved mortgages for the people trying to buy the house, plus a number of others further down the chain. I expect some of these will have found their way into the Haliwide house price stats. And all without a single house being sold.
  10. Yes, there is no need for people to reach their own conclusions when the mighty Nationwide can tell them the correct way to think.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, the government has other ideas on how to spend our money. People like him also get their council tax paid as well as receiving a "beer money" payment for signing on once a fortnight. ..... and don't get me started on child benefits / credits.
  12. Not sticking up for the benefit scrounger, but maybe he has two mortgages on the same house.
  13. We will make our goods more attractive by printing a load more money and wrapping all exports in sheets of £5 notes. If this doesn't work, our back-up plan will be to use £10 notes.
  14. You appear to have missed "on-line poker" and "adult websites" from your options. Time to broaden your horizons?
  15. ........ perhaps when he starts doing it with multiple properties, rather than just his main residence?
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