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  1. Hi, Raj Shastri here. I'm buying. If you have a house you can't shift, send me the details.I'm not interested in anything in Wigan. Cheers Raj
  2. Hi, Raj Shastri here. the Halifrax 'smooth' their data Like patting down an especially bouffant hairdo Not taht I wear a wig, of course. Cheers Raj
  3. Hi, Raj Shastri here. You wouldn't be suggesting that I wear some kind of toupe, would you? I take all such allegations very seriously Cheers Raj
  4. Hi, Raj Shastri here. Why don't you create another login for yourself, *multi identity troll* and ask the same question a few more times. I'm sure no one will laugh at your ludicrous wig. Cheers Raj
  5. You the Man Rajjie, you the man!

  6. Hi, Raj Shastri here. I'm told that wages in the wig making industry are rising substantially. Not that I wear a wig, of course. Cheers, raj
  7. Hi, Raj Shastri here. Actually, it was predicted, and rather eloquently, by 'Pwoperty Guru' here:- http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...c=35336&hl= There's one guy who doesn't wear a wig 9and neither do I) Cheers Raj
  8. Hi, Raj Shastri here. the author of that hilarious pile of poo wears a wig. 100%. Guaranteed. Cheers, Raj
  9. Hi Raj Shastri here. Electric cars are almost here. Check out the 'electric Lotus' in the states. In 5 years they'll be cheaper than chips. Flying, however, will be 10x more expensive. So that means people will still drive, but they wont fly. So dont buy a second home in Europe more than 1 day's drive from the chunnel. And no. I do NOT wear a wig. Cheers Raj
  10. Hi, Raj Shastri here. Are you daring to suggest that I wear a wig? Because if you are, I'll see you in court, shazbat Cheers Raj
  11. Hi, Raj Shastri here. Right, that's it. How DARE you accuse me of wearing a wig?! I demand that you PM me your personal details so I can forward them to my brief. He's a silk you know. You are in deep doodaa, Quork-me-laddo. Cheers Raj
  12. Hi, Raj Shastri here. I really have to protest most storngly. This entire thread is nothing but a poorly disguised attempt to insinuate that I wear a wig. Frankly, I've had enough. The next person to slanderously suggest that I, Raj Shastri wear a wig will feel the wrath of my lawyers. Cheers Raj
  13. Hi, Raj Shastri here. My hair isn't wearing thin. You keep on that track, young lady, and I'll see you in court. Cheers Raj
  14. Hi, Raj Shastri here. There's nothing 'upsize' about my hair, and I resent the fact you keep making these insinuations. Cheers Raj
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