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  1. Basically most of the others available say with vacant possession meaning a home buyer can move in immediately on completion. However, with a life tenant, these are usually created in a will. and can only become the buyers when the tennat dies i think
  2. It has a life tennacy. No HOME BUYER buys a place with a life tennancy. Whoever buys it must wait for the tennant to die before they can move in!
  3. ss70

    My Story

    The good old 'long term' card; a subtle acknowledgement to the fact one is financially knackered but the situation may be different in the distant future.
  4. ss70


    never used propertybee is it spyware? is it safe ? and has any one had any problems with it and is it easy to remove?
  5. How do you find the history on Rightmove?
  6. Timbo1 if i ring www.ancientwoodland.com will you be able to tell me more about the woodland you are trying to sell?
  7. Oh really Timbo1 how much woodland can you sell me?
  8. http://www.ancientwoodland.com/about/contact.html No contacts address , just a 0845 number anyone can get out the back of Exchange and Mart for free. Oh and ‘If you ever grow tired of your woodland retreat, at any time in the future, we will resell your freehold interest on your behalf, for at least the price that you originally paid.’ Well how good is that. It’s even safer than the bank! What could be better Is this merely land banking in a different guise which the OFT have entroduced powers to stop http://www.oft.gov.uk/news/press/2007/166-07 Cheers For the Investment advice, have you got shares in this company by the way?
  9. Sinbad did nothing for the value of these! http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1118087
  10. An 'expert' who proves his worth by showing off Trademarks like a Chav with bling! http://www.rajshastri.com/contact_raj.htm Raj's Tip 5 : A bad property deal is like a bad haircut – given time it always grows out! Well yes, if you can wait 100 years it will Raj!
  11. A bargain at £2million? http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/0100new...-name_page.html http://www.shm-group.com/uploads/docs/SHM0...1_catalogue.pdf
  12. Looking at these auction results, most are 'unwanted' http://www.cottons.co.uk/AuctionResults.asp
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