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  1. A family member accepted an offer of £550k, on a property valued at £650k in Dec 07. The property was inherited and they decided it would be best to sell asap.
  2. Credit Action is a registered charity. I tend to agree with the figures based on what we are seeing at work at the moment.
  3. Might have to keep an eye on them. Could be coming through my office shortly.
  4. The company is called Severn, as its his 7th company. Eight will no doubt be along shortly.
  5. dont know, but i dont have one and havent had any problems, although i havent applied for anything since i got rid
  6. The rumour at work is that Braeside is just the first local developer to go into administration and that another one is not too far away.
  7. One of the biggest developers in the south coast has entered administration. They mainly dealt with knocking down big family homes and building lifestyle flats. http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/late..._in_trouble.php
  8. Braeside Developments, one of the larger developers in Poole has been placed into administration http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/late..._in_trouble.php
  9. Its normally which ever is the County Court, phone and ask if they deal with repos.
  10. £2 for me, although I lose my free parking at work in a couple of months so it may be sooner. I only have a £500 car and am lucky that I am fit and more than capable of cycling to work but like the convenience of my car. Have already started to cut down on travel outside of work. Walk to shops, cycle at weekends etc.
  11. Ive seen a drop in prices at BH14 in Poole. House previously valued at £700K+ sale agreed for £550K this month.
  12. The information you want is definetly available, the problem is making sure you get it in time. The quickest way would be go down the court and ask to see the listings for a few weeks time, they probably wont want to give you the information but you are allowed it
  13. Has anyone heard about the problems that some of the developers locally are having? Heard some rumours about a well known one, but nothing substantial. There must be a number that are struggling as there are a lot of new build flats that arent selling.
  14. Hello New poster, but been reading the site and forum for a few weeks. Work in the debt market and live in one of the most overpriced areas of the country. DM
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