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  1. How much are you owed? If a creditor walked off with assets of the company they are not entitled to, we would pursue you for the value. Do you have retention of title or liens over anything? Have you completed a proof of debt form and submitted your claim to the administrator.
  2. This has happened to a number of big companies before, somebody issued a winding up petition against BA for non payment and baillifs have visited a High Street bank before although I cant remember which one. Obviously they were both paid off at the last minute. If you are owed money by a big organisation, its best to instruct a solicitor that has a debt recovery department. Give them guidlines on how aggresively you want the debt pursued and go for it. They will instruct bailliffs and normally get costs as well.
  3. The problem with Spreadfair is that they dont have any big players, so the volumes are too low to make a well priced market
  4. Yes, look on the Insolvency Service website or the London Gazette website, why?
  5. A private girls school in Dorset was placed into administration last week. The last thing an administrator would want is an open school, so unless a buyer can be found its likely to close permanently.
  6. When I read this news I wasnt suprised, its not unusual for a company under offer to make massive write downs, especially if the offer is likely to be accepted. They wouldnt of wanted to put these write downs through before the offer was announced and they definetly wouldnt of wanted to wait until after Santander are in control, so now is the ideal time.
  7. http://www.insolvency.gov.uk/otherinformat...00808/index.htm http://www.creditaction.org.uk/debt-statistics.html The number of personal insolvencies fell very slightly which was expected by the industry. We expect these to increase in Q3 slightly and significantly in the Q4. The number of liquidations and administrations of companies has increased, QOQ and YOY.
  8. British Banks used to just wait until you were back on your feet, now they are starting to actively chase mortgage shortfalls
  9. I live in a city centre flat. Suites me at the moment, but I am still young and would probably prefer not to be in centre if I had kids etc. Walk to train station & bus station. Cycle to work. Walk to all shops. Walk home from pub. Only use my car about once a week.
  10. The FSA should not be reducing penalties as Knox is currently in financial difficulties. He should of been fined the whole amount, even if it forced him into bankruptcy.
  11. I can only assume the appeal must be the massive traffic jam outside your house today so chavs can get to the beach Prices in this area will drop. Especially as the developers have started going bust.
  12. Now where did I leave my 2 for the price of 1 special offer stickers
  13. Quick anecdotal: The Poole Quarter Development at Baiter by Crest Nicholson has stopped work. They are only selling 1 property a month at a significant discount, up to 40%, so they can pay the wages.
  14. Can see Nationwide out my window. The lights are still on. Cant see any computer screens though.
  15. Theres a property developer in Dorset who had the same idea. Councils pay his rent every month, income guaranteed.
  16. No, Bankruptcy was made really easy in England and Wales under Enterprise Act in 2003, bankruptcy in Scotland is different, this is just them trying to catch up.
  17. The majority of bankrupts have Sky and list it as an essential item
  18. Sky were one of the few companies that did fairly well during the last down turn, however this time there financial commitments to the Premier League are a lot higher so they could struggle.
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