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  1. It was in the paper in October 2008, why didnt Darling know earlier? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...ing-begins.html
  2. Used to shop at Just Add Water, until it was bought by Blacks and rebranded Freespirit, now I dont even bother looking in there.
  3. FT Alphaville were talking about this on Friday, they have offered a reward, well free lunch out, to anyone who knows who it was.
  4. House - 140k Mortgage - 28k Equity - 112k Trustees 50% - 56k Legal Fees on sale - 2k Legal Fees to force possession - 5k Estate Agent Fees - 3k Remaining 46k Maybe start with an offer of about £35k, expect to settle at about 50k
  5. The company will be doing a pre-pack administration and bought back by the original family. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business...ed-1622142.html
  6. Out of interest, who is the IP? Fingers crossed its not one at my firm. Get your own valuation and haggle. Start with a ridiculously low offer citing the savings of estate agents, legals, sale etc etc. Prove to them that you are serious and have the cash available. Depending on who the IP is, its more than likely that they will want to do a deal now and just close the case.
  7. Just heard that local retirement builders McCarthy & Stone set to go into administration.
  8. Is the cafe in question Shore Cafe by any chance? Hardly your local builders cafe
  9. Could be that the marina's are expensive, so it is cheaper to take the boat out of the water over winter than leave it in the water. Rental space in the boat parks are considerably cheaper. The boats that are on moorings in the harbour are normally taken out in the winter and put in boat parks.
  10. As an Insolvency Practitioner, we urge companies to be honest with creditors about the difficulties they are facing. If you are honest with them they are more likely to help you out and work with you, lie to them and they will petition to wind your company up.
  11. Plenty of unemployed people, ask all the ex-Woolies staff if they would like a council job with no pension
  12. Phone up the supervisor of the IVA and ask if the property is part of the arrangement. Easy to do, you dont need a solicitor, the details should be on the Insolvency Service website. It is normal for IVA's to contain a clause that equity from the property is paid into the IVA, if that is not possible the property is sold by the debtor with the proceeds going to the IVA. I wouldnt have any problems with this, just check with the supervisor first.
  13. I would be suprised if Beales survives. I hope it does because its a local company, but it never seems busy, they arent competitive on price and I doubt they have many internet sales to support them. They also have massive stores. They have more shop floor in Poole & Bournemouth than anybody else.
  14. I wsa looking to buy some new lights in B&Q and they only seemed to stock screw fittings, are bayonets old style?
  15. Govt run out of P45, had to use the printer for some £50 notes.
  16. Of course, we dont want to be back of the que, and you only have to look at the fees on jobs such as Lehmans and Woolworths to see going bust is expensive.
  17. I use the M&S motorway shops and the one at Waterloo quite a lot. If you need a snack and have the choice between McDonalds, a dodgy pasty or an M&S sandwich, i dont mind paying to eat healthy.
  18. Good luck, its a great job if you are of the right mindset
  19. The main change I have made in the last year is using cash instead of a debit card all the time. Makes a big pychological difference to me handing over cash so tend to spend less.
  20. Woolworths MFI The Pier Zavvi Whittard Officers Club USC Olan Mills Morgan Adams
  21. Theres quite a fewer older ones we could put in, but how far back should we go? I personally think we should start with Woolies
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