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  1. Hello

    My girlfriend and I moved into a private rented flat on 14 January 2012, being managed through local estate agent.

    When we viewed the property 3 weeks before, the carpets had just been cleaned and a cleaner gave the place a quick once over just before we moved in. There was however a heater plugged in and a dehumidifier running, when we got the keys.

    Within 2 weeks the external walls were damp at the top, and within 3 weeks mould had started to appear. We have been running the dehumidifier and the flat is suitably heated (sat here in just a tshirt) and airing the property whenever possible, but the problem is getting worse.

    I have no experience with damp, could we of caused it so quickly?

    Is it more likely to be that after the carpets were cleaned and the property was left cold for 3 weeks that the damp set in?

    I have phoned and advised the agent who suggested I clean it with a mould killer spray. This has been done, and photos were taken before and after.

    I suspect that the property has always had a damp problem due to the look of the walls and that the landlord/agent knew but did not let us know. Where do I stand? Is this something the landlord should be fixing?

    Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading.

  2. Theres no reason for JD Sports to purchase JJB as the company does not do anything unique that JD Sports couldnt do after buying selected assets from the administrators. Its not as though JJB has any contracts, goodwill, intellectual property or highly skilled employees that they wouldnt want to risk losing in an insolvency process.

    They are probably just being nosey, and having a look at the books before they step back, wait for it to go pop and then purchase the assets they want from the administrators.

  3. aren't his parents wealthy?

    Yep, he just gets a handout from mummy and daddy whenever he fvcks up.

    His company (nightclubs & property) was placed into administration, and then he went bankrupt. Refused to go to the Official Receiver as he didnt want to be seen going into their office. Received a lengthy ban from being a director and now works as a 'consultant' for his former employees nightclub.

    Rumour has it he ransacked all the clubs of cash the day before the administrators were appointed and gave it to his mate to look after.

  4. I am out of the UK and don't get to read this site as much as I did. Please could someone do a quick dummies guide to Guido Fawkes?

    Stuff like brief history, aims and objectives, political affiliations, friends and enemies, exposure in the media etc.

    There was some controversy involving a radio show recently. What was that about? Were they in possession of some key information or something? What was it, where did it come from, why was it leaked to them, who did it threaten and why?

    Its run by Paul Staines.



  5. I was at an event run by business link where a couple of insolvency experts gave some concrete advice to firms experiencing difficulties. I went along to see what other businesses were experiencing. It was a GOOD event, one of the insolvency experts was top notch giving excellent hard nosed business advice, he sounded a bit like myself (dare I say) warning on Bad Debt, Cashflow troubles and cutting cost.

    Theres a suprising number of Insolvency Practitioners on HPC. ;)

  6. Wrekin's 2007 accounts were audited by Ashgates Corporate Services, a small Derby firm. Neither Ashgates nor Paterson Brodie, which audited Tamar in 2006 and approved the gem's value at £300,000, returned calls for comment yesterday.

    Any company with a turnover of £100million that is audited by a small firm is potentially a fraud. The company has so much leverage over the small audit firm that they are reliant on them for fees and therefore do what they want. How can a small audit company have enough resources to work on a job like this. Both Madoff and Stanford were audited by very small audit teams and we know both of them were a scam.

    I hope Ashgates Corporaye Services have good professional indemnity insurance.

  7. I was wondering what the judge would consider profligate spending. A lavish lifestyle of course, funded by credit, but what about liar loans and excessive acquisition of buy to lets?

    The rule states the judge can then lengthen the term of the bankrupt, up to 15 years I think, but does it have implications for the amount of money that is paid back by the bankrupt?

    The possible penalties are a Bankruptcy Restriction Order or Undertaking. These dont have any implications on how much is paid back.

    The judge that makes the bankruptcy orders dont look at these sort of things. It is generally done by the Official Receiver. Unfortunately the Official Receivers are very busy at the moment so only the worst cases are purused. I have seen BRU's for taking out loans which the debtor has no possibility to repay but never for liar loans or BTL's. It would be up to the creditor to highlight to the OR that they had lied on the credit application, and creditors would very rarely bring it to the OR's attention. If they did, the OR would be able to do a BRO/U quite easily.

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