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  1. I am a self builder who finshed building on their plot last year. I just had a look on rightmove for my county and there are loads of sites. As I live in the north I thought to be fair I would try Surrey too and there seems to be lots and lots there too. Supermarkets hold quite a bit and builders hold a land bank of 3 - 4 years worth which is sensible as if they run out of land their business falls over. However they tend to be very large sites rather than single or double plots and they don't really impact the self builder as far as I can see. In my experience 45% on the land 55% on the bu
  2. Yes I have a SIPs house - they are probably a little more expensive than a traditional build but they are much better at insulating and being air tight as you get rid of all the little gaps. You can achieve the same effect with a traditional timber frame build if you work to very fine tollerances and are really careful to chase down all the gaps. If you go to one of the European package house people like Hanse Haus, they will throw you up a SIP house in weeks, its probably that which is being imagined when extolling the virtue of SIP - but you don't half pay for it. My build cost was £215kish
  3. I've got PP - or rather I had an old outline PP on a site I bought (you dont get outline anymore) and changed it / changed the thing being built on the site completely for the full final PP. I thought I would post something to counter the honking from people who have not built, have no idea of building, but see planning constraint as "the man" getting heavy. I am not a planning expert. I have felt like I have had to fight my council to complete my house and they are not my friends. When I say fought though I think I succeeded because I tried to come at it from the point of understanding the
  4. It took a long time to find my wife who is a good egg and who has been supportive all the way through this. Am I lucky to have a stable family unit. Maybe. I will tell you I've sucked my teeth at some of the relationship choices of my peers - both male and female. £60k and 100k savings at 38 - its hardly Rothschild country but £30k and £50k of savings means £250k house in the North rather than my £500k one - thats capitalism for you. The point is there are options out there for working people with some measure of savings. If you have no savings and very little income then I accept getting any
  5. Home made soup - my wife commented it was a bit of a warm day for soup but I like to cook and I was using up some veggies that needed a home.
  6. My parents bought their family home in 74/75 for £15k when dad earned £4k a year and they had a couple of thousand for the deposit. While they had MIRAS he was also taxed at much higher rates than me and interest rates were frequently over 10% for most of the time he had his mortgage. I don't think my circumstances are very much different to his in the round and if its mad its been mad since the war.
  7. I know the sort who quote 20k. I have had to listen to a lot of old tripe from people who know nothing. This was a top spec build (provided you ignore those who spend £30k on their kitchens - they do exist but the kitchens in a Persimmon house by comparison are about 4k). While I did quite a bit myself I also had a very good main contractor who did all the skilled structural stuff - yep some people do without but then the stats for foundation failure for those people is epic and the build can take a year longer. The costings are lifted directly from my costing schedules. With a fair wind an
  8. Oops - sorry forgot to add a comment about councils. Planning departments are known for being hard work to impossible for self builders. They know all the rules, we don't. I imagine they have to deal with a lot of crap from people who want a Disney castle in Peckham or a Star Ship in Bristol. If you are trying to play by the rules and do the right thing by everyone though they are impossible. Bear in mind as well for me everything I have was flowing into the project while for them its a 9 - 5 job. The tree officer was a bit daft - he made a huge fuss about retaining a chestnut tree in the gar
  9. thanks for being so kind and positive everyone. To answer your questions: I agree £250k is horribly big mortgage in my book too which is why I sold some watches in auction to kick it down. When my wife restarts work as a teacher her pay is about £30k so that gives us 90k against a mortgage of £225k - I can live with it for what really is a top end house where I live. I am on a 5 year fixed rate. Where do I live - Golden Triangle of North Yorkshire - about 35/45 mins into the centre of Leeds by car depending on when I leave or I have a train option. Site was on at £180k, my accepted offer wa
  10. Not so many posts on here; I've been busy. Its been fun though. Here is my story. With a modest deposit, the sort of house I wanted for my growing family was so far out of reach, it would never happen. I posted on here for a bit with a mixture of bitterness and hope of a massive reversal in prices with a hint of despair for our economy. Then I turned my focus elsewhere. I came across a plot of land - it had been for sale for 12 months or so with older outline planning for a house but how is beyond me; eg limited access, no power, no water, no drainage, no mains sewer. I had an offer close
  11. I'd stay no matter what. In fact the UK wanted me back and the Aussie's wanted to keep me (and not for criminal charges either!!) when I lived and worked in Aussie. England is great. The food is good (anyone eaten out in Germany or America lately??), the TV is superb (again German tele, or American, or Aussie), the seasons are varied, the landscape stunning in places, the people are hilarious, but polite and kind, the women are attractive, clever and feisty. Seriously I really like the place. I know a few people who have stayed overseas but their lives are poorer for it. I think there are
  12. I've never fancied knowing anything about Letchworth. This thread has inspired me. Wiki cites Magnus Pike and Laurence Olivier as coming from Letchworth so that is good. Sadly that is balanced out by Michael Winner also residing there. I hope he is not typical.
  13. Okay Renault Clio Williams, Renault Clio 182, Renault Clio Cup, Venturi Atlantique, Megane Coupe series 1, 205 GTI. That is 6 - are you Anne Boleyn?
  14. Don't labour and the lib dems support the idea of a residential reit too. In fact didn't labour introduce reit rules for commercial investment in the mid noughties. Surely free market economics requires as its foundation a level playing field for all entrants. The corporate investor relies in its investors for its capital. It pays tax on its gains at the corporate rate 25% (reducing to 23%). To get the money to the investor it needs to then dividend the money to the the investor. Assume 50% a taxpayer, that investor pays tax at a rate of approx 37% on the dividend. So take a hypothetical £10
  15. What element of it is a tax break over a private landlord. There isn't one. Therefore your conclusion to your statement is in effect you favour lots of small scale private landlords over larger corporate investors. Would not the corporate investors be easier to regulate. Would not the corporate investor be more likely to fix the bolier in a way that does not gas the tenant. The private landlord can invest in the corporate.
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