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  1. BTL portfolios Inside Track Huge city bonuses Big Brother Celebrity ******* - fill in any job title here ! Chef Gardener Maybe Postman ???
  2. Excellent pricing suggestions - let's hope EAs soon come around to your way of thinking
  3. Couldn't agree more. In a buyers market , you would hope they could make more of an effort
  4. I think worries may be justified as there are many flats for sale in marina , mainly BTLers are trying to off-load their mistakes. With many more to come on stream , if construction resumes , the oversupply will be even worse I think even 110,000 is still too much for a 1 bed around here , many 2 beds are now 70,000- 90,000 in IP4 If you have to buy now , wouldn't a house be so much nicer than an overpriced box ?
  5. Hi Vincey Are you able to give a few more details about the flat ? location ? I seem to have spent considerable time looking at flats during the past 2 years so hope I can help Is it a new build on the docks ? IMHO even if you could get it for half price you could still be paying too much. Due to some weird EA valuations many flats in Ipswich are more expensive than 2 bed terraces - madness But on a positive note the prices are slowly coming down - rents also. Are you able to rent for a while ? Regards Icing
  6. Juvenal Panda's a lucky boy Girly girl Beautiful cats
  7. A new trend ? - "fitted kitchen corner" I'm hoping that doesn't catch on
  8. Just want to say many thanks to the people that created Property Bee. It's great to have all that information in such a handy form , especially seeing those price reductions coming thick & fast. Some of the EA corrections are good for a laugh - how can you think a bungalow is an apartment ? - 2 bed house becomes a 3 bed - hold on I just found another room. CLOWNS
  9. Really enjoyed this thread - my favourite so far
  10. OMG What has happened here ? IMO EAs could make more of an effort & provide some room sizes. Surely someone took some measurements despite the junk Viewing is highly recommended to avoid disappointment - Yeah right
  11. Designer Handbags costing hundreds or even thousands of £s Estate Agents
  12. Early viewing is essential to avoid disappointment Internal viewing advised A studio flat listed as 1 bed apartment
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