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  1. Cos they are so right-on man. Like Navratilova: right on cos I'm LGB. Right on til they added the T. Like Geldoff: right on cos I'm charitable to all races. Right on til Lammy told white folk their efforts were no longer welcome. Like Germaine Greer (sp?): right on cos I'm a feminist. Right on til transgender women started pushing what she considers a woman off the podium. Like Corbyn: right on cos I unconditionally support Palestinians. Right on til Jews pointed out that meant he supported anti-semites. Like John MacDonald: right on cos he sees the nobility of the poor. Right on til the poor told him they'd rather be rich. Sooner or later, no matter how right-on you imagine yourself to be, somebody gonna come teach you a lesson you don't wanna hear.. And London's middle class with its Chelsea tractors, weekend flights and wood burners poisoning kids lungs, or its ambivalence to the ethnic cleansing it perpetrates in the name of 'gentrification' is a sitting duck in this regard. Maybe brexit is just the first in a whole bunch of lessons for these self-righteous, self- delusional types?
  2. New thing? What the 40 year old new thing? And of course brexit is anti-establishment. The establishment is Westminster which is Remain. the establishment is Brussels which is Remain. The establishment is the BoE which is Remain. the establishment is Big Business which is remain. the establishment is MSM which is Remain. Of course remain is the establishment, anyone knows this. The problem is you have had things the way you wanted them for 40 years, and yes, change is scary, but you shouldn't block it just cos you are in some cosy safe place. Embrace change, be a bit more adventurous, and don't let the vested-interst PTB tell you otherwise.
  3. Or it could be that we just don't have to, cos we already have the definitive measure: the referendum. Ever seen bankers protesting? Ever seen landlords protesting? Ever wondered why? If on the other hand brexit is thwarted ... well, who can say, tho I would add that the brexit vote is known to be anti-establishment, so there are other considerations.
  4. So just a quarter of the Remain vote, same as fraction of london remainers that attended the Losers Vote march. Remain vote has clearly collapsed.
  5. That hasn't worked on this machine (firefox, noscript but with HPC scripts allowed, linux). Maybe I need to allow skimresources?
  6. They think the majority want to leave because they held a referendum that proved it. Everyone with a right to vote had their chance to vote. All this "37%" stuff is absolute rubbish. TPTB wanted us to remain. The 34% of the electorate they got on side is the maximum they could fudge, you can be sure of that. If you wanna quote % of the electorate that's the one to go for. This march adds nothing to our knowledge of public opinion. All it tells you is Tarquin and Tabbatha bothered to stroll out their front door this morning, Any other weekend they'd have been buying a bottle of milk and going for a jog. This weekend they tootled along on a jolly. London has a population of 8.136m. 60% voted Remain. I make that 4.88m remainers living on the doorstep of this march. And all they can muster is about a quarter of that. Same with the petition. 16m voted remain, 4m vote to revoke, again, one quarter. Remain vote has clearly collapsed.
  7. nothing at the moment, but give it five years and he'll be serving time for his involvement is destroying the health of the nation (crisps). actually, now that I think about it, that's not funny.
  8. Online voting is impossible to secure. So why are some governments using it? Yeah, that's right, leavers can use the type-size function too, and mine is bigger, so it must be righter.
  9. You post about the march as if it means something. I post about a bigger march that proponents of this one thought meant nothing. That's not a different issue: it's a facsimile.
  10. So less that Stop The War , Don't Attack Iraq. Remind me of the PM and now arch People's Vote man Tony Blair reaction to that march? Oh yeah: lies to promote the death of 460,000 and an invasion of Iraq: he basically said FU to those protesters. Forgive me if I do the same to his protest.
  11. How odd. Why on earth would you go all ad hom, when the Remainers' People's Vote poster boy is Tony Blair, author of a minimum 460,000 deaths?
  12. Even a Brexiteer has to admit these are impressive images: Sadly, for Second-Referendum Remainers, that isn't today's march. It's the Stop The War Coalition, Don't Attack Iraq march of 15th Feb 2003, organized w/o the help of Twitter or Facebook, w/o the benefit of virtue-signalling selfies and not hosted on the doorstep of its proponents. And guess what, these guys, instrumental in the promotion and prosecution of the Iraq War still ignored it: Alistair Campbell, spin doctor who gave us the 'Dodgy Dossier' that took us to war with Iraq, Remainer, proponent of People's Vote Tony Blair, took us to war with Iraq, Remainer, proponent of People's vote. If they wouldn't take notice of our protest, why should we take any notice of theirs? It's not like we're planning a war that will kill 460,000 for no good reason. Oh, and in case you were wondering, those crowds weren't the only ones in the country ... or the world: And yes, Blair and Campbell still cocked a deaf 'un and continued to fabricate their cobblers about WMD and the ability of Iraq to hit London in 45minutes. So no, I'm not impressed with your silly, anti-democratic protest.
  13. well, it's very much like a vote, in that, well, you vote. and the result is the same too: f**k all! Just look at those who voted for farage. He rants at the EP. They ignore him. He spearheads a leave movement, get a referendum, the public vote. They ignore the public. Like I say: result = f**k all.
  14. You make it sound so easy. If it's so easy it would already have happened. Moreover, if it is so easy to make Brexit via a GE, it must surely be just as easy to undo it that way., no? It's your theory: own it. So accept leaving on the 29th w/o a deal - no worries, all you have to do is vote LibDem at the next GE with your Remainer 'majority'. Oh, wot, you're not so sure about this idea anymore?
  15. They've already voted on these issues. If they wanted to vote again they'd want a second referendum. But we've already voted to leave and this is the result: swerving, manouvering and stealing Brexit. It was a clear, unambiguous vote delivered against a tide of remain propaganda: leave. But the PTB never wanted it, and they still do not. Vote for who you like, you'll still get the government is the sceptics joke. But who in their right mind can not now see another simple maxim : Vote for who you like, you'll still get Remain. You say that a GE would deliver an easy Brexit. C'mon. This was supposed to be easy: vote leave or remain and your choice will be delivered.How 'easy' has that turned out eh? Vote if you want to: it just encourages them. Besides, if it's as simple as you make out to achieve Brexit, it must be as simple to undo it: let's just leave and all Remainers can just vote Libdem at the next GE. That would at least have a democratic validity.
  16. Why should I take his word over yours? Is he some god I should be worshipping or something?
  17. My comment has a context, and that context was a poster who imagined: a) that we are in some kind of Venezuela situ, and; b )May's resignation. As you see from 'b', your comments were wholly inappropriate. They are also stupid. Have you any idea what is really happening in Venezuela?
  18. I don't understand why you think anyone jaded with the political process would bother voting again for anyone. And you appear to imagine that terror occurs only when minorities are oppressed. How odd. Occupied France? South Africa? Chechnya?
  19. I don't know which election you are refering to - i assume you mean GE - but I simply won't bother voting anymore. And whoever gets in will not wish to reopen this old wound. If Cameron is thought of as stupid for offering the nation the choice, how stupid would it be to do it all over again? No. The only thing that will bring politicians to offer the choice again would be a mood in which all other avenues are unacceptable. I'm talking about a situation where the terror threat makes it impossible for the government to ignore the situation - a scenario like the one that led to the Good Friday agreement. I guess that's , say, 30 years of unrest.
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