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  1. Well, that's simply not true. Most of the 'promises' amounted to the consequences of making our own decisions. So "controlling immmigation" means just that: we get to control it. That could well mean quadrupling it - obviously. The important thing is who makes the decision, Westminster or Brussels. If you don't want the responsibility, if you haven't the confidence, maybe you'd feel happier handing it over to a supranational body. To my mind it all smacks of what happens when you deal with local councillors. In their leaflets before elections they take credit for everything good that has happened since the last local election. All the bad stuff - well, that's all the fault of the national / county government. Same on an individual level: if you have a problem you local councillor will make all the right supportive noises: "oh, yes sir, I do understand your concerns, and we'll be pressing hard for your case." But when push comes to shove they tell you "our hands are tied by national and county law - don't blame us!" So basically local politicians are frauds: they get to take the credit for good stuff, but blame hierachies above them for the bad stuff. All the power (and pay cheques) but none of the responsibility. And that is what we see with our MPs and Europe. How many times must we hear "our hands are tied by EU rules!" That is not leadership. It's middle-management politics. And the nation is fed up with it. ... As for the 350 million. I have to tell you that our rebate is NOT in any EU treaty, but is contingent on a 7 year vote which must be unanimously agreed. In other words, our NET contribution to the EU could EASILY turn out to ne 350m / week - wikipedia: What you spend it on - well, again, w/o the EU, that would be very much for us to decide. If WE vote for it to be spent on the NHS, it will be spent on the NHS. Whether WE would is another thing. What however is clear is that WE can't spend it currently, cos , less the probably-soon-vanishing rebate, it goes to the EU.
  2. I dunno what you lot are talking about really wrt food and taste. You can eat whaever you like: w/o salt, sugar (with fat), nitrate and msg, it tastes bland. Every Michelin star you've ever seen has been achieved off the back of that formula. Yeah, you can kid yourself that pancetta or parmesan or crab or anchovies isn't doing the self same thing as sprinkling on the salt, or you can try your 2 M star food w/o it and smell the coffee - which incidentally, for most, is only satisfying with a ton of sugar. Think sugar is unnecessary? Just buy some 100% Montezuma choc. Do a blind test with some balsa wood or something: no diff! Healthy food tastes of nothing: that's pretty much the truth, and I do nothingg but eat it all the time.
  3. Moving swiftly away from the HATE CRIME incitement (moderators, you have been warned!), I have an on topic joke: JOKE TIME (2)! Neville: "Finally signed the petition?" Justin: "Still blocked 'fraid." Neville: "Why so chipper then?" Justin: "Turns out the reason I'm blocked is cos a nice man in a charming place called Râmnicu Vâlcea has already signed it for me. Result!"
  4. JOKE TIME! Hey, what's the difference between the Leave campaign and the Remain campaign? The Leave campaign doesn't mind if their voters are unaware of the issues. The Remain campaign doesn't mind if their voters are unaware of themselves! ?
  5. What's funny is how ignorant you are of the ease with which electronic ballots can be manipulated. You spend ages pretending you know which way the wind is blowing. You even sound as if you have some insight from time to time. And then you go and blow it all by lending credulity to this nonsense of a petition. Of course, there's a serious side to this: if people like you are convinced by this rubbish, think how many more could be manipulated on any issue you care to mention, by whatever party you care to think of. Russia, China, the EU, America, Venezuela... there's probably no limit to the issues you'd be duped on by any number of parties, benign or otherwise. Scary thought.
  6. By child, presumably you mean a Notts Uni computer security lecturer? And even if he were a child at least he's not as naive as you lot wetting yerself over a bunch of fake ballots. "Indication only"? All it indicates is how clueless some people are about computer security. Maybe it will influence MPs. Cameron didn't know,, after all, how to reset a relay on his consumer unit. But to welcome that 'fact' beggarss belief. Presumably you like the idea that our politicians are completely ignorant of technology?
  7. but May's deal has been rejected twice as many times as No deal. And A50 was agreed by some margin, so revoking it is logically as contrary to MP wishes as no deal. Just sayin'
  8. Well, irrespective of the wisdom of this, security simply isn't up to it. Imagine the damage China could do with all their Huawei MITM stuff.
  9. That's the second mention she's got on this thread. Maybe, subconsciously, we've happened on the one person who might just have enough make-up to put lipstick on this particular pig!
  10. Farage stages half-hearted gig to renew his anti-EU cred: MEP job in the bag. Others who want a crack at standing on anti-EU crack tag along (what would you do?). Leave voters watch on with some bemusement, knowing they have the official referndum laurels to rest on. What is silly about any of that? Just remember, before you adopt your superior tone: - farage was instrumental in delivering Brexit in the face of establishment wishes and the combined supposed intellect of the Remain campaign; - the Losers March, although reasonably attended arrived in london 33 months loo late. Now that's pathetic!
  11. Farage loves the 'insurgent' tag. The one voice in the wilderness, The 1 in 751. Look at that fraction: 1/750 The Brexity thing gathering supporters claim 1000. The losers vote thingy got 750,000 See that fraction there? Yep, 1/750 It's how he likes it. He's proved his willingness to carry on the fight: MEP salary in the bag. And he can bang on about how the majority want Brexit and that the EU is a bullying, manipulative, anti-democratic, closed club with added justification. Anyone who sees that as a failure doesn't really understand Farage sorts.
  12. Typical remainer superiority complex. D'ya know that one of you remainers actually had the front to suggest leavers considered themselves better than remainers (was that you Kosy?). Frightful nannying arrogance.
  13. So just how many petition entries can I make per email, per postcode?
  14. Maggie was certainly hated by laid off coal miners for that reason I assure you! And the point I was making still stands: people imagine themselves progressive, liberal and right only to find some time later that their views were outdated, conservative and wrong. Remainers won't accept the numbers because they fundamentally believe they are right. And that is a shame.
  15. You are using 'educated' as a proxy for intelligence. I'm an Oxford educated chemist but do I kid myself for one second that I have a better idea of what works in this world than Kylie Jenner? Hell no. Quite the opposite. Ever seen the Big Bang theory with the apps? Yeah, that's me! ? As for being 'informed', well, that's a bit like knowing what constitutes a good diet: prepare to update your view every week or risk looking silly. Snow has no special insight as to what people want. if he did he'd have been with the majority.
  16. I trust you aren't refering to car manufacturers; talk about sticking your head in the sand and hoping eu regulators and tarrifs would save you. Natural that the bosses would blame brexit; you wouldn't expect them to admit it's all because they have a fetish for ramming 10,000 now-quite-unnecessary parts into an engine bay, when now even an engine bay is set to become an outdated concept. Problem is they are great employers. But that's not progress. Car manufacturing - at least the internal combustion sort - is entirely equivalent to what was the coal mining industry of the 70s/80s. Maggie closed it cos it was outdated. But the 'progressives' hated the change. They hated maggie. They were 'right on' (just like the Remainers imagine themselves to be). As right on as Sting!: But fastforward 30/40 years and what do we see? Greenpeace backing Nuclear over 'polluting' coal! And what wages would our mines be able to pay now if still open? Yes, it was radical to close the mines. And it was a 'conservative' that did it. And all this new-leftie Corby stuff? Is it really new? Well, what the hell does anyone think came before New labour if it isn't all this stuff we see coming from the left now. All I see is different views. And wrt Brexit none are fundamentally wrong or right. None are fundamentally progressive or conservative. None are new and none old. They are just views. And on that basis, nobody has the right to claim some fundamental moral high ground. And that's why we must respect the referendum.
  17. I was pointing out that people often imagine themselves to be 'right' or 'progressive' or 'liberal', only to find they are at odds with others who imagine exactly the same thing. Remainers who think they are righteous are no different. John Snow types are simply unable to comprehend how anyone kind or good or nice could vote for Brexit unless they were somehow duped. Those brexit voters however know what is really going on here: Snow imagines himself to be better than them. And that is not a pretty trait, let alone right, progressive or liberal.
  18. No, the market economy embraces change. Big Business however is moribund and clay-footed. Small start-ups are nimble: they can go with ideas. Big Business needs to tilt the pitch to survive. It does that with regulations and it bribes the PTB with offers of revenue (tax) and work for idle hands that might otherwise cause trouble (employment). Bureaucrats and big business thus form a marriage of convenience: the bureaucrats supply regulations that smother upstarts and big biz throws it some money. And they don't want anything to disrupt this status quo tha they have established. Brexit does just that. That's why they, the establishment, hate it.
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