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  1. Why would anyone want to stomach a fraudulent coup that undermines democracy and the rule of law? Are you so hell bent on victory any means will do? Disgraceful!
  2. And that is simply on th ematter of obstruction of justice and you know it. As far as collusion with the russian he has been totally exonerated. Just because you don't lik eth epolitics doesn't mean to say you can lie. This is becoming a remainer theme! Didn't your parents teach you right from wrong or did they leave it all to the nanny?
  3. One of your remain fellowes just admitted to inflating his petition by two extra sigs. Even if he's John Walton Snr, that's a huge fraud. Cheating : sign of a low moral standard sore loser if ever there was one
  4. And even less therefore voting to remain, thus we should leave. How did you not spot that?
  5. I find it disturbing and baffling how you can be concerned about making money from trading on uncertain and flawed information ... admit you are in infosec .. and then admit to being party to nigh-on electoral fraud. You also say, having I'm guessing, inflated your own family remain e-pet sigs from 3 to 5 voles - a massive 40% - that this would "not be enough to make a difference." Then you ask me if I "care" about some imagined "majority" who want to remain. I really haven't the words to express what I feel about this other than to simply state what I think should happen: you should lose your job and face prosecutions. Naturally you should be denied any future chance to vote on anything important as you have proved yourself happily dishonest and of bent morality. Please join in anyone if you think you could express this more forcefully. I'm still processing this.
  6. I think there was a vote a couple years ago on that. Did those folks who don't want it not vote? Shame. It was in all th epapers dontcha know.
  7. Ah! The Russians. The same ones no doubt who colluded with Trump! ???? Too funny! Memory failing you, or was he not exonerated on that one - in fact it's even worse for the accusers cos he was given the bait - and i use that word purposely - and he didn't bite! Big disapp' for libs eh!? Returning to the "tiny %", would you call 2.5% tiny? I'd call it enough to swing a vote - but I actually have a grasp of the facts. So if 2.5% is not "tiny" but significant, how should we view the e-petition hack of 2016 that clocked up 77,000 false sigs outta 3 million? That was actually 'masterminded' by a leaver and it shows how sh*t the system is. That's all the proof you need. Any new attack would have been a factor more sophisticated - ie itt would need at least a teenager with passing interest in infosec.
  8. this is just re-writing history. It's like me saying by my calcs th eftse will hit 7,500 in 2 months. In two months I look back at my predictions and realise the data didn't really show that IF I did yx,y,z. The pollsters called it WRONG, and the pollsters have NOT got any better over time. Months out from a vote they are always about 4 points off, immediately before the vote 2 points off. With issues that split nations this is simply USELESS, and that is w/o realising that cyber threats are subverting all these measures (which they are).
  9. what is a tiny %? what proof do you have? do you have th efirst idea about these things? Have you for instance ever once generated a key pair?
  10. Of course I am seriously saying that the results have been falsified. How much money do you suppose is resting on these reults? At the very least 10s of billions. What kind of a person thinks that isn't worth subverting? You think you are living in the real world? Youu think you can trust these systems with that sort of money? Do you have any knowledge on these topics? Aren't you even a little concerned about the last Remainer e-petition that clocked up, as far as the numpty scrutineers employed by the HoC could see, >77.000 fraudulent sigs? There's willful ignorance and then there is you.
  11. no it wasn't because you don't have the answers, have you unilaterally fixed badusb? have you solved spectre? all you ar etelling me is you are happy living in ignorance. i'm not!
  12. I think the A50 petition does raise some serious questions, such as: - what proportion of the sigs are fraudulent as identified by the scrutineers; - what proportion of the sigs are fraudulent in actuality; - what new laws if any do we need to make this fraud a criminal offence akin to treason; - why are the security services not tracking down the Remainer perps of the last fraudulent petition that was closed when even the dosy scrutiners spotted 77,000 fake sigs; - what qualifications do the scrutineers have? - are the scrutineers complicit or just incompetent? etc, etc And anyone who doesn't want this to be the first business of the day presumably has no interest in democracy or the rule of law.
  13. And don't forget it! Do remeber that in the event of a People's Vote, you will be quized on thses issues before you are allowed to vote. After all, we can't have people once more being accused for voting for stuff they don't understand!
  14. Do try to avoid using that expression if you wanna be taken seriously. We were told the final say on oll this was 23rd June 2016 ( "Haven't you voted yet, the polls will close in 26 mins and it will be too late!" somebody said somewhere). 33 months on 750,000 march thru london in the belief, presumably, that th epolls are still open, and guess what? People on here see it as significant, and therefore, presumably not "too late".
  15. The three biggest events of the last three years AFA this country is concerned proves yoiu can't, namely the Referendum, the GE and the election of Trump. Moreover, polls are fatally flawed by their data collection mechanisms, esp if they use online methods.
  16. Then the result occurs. You do know the difference between then and now presumably? And within a week? Is that now? Hardly, unless you think "a long time" ago = now
  17. Blah-dee, blah-dee, blah. I'll match your gobble-dee-gook and raise you stuff you have no idea about: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48089426/what-is-a-retpoline-and-how-does-it-work Oh, sorry, just in case that isn't clear: IOW GIGO
  18. But you can never know the will of the people now. So your idea is hopeless and must be discounted.
  19. Yes, the BoE and Carney coined that one and the Treasury were happy to agree (or maybe fed the BoE that story initially). I was talking about the e-petition site. I wouldn't trust any of the economic prognostications, but I'd trust them more than that e-petition site and its scrutineers.
  20. You trust its scrutiny of something far more complex and beyond its comprehension, so why not?
  21. Some of us remember a time when th eBoE used to talk UP the economy and control spending with higher interest rates. The BoE now seems to think it is its responsibility to do entirely the opposite. The resulting lack of confidence has an inevitable negative impact. Talking down Brexit is just one example. Business listens to the Bank. But individuals just watch the mortgage rates. The consequences are there for all to see in house prices. You might wanna remember this before you go lending credibility to the BoE and all the damage it has inflicted.
  22. And what did we learn from the last hack of the e-petition site by remainers? Apparently we learned to take what it says seriously. Go figure!
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