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  1. Sure, it's cutting off one's nose stuff, but thwarting democracy leads to all kinds of bad stuff. Did the ANC worry about the short-term economic hit S Africa would take when they bombed oil refineries? Were they wrong in their stance?
  2. But if you take the current crop of politicians and put them to one side, that sentence just goes away. The problems of Brexit are entirely down to the meaningful vote, and that is the fault of a few sore losers. But contrary to socialist belief a country is not and certainly should not be entirely dependent on its political class.
  3. all of which may be true, but I'd wager a good few want the EU to implode because they want out and they have (rationally, given the remain stance of our representatives and the machinations of the EU) concluded it's the only way we stand a chance of leaving.
  4. But rational. Which makes the above, well, I suppose you'd have to say, delusional.
  5. Oh, sorry, did you think I hadn't? I just looked at the evidence. What would you do? Interesting that I am being simultaneously asked to provide a "rational reason" for leaving whilst another remainer maintains that rational thought is not a requirement of intelligence.
  6. Are you saying you can't imagine one rational reason for leaving? If you can, I'm happy for you to attribute it to me. Best not to muddy things with individual concerns.
  7. The question wasn't whether you respected him. It was on the discrete matter of intelligence. So go evaluate.
  8. So that's why I'd want it? Interesting, because even if all that stuff you say is true, it still wouldn't make me want it to be so. I rather think you are getting tied up in imaginary stereotypes. Plus you seem to have rather dismissed any chance that there maybe a rational reason for wanting to leave. You have also failed to identify why some leavers might hope the EU will collapse. You just haven't thought much about it really.
  9. I disagree. If I ask my gym to grant me access on an ad hoc basis, rather tha through membership, so that I can shop-around, why would I want it to cease trading?
  10. Kinda ditto, with the caveat of "Be careful what you wish for!" Scorched-earth might seem superficially appealing, but Corbyn is in the wings. And it's not even that I think Corbyn per se will be a sufficient condition for collapse, but rather what his election will lead to. The election of Corbyn will give the green light to every special interest pressure group in the land to make their case. We've seen that sort of thing with previous Labour governments (rise of the unions), but this time it will be supercharged by: - his militant roots (emboldening those who know they can cry "hypocrite" if he tries to interfere with their protests); - social media. What we will be looking at are countless groups like Extinction Rebellion. Within no time there will be more days business can't operate in major urban centres, than days when they can. This will lead to a public backlash, as people become frustrated with what they see as "virtue signallers" preventing them from going about their lawful business. The economy will dive. A no confidence motion will pass. An election will be called. And we will have a full-throttle authoritarian government.
  11. you've said that before, but all the links you ever post merely serve to prove the contrary. The pollsters are only right a matter of hours/days before the events. Big deal! It's like the weather forecast: fine as long as you want to know what it will be like tomorrow. Summer hols? Forget it! The polls are meaningless.
  12. Oh dear, more casual racism / sweeping statements. Gammons also approve of the EU
  13. How do you even pronounce that? What are they teaching you lot nowadays? The name has three 'n's - Annunziata - and it literally means (from the Italian) "annunciation". This, and his six kids should give you a clue about his religion: roman catholic. Yep JRM, who has been at pains to play down the significance of a hardening of the Republic of ireland (largely considered bastion of Catholicism)/N ireland (largely considered an outpost of Protestants) border, is himself a pretty devout Catholic! My suspicion is a lot of remainers suppose him to be some 'George and the Dragon'-died-in-the-wool-C-of-E sort. But peeps are never that simple.
  14. @9:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykuZl9z72x0 Which is why taking no-deal off the table was always an incredibly stupid negotiating stance. Well done you parliamentary cowards: you folded before the flop! Hope you and the remainers who cheer-led the stance like what we're now stuck with. It's all on you!
  15. My point, which you seem hell bent on missing, is that this country is entirely capable of having great ideas and setting its own direction - something you remainers poh-pooh all the time. The fact that these comapanies have been acquired by foreigners says it all: we can make stuff people want! That our brightest and best choose to do this, rather than keep these businesses here is a matter of policy and a matter of identity: those of us with capital increasingly see ourselves as anywheres, rather than somewheres (UK citizens). Wouldn't it just be great if we could get those with capital and ideas to see themselves as part of team UK, just like we all did in 2012? Do you really think the way to build team UK is to harp on about how [email protected] we are (and as a consequence how our economy needs easy money)?
  16. From your link: Which is interesting. I mean, when we go into the 2nd ref you want so much, we need to know EVERYTHING right? After all, 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing', would you not agree? In which case, do we not need also to know that our food is already pumped full of antibiotics? Antibiotics, may I say, fully sanctioned by the EU, in fact, they are so fully sanctioned, the EU don't even call them antibiotics. That is why you suppose our food has much reduced levels, presumably? The yanks call 'em what they are : antibiotics. The EU calls them : food additives. their tech name is ionophores and scientists all agree they are antibiotics. So the trick the EU plays is to call something a "food additive", and that lets you get away with using them. Think that's a one off? You don't understand the EU regulatory framework. Take the use of sulphur as a fungicide. Banned under EU law. So you can't burn it in your greenhouse to wipe out pathogens, right? Er, no. You just rebrand it as a "cleaner". Or what about plain drafting regs half-cocked? Take chlorates, banned as weedkillers. On what grounds exactly? On the grounds that people are ignorant of chemicals presumably. Best shingle-drive solution to weeds ever, but don't bother looking at education, just ban. And licence glycophosphate. Did I say glycophospate? Yep, the EU swap an irritant for a carcinogen. Still feeling like you really know any more than you did in 2016 about the issues? Dream on!
  17. ... and ... D'ya know what's really "sad" about this island? Peeps like you lot. Why? Cos it's defeatist, cowardly pessimists just like you, sorry-arsed excuses for "leaders", like you, who we have ended up with for our representatives. There's nothing about this island that couldn't be sorted out with a little self-respect and self-belief. Instead we let ourselves be represented by cowards who would rather let supranational bodies make rules for us. We let remainers take us through Brexit and a Canadian make our monetary policy. We waste no opportunity to talk ourselves down. And when the public inevitably take fright, we're forced to slash interest rates. Then we shake our heads and moan about the weakness of the pound, as if it weren't entirely a product of our own defeatist rhetoric. I hear a lot of talk about "political ignorance". A lot of talk about "ignorance of history". Forgive us if some spent their time studying stuff that matters. All you PPE and history grads, well, we can see what the brightest and the best of you are capable of just by watching PM's QT. The rest of us would be happier if you could just GTF outta the way and stop the exhodus that has happened all the time we've been IN the EU. Here's a handful of names you should have heard of even if you have the technical ability of Dave-1st-in-PPE-from-Brasenose-yet-unable-to-flick-a-consumer-unit-relay-Cameron: Tim Berners-Lee Arm Holdings - market dominant processor designer for smart phones and tablets in the world Comodo - one of the 3 big worldwide TLS certification authorities Rockstar (North) Games - owner of the GTA vid game series, 4th biggest selling title ever worldwide All born here. It's only Tim who hasn't been acquired by Americans. See, thanks to the pessimists, nobody here fancied owning shares. Whywould they? Double yer money in shares? With leverage, property will let you do that all the time - thanks to the pessimist sQE and easy money. So the ideas go abroad. the talent goes abroad. The companies go abroad. The cashflow goes abroad. And all we have is pessimists for leaders and and their consequent low interet rates. And did I mention we also have all the zombie companies in all the old industries. Case in point: combustion engine cars. Remember how we propped 'em up with tax-payer funded car scappage?
  18. Sorry, pleae accept my apologies, I get confused by all the remainer biggotry . Yep, you are right: you are the euthanaser. Happy?
  19. Don't forget it is right at the top of net recipients of EU funds redistribution ... and the UK is, stripping out the rebate, right at the bottom. Of course Ireland likes the EU: it gets all the benefits! Asking what Ireland thinks about the EU is like asking what Fergus Wilson thinks about QE!
  20. For heavens sake, will you not calm down a min and step back from your silly Godwins rubbish. May I remind you that it is remainers on this very thread who have: - advocated euthanasia; - implied that all Asians think the same way. People in glass houses and all that!
  21. Diff is, I can prove you stuffed the revoke A50 petition - from your own admission. What can you prove about a single word you just wrote? Nothing. The evidence however suggests you aren't at all happy for the people to decide against remaining: your devious and fraudulent attempts to swing a revocation of A50 proves how unhappy you were the first time the people did just that. Why would we believe you'd be any happier this time?
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