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  1. Set against the honesty of Parliament, where, clearly: - a second referendum really is all they want, irrespective of the outcome; - an extension to the 31st Oct deadline to Jan 31st is just that and nothing more; - leaving with a deal would suit them just fine. Pah! So BJ wants to prorogate to force thru a no deal Brexit. Maybe he figures it really is the only way to honour the result of the referendum - remember, the one the electorate took part in? Meanwhile forces conspire to take that choice away from the electorate by SUSPENDING THE ELECTORAL PROCESS 'til some legislation is passed preventing no deal. Which brings me to my joke. Do feel free to pass it on: Q: What's the difference between a Brexiteer and a Remainer? A: A Brexiteer wants to prorogue Parliament. A Remainer wants to prorogue the electorate. And that would be funny if it wasn't so damn true!
  2. At least they were nominally in power in that one. The previous one didn't merely keep them from office but made them a laughing stock to boot. Can't help grinning at VC's "acceptance" speeches today, all of which have the fateful whiff of David Steel at the 1981 Liberal party conference: "Go back to your constituencies, and prepare for government!" ?
  3. I just heard Vince Cable talking and all I can say is I hope he finds a way of uniting Republicans and Democrats in a way Trump couldn't. I say this cos he obviously thinks he's won something, and judging by his extreme chipper mood I'm guessing it must be real big.
  4. By the way, now that whatsapp has been hacked, can we please stop referring to the A50 petition's 6m votes as if they mean anything. e-voting is for the perpetually naive and not a tool any developed society should ever trust.
  5. Depends how you view it. If I asked the family whether they wanted to spend a few grand I found in an account on a holiday in Bali, I can guarantee they'd each have their own idea what to spend the money on, so the "vote" would likely fail to win a majority. You could say the same about Brexit: it represents just one option with what to do with our future as a country. Indeed, it's easy to imagine that a vote for remain was simply a vote against leave, and that means that leave won despite all the alternatives. Which if you think about it, given that it is a vote for a radical change, is pretty damn surprising.
  6. ? Oh lord! Speaking of which, you'd think that we knew enough about science to kick religiion into the long grass. So why is wicca experiencing a resurgence? Brexit isn't some out-dated theology. It's just a form of peaceful self-determination. Why is it people imagine Scottish independence or a Palestinian state to be a radical (and hence ideologically fresh) concept, whilst Brexit is something we dug up from the world's geological past? The desire for self-determination is neither old nor new. It is simply a part of the human psyche and, as far as humans are concerned, that makes it eternal.
  7. Nice chart, but all it shows is how people's politics change as they age. Or, to put it another way, how their politics changes with experience. To change this inevitability, what you need to do is lobotomize people. Simply telling them they don't know what they think is not a viable method.
  8. WARNING: Expert on pejoratives! ? I think you'll find that "isms" are "isms" as long as the target claims offence. Fat people do actually have the (granted varying) ability to reverse their weight gains. Nevertheless, I would advise against openly descriminating against somebody on those grounds. Besides, your defn would simply not apply to most people who have been accused of being "gammon". My understanding is the flushing is produced by agitation. All white people can flush in such circumstances, hence the implicit racism.
  9. That is obviously true to some extent, however what is alsoequally true is: - hierarchical structures necessarily lend themselves to scapegoating; - many (esp politicians it would seem) will always try and pass the buck wherever possible. If one concedes these things and one believes in the fundamental merit of accountability, it's hard to see why you'd want to hook the country up to the EU. It's simlp a matter of doing what you can to improve things, whilst accepting that perfection is unattainable. You don't after all, share your PIN on facebook simply because you know banking security is flawed.
  10. Both of which prove the point I was making. Whether the EU are or are not responsible, people who have skin in the particular game blame the EU because politicians make remarks such as "well, as part of the CFP we are obliged ...". Same with migration: "of course, as a member of the EU there is a limit to how much ..." Whether our national government made the choice (like in accession of Eastern European countries) not to restrict numbers is never mentioned on the doorstep. This notion, of our inability to control such things, is then reinforced by tangiential issues which we really do seem unable to control. Take benefits for migrants. These became seen as a key reason for immigration, and by this token, almost synonymous with immigration itself. Then our PM flies to Brussels to beg them to acede to his requests for an exclusion of migrants from the tax credit system. At that point the situation was clear for anyone to see: - we had ordinary unemployed / homeless people shouting about their situation to anyone who would listen - politicians included. - we had a law which was seen as attracting migration (benefits). - we were unable to change that law ourselves. - we had our PM asking Europe for permission to change that law. - we saw on our screens night after night our PM telling us he was trying to persuade the EU to change the law. Now, you might not call that "blaming the EU" for the problem, simply because our PM didn't use that form of words - he wouldn't - he's a remainer. But you simply have to accept that that is what the public took from the whole scenario ... and that sealed our fate wrt Brexit. Redcar was similar. It might not be on your radar, but for those who lost their jobs it was an immense cause of stress, and they made their views very clear on Question Time at the time. The response from the panel, from both main parties was very much that state aid was not an option because of EU rules regarding the steel industry. Whether a way could have been found is irrelevant to muy argument: politicians had their scapegoat.
  11. Good for you. Pull up the ladder. Redcar. Fish quotas. Superfast broadband rollout. Phasing out of fungicides, herbicides. Immigration + stuff that goes with it (housing) ... Where have you been?
  12. think that's what they call the benefit of experience, a much neglected merit in this day and age. Old duffers might not know how to use an iphone, but they sure know human nature. As for how the past two years might have played out vis-a-vis switching, sure there might be some extra youth votes, but there's also been a hardening in attitudes to what people increasingly see as an overbearing superstate. I'm reminded of my tortoise (got him out of hibernation today). Most days he just basks, stock-still, in the sun; can hardly be bothered to shift an inch to get another mouthful of food I present to him, much less go searching for it. Practically catatonic. But just you try confining him, even in a run maybe twenty times his body length! People are just like that. Glued to the sofa most of the time and yet hat ethe thought of being banged up. And that's how the EU has made them feel over the past two years.
  13. Let's face it, if the ruling classes gave a toss about this country or diversity Parliament would be VERY different. Unrepresented? That's you David in the second biggest histogram block! And it makes no difference? Explain why my sh!tty PI lawyer (for whom I had to do ALL the running) demands and gets £365/hr for doing clerical work badly, whilst people slog their guts out for £7 odd/hr. that's a 48 x multiple. And yet all we hear is bankers are ruining A, journalists are perverting B, scientists are poisoning C, musicians are corrupting D, builders are spoiling E, etc .... Never a word said against lawyers. Funny that. Unrepresented? Give me a break! I ask forum members to consider what really makes us think in similar ways. Are our professions really so insignificant in that regard?
  14. One of the remainers here - you know who you are - recently said we could not leave because of this very reason! And how do they suppose that will change with the status quo?!!!
  15. It's not really even "power", it's the trapping they really crave. The seat in the House, peeps coming to them with their concerns, businesses and spec int grps lobbying them, the platforms, the neighbours nods of recognition, the parliamentary expenses etc etc. They luv all that, just so long as they aren't held accountable for anything - perish the thought. Oh no, let the EU take the blame for all that. Remainers don't get the fact that some of us want the buck to stop in Parliament so that our reps can be trully held responsible.
  16. Sure, but why is he making it all about race and culture? It seems to have slipped his attention that the EU is predominately white / christian (and increasingly far-right influenced), and leaving would automatically open us up to a much more diverse group - the world - immigration-wise. I was talking w/ a frend about the series Pose. Brilliant show. And not least for the music - big House fan here. We agreed that that scene was instrumental in bringing House music to the world. And then it struck me how influential the transgender community was back then in the music world. The show is excellent in depicting the prejudices of the time and the hardships trans folk faced. Gay folk? yep, they certainly faced prejudice, but that battle has been fought and, thankfully here, largely won. Oh, and then it occured to me the cast is almost entirely BE. I literally had not noticed AT ALL and I wouldn't have had it not been pointed out how great the music was and who was responsible. C'mon David, please, please let us get on w/ being colour-blind.
  17. Boomers Tories Gammons Old people Asians Any groups remainers won't make sweeping pejoratives about?
  18. David Lammy frothing at the mouth and alienating ever more peeps from the remain view: Add this to his Stacey Dooley "white saviours" criticism plus other stuff.... Mind you, on the basis of this site, it's a pretty standard remainer diatribe. And they reckon a second ref would make things better. On the evidence of the Rgt Hon member I think it would tear the country apart. What is this fantasy EU of which you speak David?
  19. No, our politics has been consumed by our manner of departure, namely, trying to stay.
  20. And you have no proof of that. But we have proof that the country wanted to leave in 2016, and that view has been ignored. Wouldn't it be selective to say the least, to insist on enacting the verdict in one scenario when we have plainly ignored the considered verdict in another?
  21. No. I wanted the government to enact the result of the referendum, simple as.
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