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  1. It is interesting to note that amongst those far eastern countries / provinces contemplating closing connections with China, Thailand is conspicuously absent. Thailand is the top destination for Chinese citizens from the higest risk cities. Then again, tourism represents some 20% of Thai GDP ... Funny how they alone are reporting this ability to "cure" patients with hiv-flu drugs ... Just sayin' 'sall
  2. Study Shows Why the Flu Likes Winter - NYTimes The study that guy conducted said that flu failed to be transmitted : above 30C above 80pc humidity
  3. You must of course be talking about Labour.... but .. didn't they lose???? Oh, wait a mo, I'm forgetting Remainers have their own way of counting votes. ?
  4. I refer to interventionists' views on coal back in the thatcher years. If they'd had their way we'd still be scratching around for the stuff, sod the viability. As Sting put it : "We matter more than pounds and pence, your economic theory makes no sense." (we work the black seam, Sting)
  5. I said you didn't care what the result was of the first ref and I didn't therefore care for your calculations. The first part is a demonstrable fact. ON the second part, you presumably dispute the sincerity of my disinterest. Yet another remainer who knows my mind better than I do! ?
  6. A 2016 Ford Modeo can go from 0 to 60 in 8.8 secs. That fact is an undisputed fact. But guess what? It's still boring.
  7. I find it amusing personally. Before the election Remainers could be found digging through heaps of constitutional law, trying to craft legal wheezes to frustrate Brexit. They haven't clocked the present reality which is both stark and simple. The LAW allows, nay, requires Boris Johnson to exit the European Union. Given this imperative, he can, with his majority, MAKE laws to bring this very end into being. Moreover, he can probably add any amendments he likes, provided they constitute 'Brexit'. How do we know this? A Remainer-biased HoC proved it over 3 years!
  8. Yes. At the first opportunity, Remain revealed itself to be no less plural than Leave. Ironic given the frequent Remainer jibe that even Brexiteers could not agree on what Brexit should be.
  9. And you'd just keep pumping public funds into coal while the third world conspires to fine us for climate change.
  10. You never gave a damn about the only official referendum. What makes you think anyone is interested in the imaginary one playing on loop in your head?
  11. This is my issue with intervention. The personal car industry faces an uncertain future, Brexit or otherwise. And yet car manufacturing is a relative employment bulwark compared with coal mining. Perhaps former-pit town voting patterns reflect a belated recognition that the Tories have a better approach to handing the future than the left (ie markets)
  12. The hard left's fatal flaw is their inability to understand aspiration. They need to go to a sink estate and ask tenants what they would do with a lottery win. Maybe then, they'd understand that their love of poverty is something only a background of money and privilege can foster.
  13. You are suggesting Remainer strategists aren't very good at reading the future. And yet they are no strangers to scripting future-predicting propaganda.
  14. You have to feel sorry for Corby. Since his defeat, the media have dumped him like a fly-tipped sack of dog turd. You'd would think nobody gave a damn about his future plans. Not true. I'd very much like to know what he intends to plant next to his onions this coming year.
  15. You are way too old to be thinking this way (unless your Mum had you when she was 50). Take a look around you, a good look. Kylie Jenner: billionaire. Andy Ruiz: one-time HWCOTW Lance Armstrong: drug cheat Prince Andrew: consorting with convicted sex offenders Fake lawns becoming popular when re-wilding is "the thing" Millenials buying diesels whilst blaming oldies for global warming People excusing obesity whilst expecting altzheimer sufferers to fund their own care Smokers reading food labels The time poor binging box-sets The same folks who call for 16 yr old voting telling us Shamima Begum is too young to be responsible What does all that tell you?
  16. If you get another ref and vote remain, you'll be voting to remain outside the EU
  17. Why didn't all remainers vote LibDem? Surely, that was the obvious polar opposite to the Tories promise to get Brexit done?
  18. Oh, sorry, I thought you might be making your comment in respect of the subject of the thread. For in depth discusion of today's media may I suggest the Columbia Journalism Review? Either that or post such general journo comments in the Off Topic area. Cheers.
  19. We can all see FOBT for what they are: I'd call that honest gaming. What I object to is stuff like: - banning gamblers who consistently win (because they aren't really gambling, but exploiting a flaw in the odds-making); - giving bonuses and free bets to tempt people in; - making gifts to gamblers who have suffered heavy losses to keep them sweet; - making everybody a winner (like with some bingo offerings); - very small stakes that allow people to unwittingly dribble all their earnings away without even noticing - eg, the National Lottery. - the ability to do all of this from the comfort of your own home, where apparently nobody is watching. - the normalisation of gambling thru sport, in particular in-play gambling and the blanket promotion thereof; - the fact that (i believe) some 90% of premiership footie shirts have gambling logos plastered across them. Wot? Not what you were expecting? Gambling addiction is like any other addiction. If you have a drug problem there really is no safe amount of heroin you can take.
  20. What about that which appears flowing from the mouth of John mcdonald on the andrew marr show? If you haven't seen it, I suggest you check it out on catchup. He couldn't be clearer. Watching it realtime gave one the sense of a countrywide bowel loosening amongst our BTL countrymen. Porridge with the faint aroma of bum-gas. Nice.
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