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  1. Your implied definition of "a few" needs a li'l reworking. 23 died at the Manchester Arena. covid's already had more than 3400. Even so I can't see you walking up to a Mancunian, gesturing at the Arena and asking "Isn't that where a few people died?"
  2. No lawyer, but doesn't the Equality Act prohibits prejudice on the grounds of perceived age? Somebody needs to sue her.
  3. wasn't there some person on here that said "orientals" were genetically predisposed to having more serious symptoms. bald cfr for Italians is now 4.2%. So that turned out to be wishful thinking. Or maybe just good ol' fashioned racism? ?
  4. The WHO says 3.4%. That is higher than Spanish Flu (2.5%), which killed 50 to 100 million. There are now two questions you have to ask yourself whenconsidering the seriousness of covid-19's cfr: 1) are 50 million deaths acceptable? 2) are the number of missed benign infections likely to be any greater for covid-19 than the missed benign infections of Spanish flu?
  5. I note John Snow was in Tehran reporting on the elections there w/o a care in the world. And jeremy Vine returned from hols in Oman, who today reported infection # 1 (00 or ,000 or 0,000 - pick your own sequence of trailing zeros ).
  6. That was based on them claiming 18 cases and 4 deaths. MP in Qom thinks deaths in Qom are now >50 and that Gov is covering up extent. My suspicion is the cfr is kinda similar to anywhere, maybe double. The key here is that Iran haven't a scoobie how many infections they have. In this case we should count the deaths and work backwards. Scary numbers.
  7. Breaking news: Global Weinstein Pandemic averted by incarceration. Panic over .... phew!
  8. Making a will certainly isn't panicking ... just a bit fatalistic.
  9. Can I just add that sardine cans aren't made of ferrous metal and so will not 'rust'. They are anodized aluminium. I tell you this with some trpidation as I fear on this info the world's supply is about to be bought up by a handful of thread contributors!
  10. why is anybody worried about the shelf-life of canned food ffs? If this lasts longer than that you'lll have more to worry about than rust.
  11. Here's one: stay away from each other. That's all I can offer given the limited info.
  12. I use the word "panic" because when you impose sensible measures "early", that is what people understand them to be. And by "people", I naturally include you. So an example. A fortnight ago a relative had the 'opportunity' to travel to Thailand on business (tourism industry). They viewed this as their employer expressing confidence in them (young, recently employed). I expressed my view: that they should decline the offer and accept any consequences. I was told this view represented panic. They are still in the Far East, having extended their stay with a week long bout of R&R with their partner. With the news coming out of S Korea and Italy, I can only imagine how 'impressed' their friends will be when they return home. "Mug" is probably the expression they will use, rather than being impressed. As for their parents, well ...
  13. Actually common sense and mobile app data gathered during the "Contagion!" experiment shows infections and fatalities can be slowed and reduced in exactly that way. Knocking out journeys from the datasets unsurprisingly reduces points of contact and thus spread. What you are effectively saying is that quarantining Albert Gitchell would have done nothing to save the 50-100m victims of Spanish flu.
  14. It's like watching "Trust me I'm a Doctor" only w/o the medical degrees ...
  15. Forgive me for contradicting you, but it was entirely your immune system. Nothing you did helped one jot ... unless you managed to perform some randomized blind test on yourself w/ and w/o these measures that would prove otherwise ....?
  16. Taking temperatures? And that does what exactly? Temperature has been totally trashed as a method of diagnosis. America have given up on that one. As for BAU being a "good thing", really? Have you seen what is happening in Italy? Do you really believe you can effectively self-isolate off the bat when the authorities fire the starting gun on general panic?
  17. I too just love this notion that there is some trick we can perform to change the consequences of infection. It's laughable. You might as well be picking up the old "plenty of garlic" baton. Keeping active? Do people really believe they can outsprint this thing? ?
  18. Until all +60m of us are infected there is every reason to lock things down. Slowing the virus in this manner will alter the number of fatalities and infections considerably.
  19. Looks like me, only a fortnight ago.In England, not Italy. Only with more useful stuff. And less 'labels'. And no mask. Then again, I was shopping in the dead of night with nobody around.
  20. Take your point. It is also interesting to note how blasse people are about the covid19 back-of-fag-pack CFR of ~2.5%. "Is that all?" they say blithely. Yep. Same as 1918 Spanish Flu. And that killed 100million. A similar CFR was deployed by the BBC4 'Contagion!' app-based experiment, using a mean infection rate of a similar figure (1:1.8 - well short of the 1:11 achieved by Steve Walsh for covid19). They used a vaccine-induced outbreak terminus of 4 months (forget the WHO's 18 months). With those figures they showed IIRR that 43 million Brits would be infected and 800,000 would die. If those figs aren't alarming enough, just imagine the effect on society. Defo no cause for concern.
  21. I'm concerned this may be genie-out-of-bottle moment. People talk about CFR as if it's the be-all-and-end-all. But it just exposes an I'm-alright-Jack-pull-up-the-ladder-attitude that is both unattractive and short-sighted. This is pretty clearly a zoonotic virus and that means we are dealing with antigenic shift, not drift. That makes it completely different from common flu: we simply have no immunity whatsoever. "So what?" say the young and stupid, "I'll be okay. Look at the CFR." And if it mutates? And how does mutation to something deadlier become more likely? Just innoculate a huge number of hosts ofcourse. Yep, just keep spreading this thing andsomething you really don't want could pop up.
  22. Au contraire; Innoculation is merely the introduction of an infectious agent into an organism, which I think we can agree, is what happened. Also, I don't know why you think it has anything to do with conspiracies. As for the name of the location, sure, what's in a name? But of all the places!
  23. Can somebody explain to me how the Brighton 'super-spreader' appears to have innoculated his co-hosts at the French Alpine resort of ..... Contamines-Montjoie Correct me if I'm wrong here, but a literal translation of this resort's name is: Contaminated Mountain Joy Like, wtf is going on here? I'm a total atheist and sceptic, but sh!t like that makes me feel some higher power is twisting my melon!
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