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  1. Allowed it? I think we've made it a cottage industry, but it was the EU that industrialised it. Apparently it's taken them 73 years to finally nail down whether a country can exit A50. How's that for ambiguity!
  2. Couldn't really call it that because by virtue of a second vote we would necessarily render the 1st vote meaningless, so, nomenclaturally, it would be ambiguous.
  3. Oh , of course. We both know that is a total given. A tru-itude. A defo-deffy. A baked-in sure thing. Plain as my nose on your face.
  4. Oh, I'm sur eth egov are perfectly well advised, on a 'legal' basis. I'm also sure thatthere is a majority in the house who wish this whole thing would go away. So there you have it. Ditch A50: what could be simpler. ... ... ... ... 'course, there is the small matter of those pesky voters ....
  5. And a confidence vote changes the Parliamentary arithmetic how exactly?
  6. I can't think of a single company restructuring that was not negative in the short term. But damn have most been necessary. It would be unreasonable to think a restructuring of our trade w/ the world would not be similar. But that's hardly the issue. What matters is the medium to long term. And Remainers haven't given that a single thought. They just see Remain as "like wot it is now".
  7. What , you mean leave? Not implicitly a need to implement anything I think you'll find. That would be like expecting Bonnie & Clyde to negotiate with the US Federal Government exactly how they should go about no longer complying with the law.
  8. It does rather worry me that all the interest expressed here over the minutiae of EU rules and Parliamentary proceedings is just encouraging them. MPs and EU bureaucrats have been at pains to tell us how uncomfortable they find this situation. Really? More uncomfortable then than, say, Ed Balls on Strictly or Nadine Dorries on IACGMOH? C'mon fellas. We all know politics is show biz for the ugly. Personally, IMHO, as a group, MPs have never been happier: they are never off our screens. But all the while the economy keeps going - surprisingly well actually. And it has been shown that in America, nothing boosts the economy more than politicians locked in internal wrangling. Let's face it, the devil makes work for idle hands, and ploiticians are no different. If they didn't have Brexit to argue over, they'd just be meddling in some god awful plan, like HS2 etc. Given A50 can be revoked and entered into ad infinitum w/o any consequences, I propose all parties dissolve and regroup along Brexit lines. The house could then be divided, Remain on the right, Leave on the left (it will be easier for MPs to remember if we do it that way). They can then devote themselves entirely to talking amongst themselves about Brexit for the rest of time, with the country being left to go about its business unempeded. After all, since all laws come from Europe, what use does Parliament serve anyhow?
  9. The problem the Brits have is all this "it's just not cricket" rubbish. We had a referendum. It didn't count (clearly from what some people are saying). We entered into A50. It didn't count (clearly from the ECJ ruling). When will we learn that all the contracts we enter into, all the rules signed up to are there for just one reason: to be broken! The fact that we pride ourselves over our rule of law is probably the root of the problem. Once we concede that laws aren't really laws, a huge swathe of how we regard ourselves vanishes in a puff of smoke. But, if we really want a good deal, this is something we must come to terms with. Only then can we take full advantage of the options - the huge plethora of 'remain' options open to us. You see, what all this proves is that the EU will take us back whatever, whenever. In short, there is NOTHING we can do, no humiliation we might subject them to, no outward rejection we might exhibit, that will cause them to eject us. Norway squared? Canada cube-rooted? Forget all that. Much better options are available to a country like ours that simply cannot be ejected. Off the top of my head: ITALY PLUS This is where we 'remain', but in name only (RINO!). So we enjoy all the benefits, but simply refuse to stick to our budgets, break origin-labelling rules etc. The 'plus' bit is we agree to join a European Army, but never bother turning up to the fight, as opposed to throwing our lot in with the enemy.
  10. Wrong there. I'm a honky, a gammon, a limey, a rost beouf. Can't see what's wrong with being any of those things, so can't see them as insulting. That doesn't stop them being meant as racial or national slurs. The wiki refers to Paul Hollywood being described as a "walking gammon joint". I wonder if that was meant as a compliment?
  11. Interesting tone youi have struck when you say "ironically". The confederate flag was merely the banner those opposing federal rule fought under. That makes it entirely equivalent to the use of the Union Jack by those who do not wish to adopt the EU flag as their banner. What you have said could easily be rewritten 20 years hence in a federal Europe as "Ironically, even in the EU, they haven't completely got rid of the Union Jack." As to various States having their own identity, sure. Tennessee, proud home of Country Music and sour mash wiskey is seen as hick and quaint - kinda like Scotland really. In fact anywhere central is pretty much derided and mocked ("Rednecks!") by the east and West coasts and their mega-cities, which are the only things apart from the 'Nation-as-a-whole' that retain any real international cultural significance.
  12. Or remainer MPs fo rthat matter. Nice to see you are coming around to my way of thinking.
  13. And only outside of the EU can we place the blame where it squarely sits. That is my point.
  14. And here we have the Premiere league, a world beating music scene, a legal system Russian oligarchs seek refuge in, a language that allows almost any of us to rock up anywhere as a TEFL teacher, theatre that attracts Hollywood A-listers etc, etc, etc How do you see that playing out once we are subsumed into the EU Borg project? How may years before the Union Jack, worn by foreigners as a badge of hip, goes the way of the Confederate flag? What then for British culture? What then for the competitive edge afforded by "cool Britannia"? Yep, the clock is ticking. Ticking on everything that makes us as a country unique. Blink and accept remain and the EU bureaucrats will federalize us quicker than you can say "permanent opt out".
  15. And yet we are in Europe. And still unequal. Who do you blame? Our leaders will inevitably point to the EU. Where does that leave your protestations?
  16. Give me a break. How would that even work? It reminds me of a spyware scanner I used to get for free. One year they offered me lifetime updates for £15. "They are moving to a pay-per-use model!" thought I, "and all I need to do is put down £15 to avoid any future costs: bargain!" Two years later they declared themselves bankrupt, having trousered everybody's £15s. I assure you, the EU will find a way to make us beg them to adopt the Euro IF we stay in their club. To think otherwise is pure naivety.
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