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  1. By whom? Oh yes, the establishment. You seem so confident that all this social-media-ing-virtue-signalling-influencer stuff amounts to all there is to know about people's views. I'm guessing you are the kind of person who thinks that anyone who doesn't have an Instagram addiction isn't valid as a person. But let me just remind you of Remain's own argument to justify the Referendum result: "people used the Referendum as a protest vote becuase they felt marginalised and had no voice." Yes, it is Remain's assertion that many Leavers (enuff to sway a national vote) do not readily make their feelings known (in for instance elections) because they feel so totally ignored. Do you honestly imagine that those same people can be bothered to vote in some silly internet ballot? More likely they will finally learn the lesson of Irish separatists: don't just not bother to vote, don't even take your seats in Westminster. And when all these dissident Leavers are totally vocally silenced, and your Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of Remainer jubilation, I suppose you will imagine the 'problem' (for that is indeed how you see self-determination) has gone away? Dream on.
  2. It took a mere 4 minutes to prove my point Brucie You might be happy to see things moving your way by slim margins, but for those for whom events are moving against them, all they will see is betrayal. Expect the dispossessed to return to non-voting and ducking and diving with renewed vigour and a sense of entitlement to boot. Nice job!
  3. What woukd be really funny is if just one of the 27 decide to help out the Brexiteers by rejecting an art50 ext.
  4. Brexit Referendum : 51.89% Leave, 48.11% Remain Remainer view : result of questionable validity. 'Reject No-Deal Brexit' Vote : 50.32% in favour, 49.68% against Remainer view : decisive. Leaver view : devisive. And now they have no choice but to vote for a forever no deal
  5. And here is the problem. "Stubborn old fool" or "stubborn young fool". "Popular culture is for the young" or "popular culture is for the old". "Old people read newspapers" or "young people read newspapers". "Old people follow influencers" or "young people follow influencers". "Old people generally voted remain" or "young people generally voted remain". Which of these statements are true? The facts are simple: remainers claim single-minded people who don't bother much with the internet have fallen under the spell of bots. Meanwhile, they suppose minds desperate for acceptance, welded to wifi, have, overnight, formed valid opinions. Surely, when you see it in black and white, you can't help feeling a little sorry for them. It all smacks of the logic of the PewDiePie hackers: "we're young, we're impressionable. Hey, if we hack people's printers and IoT TVs they'll be influenced into voting for our idol, our influencer." Er, no. 99% of the people who got hacked just scratched their heads and said "f**k, some silly kid just hacked my printer. Bummer, I'm gonna have to rtfm this weekend." And the 1% who did subscribe? Kids of course. In other words, what we are looking at is a theory that was fostered in minds who recognized their own vulnerabilitis and mistakenly superimposed this on minds that are, to all intents and purposes, firewalled. Psyches would call it transference I believe.
  6. So you have your own mind, but the plebs will be brainwashed by bots. Glad we got that straight.
  7. You say "red flag" quite a lot MCC. Maybe you're too accustomed to singing it?
  8. The 14 year long game eh? You joined 2007 I see. Not many posts. How many on brexit? Seems disproportionately high, would you not say, compared to say, well: me?
  9. I literally have no idea whether all this GD-HPC-Kremlin-mole tut is for real or just a p!ss take of the peeps who believe it.
  10. This site has long been the home of 'bears'. "GAL BEAR" for instance, joined the same day as I did. The term 'bear' has remained popular for the 14 years since, with no less than 384 members including it in their usernames. The reason for this is obvious: Bear : Investopedia Things have changed much since I joined the site in its embyonic days, but I never imagined financial literacy would plummet to such a nadir. It's frankly more than a little embarassing and it is one of the reasons I no longer profess to use this place ITRW.
  11. He'll be 80, close as dammit, if he wins. Corbyn won't be younger than 70 if and no matter when he ever gets in. And the young seem to luv 'em. Next thing, you hear young BME LGBT voters declaring "How can those who govern us represent us if they don't resemble us?" Go figure.
  12. I'm not convinced that's any more normal or desirable. Saying "Darling, I really regret saying your bum looked big in those jeggings," is one thing. To accompany it with a fugitive emission of bum-gas? Well, I perish the thought!
  13. surely, a nervous breaking of wind a la 'squeaky-bum time' , no? Do people you know fart when in mourning? Remind me not to attend wakes chez famile Orb, esp if the custmary scotch eggs are on the menu!
  14. The headline is : "London's property 'flippers' forced to sell at a loss" Note the operative word. This is merely a story following on from " Benny the beluga: Whale still thriving in River Thames" , which, rather than being cause for concern, should serve to bolster confidence, as it demonstrates that London is now so popular, even aquatic mammals have been taking up residence in the capital. Okay, so some may have paid over the odds, but can you really expect dolphins to master the intricacies of the property market overnight? The rest of us need not worry.
  15. and it's not just the economies of scale that favour those with the biggest lines of credit. Regulations do the same thing. Do five guys with a dream of making chemicals really have the wherewithal to navigate REACH?
  16. I must say that I am personally worried that I may have been influenced by social media. I don't actually have a social media account, but I did own some Facebook shares: does that count? The shares have gone off the boil, like most social media stock does. I have to say, judging by the general mood of Western discourse, antisocial media shares would probably make a better bet. I'll be launching the first such site later this year, aplty titled JustF**kOff.com Don't miss the IPO!
  17. Don't spend much time here, so wouldn't know - though I note you curiously seem to. The thing that strikes me, is it takes seconds to drop a swift jibe in between tedious report reviewing / writing. On the other hand, to write a veritable treatise as per jonb - your remainer buddy to whose post GD applied his jibe - takes true dedication and serious amounts of time. Note also his string of posts and references above. Who has time to read these, let alone write them? Funny you don't mention this tho ...
  18. I'm not so sure they are that organised. When CU was beseeching viewers to join them one of the 7's mic picked up a voice saying "He's mad!" Probably totally out of context, but shades of Gordon's infamous "bigoted woman" comment. Hardly smacks of great organisation.
  19. Yes, quite a bit, but they also hate marxists. The Independent Group - their apparent name, is way too close to The UK Independence Party (who hold a diammetrically opposed view on Brexit). They clearly need a new name. Ideas? (Could be fun)
  20. ... largely because they love to rent every aspect of their lives. Cars. Phones. Computer games. The list is endless. They have begun to rent their ovens / hobs - they call it Deliveroo / Just Eat.
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