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  1. Tusk on 20th Mar : "No extension without agreeing the deal." May on 21st Mar : "I'm afraid Parliament mean it when they say they won't agree this deal. So w/o an extension we'll simply drop out." Tusk on 21st Mar : "Have your damned extension." And that was the first time May 'played' it properly: by default. And the 27 blinked. And Tusk was the one left looking powerless. If only we'd played no-deal with conviction all along. Just imagine the deal we could be looking at.
  2. Why would a brexiteer need to? Remainers have that tune on repeat for all to hear, along with a host of other 'wot ifs' about Brexit. Shame they didn't war-game remain with the same critical, sceptical eye.
  3. ... and you know that our membership, sat on the periphery, outside Schengen, outside the Euro could not last ...
  4. ...and wot if, and wot if, and wot if ... ... and wot if the EU 27 turn totalitarian ... ... and wot if a militarized EU declares war on a sovereign entity ... ... and wot if we are forced to accept the Euro ... ... and in a world ruled by a giant beaver ....
  5. Er, 17.4m did just that. That was all there was on the ballot, FYI. No mention of a deal. Just leave.
  6. I thought Venezuela was when you didn't resign even in the face of local and international pressure? Why do peeps keep equating the current shambles to Venezuela. Venezuela is when you plan everything from the centre and execute those plans from the centre. Then your economy goes t!ts up. What we have currently is almost entirely the opposite: nobody in charge and yet we have record employment and growth above Europe's. If you wanna see Venezuela just thwart the will of older (largely Tory) leave voters (causing them to become non-voters), and let the young have their looney leftie dreams come true.
  7. So in your world, a guy comes out of a polling booth, haing voted "Leave the EU" and his m8 says, "you do know that means you want to leave the EU, to which the voter says, "Really???!!! Oh Blimey, wot am I like!" And you equate such a situ to someone saying, having voted in a GE "I voted for that nice Mr Blair; he's so young and handsome." (which actually does happen). And fyi, May's majority was lost because of her brainfart on the funding of elderly care. If you were a Tory you'd know that.* _______________________________________________ * - well, if you wanna speculate why can't I; at least i have contemporaneous 'evidence' for my theory. wot have you got?
  8. If it doesn't reach 16,141,241 I guess that means the Remain vote has gone down. Some way short at the mo, even with all the bot input!
  9. Oh dear, oh dear. It reminds me of my lovely Bro, gawd bless 'im: "Government needs to create jobs!" Yeah, and government needs to pay for schools and hospitals and the police (all of which are in fact paid for by the public) and set public health guidelines and police the internet and tie our kids shoelaces. No wonder you like the EU. Maybe they'll write you some regs as to how often and for what duration you should be servicing yer old lady? Do you really think the PTB are that amazing? Planned economies are great when you: A, have an undeveloped economy, and B, you steal a plan and tech from a developed economy (eg: China), but that's the limit. The EU, for all its talk-shops and regs is flat-lining, and it's only a matter of time before Germany's manufacturing miracle runs out of the steam it's powered on. Then where will they be looking for contributions to their coffers? And you wonder why they don't want us to go?
  10. No, you'll just prove to many that their vote was never going to be taken seriously and that they were never going to be listened to. A new loft extension is blighting my neighbours house. Three years ago I led a campaign to stop these eye-sores and garnered overwhelming support. The council refused to listen and granted permission. The latest roof-top addition is being added w/o a single submission to the planning portal. People are still furious, but what is the point of complaining? That's your kind of democracy: admit it.
  11. I can't think of anything funny to say about that. Maybe that's appropriate. ?
  12. The worry is that people with a life's experience (older voters) will abstain from future GEs because they look like they are being ignored re Brexit. And yes, that could well result in a Corbyn victory. How ironic, given a QT audience woman saying No Deal would make Venezuella look good: Venezuella would be exactly what Corbyn will deliver.
  13. And I understand where you are coming from, but niceties-a-f**kin-aside (and that is a measured form of words that I don't use but, believe me others will), this is not about us. Currently, the biggest issue for the May Un-Deal is the Backstop. Reason? Fears that a hard border will spark fears amongst Irish separatists (they call themselves Republicans) that a united Ireland will never occur, and hence lead to a renewed campaign of militant separatism. Yes, Europe is worried about an Island of 6.655m people, 4.5m of whom are catholic. Of those catholics 3.7m are already living in their own self-determining republic. Of the 0.8m catholics left in NI, only 239,000 voted for republican party Sinn Fein. And of those, dissident republicans, by their own measure, numbered about 10,000. Now tell me how those figures would work if you started with 17.4m in Sinn Fein. And Europe is worried about the Backstop!!!!
  14. Speculation. The fact: 25m in England alone voted for parties promising to take us out of EU
  15. The number thingy says nothing about whether May's deal is leaving or not. It's an A50 revocation poll. And when did I say I thought May's deal amounted to leaving? And you think I've been drinking> Classic transference.
  16. If you look at the General Election, >25m people voted for parties promising to leave Europe in England alone. And yet you use these figures to argue for Remain. Joke.
  17. What happened to the ballot thingy? Oh yes, you suddenly realised that in mathematics: Number = Number instead of: New_Number = Number x Type_size Typical Remainer: thinks shouting = proof 17.4m = proof
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