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  1. I would consider buying sovereigns. When gold is £1600 an ounce I would start selling them and buying a house, assuming average house prices are still £160,000. 100 ounces to the average house.....
  2. He only had 100kgs of gold and 300kgs of silver. You'd have thought he would have more than that.
  3. I do. They are as good as any other coin IMO and they are an affordable way of buying silver with some history. Why melt them down when they are easily identifiable with a known weight and silver content, no assaying required. And lets not forget the copper content either, which seems to be ignored.
  4. cgnao, the legendary poster who used to be a regular contributor here has suggested that the pound will fall to 80 to the euro. Although it seems far fetched, the pounds heading that way now.
  5. A friends Mum, who is trying to sell her now dead parents house for a few years now has been pressured by the agents to drop the price. She says that it will be difficult to get the other three beneficiaries to agree. My friend says that his mum is stubborn and thinks that if it was worth 900k then some one is ripping her off for 200k if it goes for 700k. Thats the trouble with older people, they think that they are wealthy due to HPI, but chickens cant be counted until the pwoperdee is sold...
  6. I painted my whole house woodwork in Dulux satin wood brilliant white and it went mushroom brown in no time. Looked awful against the white emulsion. I painted it water based satin and it stayed white, which was easy to touch up in time to STR in 2007.
  7. Sony are a terrible brand, IMO. I had various Sony items which all went wrong in a very short period of time. Video, camcorder, DVD player,cd player & TVs..... I would NEVER buy one of their products again. I also had a Philips 32" CRT TV which made a terrible high pitched noise that got louder when the picture got brighter. Had no problems with Panasonic plasma and Denon hifi.
  8. Hugh Hendry has been wrong about gold for some time now, like realistbear. Liam Halligans views have proven to be more accurate.
  9. An amazing insight into the foolishness of RB and his followers but yet to be enlightened about the wonders of the sacred yellow stuff........
  10. The Telegraph article on Merv had a public comments section when the article was first published. Every comment was negative and for some reason, the comment section was "pulled" (but not in the 911 sense)
  11. The trouble with this view, is that you have confidence in sterling as a store of value, confidence in the government and the people paying back their debts. Its so much easier to steal all the savers purchasing power and devalue all the debts so that the banks and the government don't have to pay back the debts with the same value of money. I'm easy either way.....
  12. I do sympathize with you but the crash is happening if you had ignored the idiots on here and bought gold so as to avoid the debasement effects on your wealth of the falling currencies. You either were unfortunate that you missed all the warnings as to what was taking place or you chose badly like some on here. To be fair, buying a house should be fair and affordable not some casino.
  13. The thing that gets me is that they are not even sure if its freehold. If it is, then £10,000 for a bit of land that you can run a business from is not bad. If it isnt freehold, then its £10,000 for a second hand shed which you could buy new and still have change....
  14. Like, how much does 10 skips cost? Does the bank know that they are renting it out? They do now and does he have the correct BTL mortgage? I would recommend the tenant gets one of his airforce buddys to accidently drop a bomb on said house....I mean, they get away with it every where else in the world. TBH, if I was local, I would go down and help the family move out.
  15. Coininvest direct, for example charge £13.14 for delivery for 1 ounce of silver philharmonic, total price is £41.64. so paying over the odds on eBay may still work out cheaper. Local people such as builders with cash like to be able to buy locally, without using banks, so they may be happy to pay over the odds. Some people collect Britannias etc so are happy to pay extra for a design or year they don't yet have, or bars such as Johnson Matthay or Credit Suiss go for a premium as they are more desirable. Some people don't know what the spot price is and bid according to completed listings prices.
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