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  1. Labour voters will be impressed by it. Most don't understand anything about economics, many don't understand simple arithmetic's..
  2. Exactly. All parties will try to enlarge the groups that are more likely to vote for them. In the case of Labour, its Immigrants, public sector workers & benefit claimants. Its not hard to join the dots. This could be made even more successful if you dumb down the education system to the point where many people believe that Ed Ball's rantings about the economy are plausible.
  3. IMO a massive opportunity was (probably deliberately) missed when the GLC was closed down. Their HQ was a large building across the Thames which was suitable for conversion to accommodation for MPs. They could have put in the required security, IT networks etc., video feeds etc. The accomodation could also have doubled as the MPs office space which may have enabled some other central London building(s) to be sold off.
  4. Nah......... Its because there aren't any Olympics on the box. Possibly made worse because the football has started. One thing it definitely isn't is anything to do with EZ countries failing to face up to reality. Just like the UK, they have an excellent record on that score.
  5. I didn't realise that you could do that. I wonder what I could get in exchange for my wife. Maybe I could have got a house 25 years ago but I bet that it would be no more than a 1 bed flat now.
  6. Labour. Taking economies in a decent state & turning them into shit ones since 1924.
  7. Actually. You may have hit on the only credible plan to restore Britain's competitiveness. ie. arrange it so that all the competitor countries are run by a Gordon Brown clone. France may already have done this so they can be ticked off the list. It's going to be bloody difficult to get Germany to go down that path though.
  8. Have you ever been to Greece? Moving up to 3 days a week would be a start. I suspect that the Germans are asking for 6 days in the hope of getting 2 & a bit.
  9. Sound fair enough to me. Only the other week I was watching the telly & remember thinking " Oh look there's some people running round a track. There's no way that I can think about buying a house now".
  10. Perhaps we might soon see the BBC headline. "Housing market spots Iceberg dead ahead at 200 metres" But its more likely to be. "Estate agents warn of possible cooling of the housing market"
  11. hmmm. A statement like this from the party that, when in government, accused the consertatives of opportunism on an almost daily basis.
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