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  1. Scaffolding coming down on the Ormeau Bakery Apartments, these all 'sold' didnt they? Maybe we might see some defaults here? Its looking well I have to admit and according to this website: http://www.futurebelfast.co.uk/Bakery.htm It really does look like those pictues, with less trees. Only a month behind schedule so far.
  2. MISS JONES, Im an average first time buyer, not an investor, i have a few thousand in the bank for a deposit. Are you seriously telling me that I should buy now? We have reached the bottom and house prices are going up again? You say confidence is returning to the market...from speaking to friends all I can see is fear, people dont even know if they will have a job after christmas, some have to take a pay cut. I cant see any sense is buying a house now......why should i not wait....WHY SHOULD I BUY NOW?
  3. MrFox


    I've just started renting a house that was up for sale until July, they decided to rent it out.......until the market picks up
  4. MrFox


    Another place to look is gumtree, seems to be a lot of houses/apartments available there.
  5. Titanic project gets go ahead: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7754078.stm Good to see them actually building something on this site, the tourist industry should be exploited at last, its going to be finished by April 2012 apparently...wonder if it will be a white elephant though. Also, this Rapid Transport System. Whats the difference between it and a bus system? Why will it take 150 million? Will it have its own lanes or what?
  6. Did our friends the Taggarts get a mention at all or has someone jumped the gun?
  7. More on Taggarts land going up for sale: http://www.irishnews.com/appnews/530/5849/...0Primeland.html THE land at the centre of the north's biggest ever property deal is to be put on the market. PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) business recovery services yesterday confirmed that it is to sell off 87 acres of prime residential development land belonging to Taggart Estates. Can anybody get access to the full story though? How will this land be sold? Auction?
  8. Anybody for Portadown tonight? http://www.wilsonsauctions.com/property_portadown.asp
  9. Just 670 sales in these 3 months! I wonder how many of these sales came from the Auctions at wilsons? 300 Maybe? ....other offices reporting less than 5 sales...one of these offices must be happy to see Ballymena Boy coming through the door ...
  10. Another 4 months though and you'll be 2.5k or so better off.....if it works out. Has the Gov. not gauranteed all monies in these accounts anyway? Tough decision..
  11. NI mortgage arrears almost double http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7729106.stm
  12. # Rule 1 - Buy below market value property (BMV) - What is Market value? # Rule 2 - Make sure the property is cash flow positive (more coming in than out) - For this to be possible, rent should cover mortgage and annual maintenace, at current prices this is not possible. # Rule 3 - Don’t sell. You don’t lose any money if you do not sell. - No problem, if you got rule 2 covered. # Rule 4 - Property will always rise in value (long term) - Is this a rule? A fact?
  13. The gloom applies to everyone including me! However, it will hit those with the biggest loans and mortgages hardest. I'm workin in the public sector , so hopefully my job will be pretty secure, if not im sure it will take at least a year from the time cuts are announced to redundancies. I dont have a loan or a mortgage, i dont have much savings either, in fact im thinking about taking what I have and buying a new car. Loans and mortgages are like a ball and chain round your neck, your tied to them, at the minute im renting, i have no ties, if the whole thing does go tits up for me i can sell my car and move to another country. At the minute I have enough money to do what i want, i dont have to think about how im going to make that payment at the end of the month, im enjoying myself. I do want to own my house one day, but not if it means I cant enjoy life. Theres no hurry anymore anyway, im not going to 'miss the boat'. I'll keep savin what I can for the next 2 years and should have enough for a deposit, I'll buy then if it makes sense, if i can afford the repayments easily and is comparable to renting.
  14. The news that interest rates have drooped means people thing the market will open up again, no need to drop prices further! 382 for me!
  15. Ill be waiting til 2010 as well...should be plenty of properties to choose from and very few people with any money left for deposits. By then we will have seen the huge drops and people will be willing to accept any offer they get on their house, just to get it off their hands. This whole thing is only gettin started, just wait for the redundancies and bankruptcies to start kicking in, people wont be able to service their debt and the downward deflationary spiral will continue.
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