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  1. No expert, but it seems reasonable to think the lower the flow in the sewerage pipes the more likely are blockages. One place I worked intentionally had the roof drainage going into the sewer to keep the flow up. There can hardly be a water shortage when water companies close reservoirs and build on them, surely.
  2. It's quite obvious COP 26 will be all about extortion. They all want paying to limit emissions using the excuse above. The world's biggest emitter will not even be present. Their recent statements make it clear they have no intention of cutting emissions; security of supply comes first. Even if by some miracle emissions are cut, climate change is still baked in for the next several decades. Even if you don't believe the models which say this, sea level is still increasing without any help from us, as we come out of the little ice age. It all points to diverting budgets from carbon zero to flood defences, dredging, clearing the ditches, upgrading surface drainage etc etc.
  3. Bit bizarre that, it's CO2 emissions will be slightly higher than the coal containing hydrocarbons.
  4. I'd certainly say the carbon zero budget should be partially diverted into this area. There's nothing we can do about climate change, so the best option for spending money is storm /flood resilience and security of water supply.
  5. It's not self-evidently true. This takes us back to that Norwegian wealth fund discussion.
  6. I'm not desperate, my scientific stance is clear and I am comfortable with it. Objectivity means you don't giggle at other scientists' theories, you consider their arguments carefully. I'm not even denying climate change, which means you can't even comprehend my posts. The issue I am having problems expressing is how the fossil fuel industry is now akin to the tobacco industry. This is what is warped. Fossil fuels have been, and overwhelmingly still are, the whole basis of our technological civilisation. Without fossil fuels we would still be living in medieval conditions. I can't marry this to an exploitative industry that has caused us great harm.
  7. Well they need to speed it up, and not by a bit, by orders of magnitude. Currently UK generation capacity is reducing, not growing, and it will continue to reduce under current plans.
  8. The DC pension contributions are taken out of the current economy though, so it is not all one-way.
  9. The future taxpayer is never consulted on anything.
  10. The investment growth in the pension pot can only come from the workers. The bulk of the money in my pension pot is investment growth.
  11. So has everyone else. It's just that you don't like the stuff I show you. Unlike you lot, I know what I don't know. I know that any science that says it is settled, isn't a science. It's a religion. How to unpick all this I ask myself. I don't know how to start with the belief system on display here. All I can say it is completely warped. Perhaps I'll get some ideas later.
  12. The question wasn't about the availability of charging points, it was about the generation capacity to power them all. Also is the infrastructure capable of delivering the power even if enough is generated. Bear in mind generation capacity has been reducing over the past several years, and is set for further major reductions as most of the nukes close down by 2025. Wind power has not compensated or even kept up.
  13. It's going to be a really popular policy here as well. We've got insane energy prices and taxes are at their highest level in decades. New income taxes are being invented. Then we are going to be giving billions away to other countries in a kind of extortion racket. It's a vote winner.
  14. Scientific objectivity is definitely one of my strong points you could ask anyone who knows me. It's not me on TV, crying on camera, because we are the last generation. On this thread, I have posted some stories which provide balance to all the hysteria. That has been my goal, to wind down the climate hysteria. There is no immediate crisis, there is nothing happening in the weather that has not happened before and there is nothing the British people can do about it either. That is my objective finding. Enough about me. What are your plans to decarbonise your house(s) and how much will it cost? Do you agree with the Guardian that taxes on fossil fuels should be doubled?
  15. To be fair, there is no shortage of employees who actually choose to go agency either. Often they will earn a lot more money up front. Most people don't want to think about retirement, it's blanked from their mind. Although, after earning six-figure salaries for some time, some of them notice that the public sector plodder on £30k all their life is going to get a better pension than they are. They can't stand that thought, so they come on here complaining about public sector pensions.
  16. OK let's change tack. ALL pensions are paid out of the productivity of the current workers. That goes for defined contribution pensions as well. It all comes from the same source ultimately.
  17. Trouble is we have generations of educated people now who were paying customers of universities, not students who were grateful to be there. It was rubbed in how thick you were compared to the genius lecturers and how far you had to go. Now you are a customer paying the lecturer employees. It's very true I find, people not knowing what they don't know. I come across it quite regularly. Generally they have no interest in knowing what they don't know either.
  18. Point number one you have not addressed the point about discounting data sources if the come from people you don't like. Should you do this or not? Does the fact that Darwin was a eugenicist mean that the theory of evolution is wrong? Yes or no please. Secondly I've repeatedly asked you what are your carbon-zero plans for the rental properties you own? Also there was the question about taxing fossil fuels at 100%, which you seemed to be supporting. Is that the case? That plot of New York sea level was not copied directly from where you said. It is entirely possible my source did copy it from there. But so what, the plot comes from factual data collected by the port. It's politically neutral. If I'd copied it from New York port authority would that make it better? Would you believe it then?
  19. I am pretty sure it is part of it. Employers would rather pay double salary to agencies than give people proper jobs. To be fair, many employees would rather have the cash now and worry about the future later as well.
  20. To go along with your heat pump, to keep your bills down to reasonable levels, you are going to need a so-called Deep Retrofit of your property. The ETI investigated this and found achieved efficiency improvements of between 23% and 45%, at a cost of £32,000 – £78,000. They concluded that the cost of very deep retrofits could be in excess of £2 trillion across the UK housing stock. https://www.eti.co.uk/insights/housing-retrofits-a-new-start The ETI went on to conclude this was a bit much and we should be OK with lesser retrofits. However, that decision pre-dated the the mandatory heat pumps policy. They were still working under the assumption we would be continuing with gas heating.
  21. Traditionally, when people decide to make a significant investment in such things, it would be because there is a pay back on the investment. You are buying something that will save you money in the future. Such logic may apply to double glazing and solar panels for example. With heat pumps, we are expected to buy something that will have lower performance and have greater running costs than what we have installed currently. Swapping a gas boiler for a heat pump is not a financially rational choice. I couldn't write a business case for doing this based on financial considerations.
  22. So what? The taxpayer and the fireman agreed to defer part of the fireman's salary until after he retired. BTW, and this does not affect the argument either way, the taxpayer DOES benefit from paying pensions to firemen. It's taxable income and they are spending the money. Most (all?) of the money will eventually cycle back to the government via taxes.
  23. I wonder what is the logic behind lumping water and energy costs in with housing? They are very different markets.
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