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  1. That assumes there will be much more climate disruption than I believe. I don't believe there will be much at all. I've said before climate change is baked in and there is nothing we can do about it. Better to spend money on flood defences than anything else.
  2. I've mentioned the VAT subsidy already. That article contends there are two further taxes to put on fuels for health and climate change damage. With these two and the VAT hike you are looking at approximately doubling the price of fossil fuel energy, including gas. So go on then, let's double the price of gas and other fuels. You do realise that it won't just be your energy bills that will double, but everything else will have to go up as well. Food, transport, virtually everything you can name will need to increase in price. At the same time, the very same people who support this policy will be bemoaning the increase in poverty and inequality. This is the root of what is going wrong. People seem unable to connect different subject areas in their brains. They can't see that doing away with the so-called subsidies (which anyway are no such thing), will have these effects. And where does it stop ? Supplying you with water and waste water/sewage treatment has environmental impacts. In fact everything you do or use has a cost to the environment. So how much tax should we put on your water and sewage? And everything else you do?
  3. It's all very sensible but it doesn't answer exactly what precipitated the current crisis. It does not tell us exactly what the Russians did and provide evidence for it.
  4. What supply issue? This is the very question I am asking. There can't be a genuine demand exceeding supply issue given that it was still summer. So why has the price gone stratospheric?
  5. 52% apparently, plus another 30% from Norway pipeline which they class as very secure supply. Coupled with the fact this started in late summer when the weather was warm, and it has continued to be warm, I am struggling to see how it was a supply and demand issue.
  6. That's just another press story. In any case it seems to be begging Putin to do something about an existing problem, not necessarily caused by him. I want to see Gazprom orders that were not fulfilled, or Russian price hikes preceding the crisis. At the moment I don't know why this crisis started.
  7. At first I thought, what another fire? It's the same one though I think.
  8. Do we know for a fact the Russians were to blame for the crisis? Is there any hard evidence?
  9. The subsidies are not what normal people would call subsidies. This is your fundamental problem. I raised the fuel grants issue because it highlights your disconnect between the Guardian outlook and reality. In the Guardian, charging only 5% VAT on electric and gas is seen as a subsidy. Well go on, put it up to 20% and see what you get.
  10. In many European countries, households are getting grants to help them with the increased energy bills. In your opinion, is this good or bad?
  11. I don't get it. I agreed with everything you said. Are there several steve99's on here?
  12. I don't know but you are changing the subject vastly. Personally I don't know which side of the argument I am on re the Norway wealth fund. I certainly wouldn't have done what Thatcher and Blair did. I would probably have wasted it on building infrastructure and nuclear power.
  13. Yes the wholesale price has yet to feed through in full. We just have to hope the price will go down as fast as it has risen. The increase has happened while temperatures have been above average for the time of year. It can't possibly be demand-driven. We don't know WHY this has happened. They blame the Russians, but we have yet to see what orders they have not fulfilled and what prices they increased.
  14. Correct, and this has already happened to many. However, the wholesale price is yet to feed through to consumers in full. The BBC tells me the price just now is 277p/therm wholesale. That equates to 9.46p/kWh. When the suppliers have added their margins and the VAT is added you are looking at maybe 11p/kWh minimum consumer price. People are used to paying about 3p.
  15. The point is, you shouldn't just assume it's best to save the money like Norway. It might be best to spend it and generate "growth" in the rest of the economy. Many would argue Thatcher restructured the economy. Some support the result and some don't. But nevertheless it happened and the oil kept them in power to see it through.
  16. This is going to be ruinous for much of the population over the winter. Out of curiosity I got a quote off my gas supplier the other day. It is TRIPLE my existing deal, 9.4p/kWh. Luckily I'm on a fixed deal until August next year. Just wait until this starts hitting home. Before this, millions were using food banks and children were not being fed. What is going to happen when their gas direct debit goes up X3 ? The s*** is going to hit the fan. Meanwhile, in Canada, it's a fraction of the price it is here and they have an excess.
  17. Peak UK oil came in the Blair/Brown years. The money was invested in the NHS, renovating inner cities (which at the time were heading for Detroit like conditions) etc etc. The Norway option was seen as a saddo option. Save it for pensions ? Come on you are having a laugh.
  18. The reason was to destroy the unions don't forget. People also should remember global warming was invented by the Thatcher government. OK not invented exactly, but a then fringe, scientific eco loon idea, was first given official backing.
  19. That explains it, as others have said a no brainer ! BTW there is 5% VAT on electric, which, I kid you not, many on here think is a fossil fuel subsidy because it should be 20%.
  20. There's all kinds of problems with cosmology, but Brian Cox won't tell you about them.
  21. A lot of it is fleet sales according to Radio 4 earlier this evening. Major tax breaks for EV fleet buyers.
  22. Tesla 3 biggest seller in September apparently. Obviously some people have got money.
  23. Do they have a fully electric model?
  24. Nearly all advertising targets females. They could call it grooming really.
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