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  1. The current satellite data sea level number has an isostasy "correction" added on. The argument is, the sea basins sink further the more weight they bear, so they add 0.33mm per year to the measured sea level figure, and announce that as the sea level increase. The logic of this is a bit thin IMHO. They don't do this with the sea level as determined by historical measurements at ports, which is one of the reasons why the satellite figures are discrepant. Here is the seal level record from New York, can we really say there is an acceleration in recent decades? Looks like thin evidence to me.
  2. I do wonder about those ice-breakers. Are they slicing off whole sections of sea ice which then move south and melt? I've never seen this discussed... On firmer footing, the planet does seem to see-saw between one pole melting while the other one freezes. Currently we are in an era when the Arctic is shrinking and the Antarctic is growing. This will likely swap round at some point in the future.
  3. Look up Romney and Rye. They were ports about 1300 years ago. Yes I am well aware coral and volcanic islands grow thank you. All I am saying is, some things get sunk and other places are created. It's the way of the world. At a local level who knows what might happen, but if your local sea level is rising, the way to fight that is local defences, not converting from gas to electric. I'm not disputing that the global sea level is increasing slowly. It has been for hundreds of years now, as we come out of the Maunder minimum era. There might be a small acceleration caused by AGW, but it is a small increase on a trend that was already there. The recent acceleration in the satellite data oddly seems to coincide exactly with new satellites taking over the measurement. Another thing is irrigation schemes using groundwater. One author found this added 0.44mm/year to sea level increase.
  4. We're still waiting for your carbon zero finance plans for your properties. Also your agreement or not with doubling the prices of fossil fuels.
  5. (1) This was all about critical facilities. Sea level is a complicated subject. You only hear about sea level rising, you don't hear about the Pacific islands increasing in area, or former British ports now left high and dry. (2) Some places get flooded, others get left high and dry. (3) You can't get research money for finding no climate emergency. What else can you do with a PhD ? OK you could spend another £6k on becoming an HGV driver I suppose.
  6. Yes I believe the NW is rising and the SE sinking. The point was to illustrate that seal level as a concept is more complex than people think.
  7. The seal level was higher than now in the Roman warm period. The light green areas were underwater back then. Notice the Thames must've been wider: Harlech castle was coastal when it was built, but since then: Harlech Castle crowns a sheer rocky crag overlooking the dunes far below – waiting in vain for the tide to turn and the distant sea to lap at its feet once again. https://cadw.gov.wales/visit/places-to-visit/harlech-castle
  8. You could say your ADULT life starts at 18. On this scale: 18-36 = spring 37-54 = summer 55-72 = autumn 73-> = winter.
  9. Car insurance will increase for most in the new year. That is because they have stopped "price walking" for the customers who do not switch. So the cheaper deals, for those of us who do switch, will disappear.
  10. Errr....50 is the new 30 you know. 50 is not the autumn of your life any more. I have male relatives who have started afresh after that age, babies, new wives, mortgages, the lot....
  11. It's conceivable we are seeing the result of an orchestrated campaign to keep a form of FoM going, with a view to rejoining. I think it is very poor when we have half a million NEETs in this country.
  12. You have some serious problems with comprehension.
  13. Maybe but I always turn out to be right. Actually I'm very transparent I don't know why you would say non-transparent.
  14. I am not questioning that CO2 causes climate warming. What I am questioning is our absurd reaction to it here in the UK. What is really absurd is the level of hysteria and also hubris. Hysteria in the belief that it is an immediate life threatening emergency. Hubris in thinking the current UK population can do anything about it. There is also a massive disconnect on this forum (and elsewhere) between concern on standards of living and the cost of accelerated carbon reductions in advance of the rest of the world. We still have no response from PB on his support for that Guardian article which basically said the tax on fossil fuels should be doubled. Do you? What is your plan to finance your transition to carbon zero?
  15. 1983 was a cold winter. I have recollection Cheshire got down to minus 23 C. December 2010/January 2011 is the coldest in recent memory I would think. Minus 20 just south of Manchester. Deep snow in many places, and it persisted for weeks. Let us not forget that January 2021 was the coldest January since.
  16. If that is referring to me, I didn't say that. My point was more subtle.
  17. Why are we paying into ITER if we are doing it ourselves? I have also got to ask, if wind and solar are going to be so ridiculously cheap (1.1-3 US cents/kWh has been claimed), why are we bothering with fusion power plants? The amount of technology involved, plus the use of tritium as fuel, means it will never be cheap.
  18. Climate science isn't about social, political and behavioural science. Climate sciences are hard sciences, the other ones are sciences of its consequences.
  19. https://darkmattercrisis.wordpress.com/2020/11/10/the-crisis-in-cosmology-is-now-catastrophic/ Look at the whole blog not just this one posting. This is by a professor who knows far more about cosmology than anyone on this forum. Should he be censored? Why is he subjected to so much bullying and nastiness from his peers? Bear in mind the subject is of absolutely zero practical consequence to anyone on Earth. Dark matter or modified gravity choice is completely irrelevant to our everyday lives. Yet he and the other sceptics get vilified. Just imagine what happens when the subject matter has trillions of dollars of consequences.
  20. It's because "climate science" is very much based on the physical sciences. The title of this thread is climate change, which in turn is based on climate sciences. A lot of people don't like that, so they've converted it into a social and political science.
  21. I guess it is a moribund industry. Although I will say, there's lots of uses for oil besides burning it.
  22. Personally, I wonder what kind of student will be attracted to Climate Science as a degree subject. There is a danger that people who like gluing themselves to roads will be given places, and they will be in for a shock when they are faced with the hard physics and maths. That is, if they actually teach that side of it, which is another thing I am wondering.
  23. Instead of posting arguments about stuff no-one on here has actually said, can you respond to my previous questions? I was wondering what your carbon-zero plan is for the properties you rent out. Are you going to upgrade the insulation to the latest standards? Are you installing heat pumps and taking out gas appliances? How are you going to finance this? Do you expect government grants, are you going to have to borrow money, or are you selling up instead?
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