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  1. It's nothing to do with hating them. I'm sure if I drove one I would think it is lovely. That's not the point at all. The problem is, they are extremely expensive, I would need to spend thousands on having a drive into the back garden for charging facilities, and the supporting infrastructure does not exist. We can't even generate enough power to charge the things when the wind isn't blowing. It has just emerged (Sunday Telegraph today) that the CCC has been misleading parliament about the true cost of carbon zero. It's £60k per household just for the switch to EV's, never mind everything else. They fought like hell to prevent this information being released. The revelations come after the CCC spent two years and tens of thousands of pounds resisting attempts to have the Net Zero model spreadsheets released under Freedom of Information legislation. The Information Tribunal finally forced their disclosure in August this year
  2. No, every time they go a couple of miles they need to brim it again. Never know when you'll find any next.
  3. No honestly I don't. So who do we listen to? Energy industry experts or a 16 y.o girl with autism? Clearly it's the 16 y.o girl with autism. She has the special power to actually see CO2 with her own eyes. People have had enough of experts, after all.
  4. "Lord Deben", an attempted rebrand of "John Gummer" and his Climate Change Committee pricing model for EV's.
  5. No I don't work for an oil company. Even if I did, that wouldn't be an excuse to dismiss my arguments out of hand. Perhaps oil company people have a lot more expertise in the energy area than any of your mates ? You should know by now I'm far too tight for any of that nonsense.
  6. Who said it was this government ? Or any government come to that?
  7. But there are more, people are having to tour round for miles to find fuel. Many of them have to go to work tomorrow. On another topic, carers (those who care for old people in their own homes) have to use their car to travel between clients. It's in all the adverts if you don't believe me. No car, or no driving licence, no job. They also have to buy their own fuel and claim the cost back on an annual basis. So they have to carry that debt for up to a year before they get reimbursed.
  8. You're falling for it then. This is why they're having this "crisis".
  9. It's funny how it is acceptable with electricity prices. We know it is headed towards pricing according to demand. Also congestion charging. That's thought of as a fantastic idea, charging workers more to get to work. Installing the infrastructure to do that I believe is the real reason for smart motorways. Being "demand managed" is definitely in their plans for us.
  10. Dodgem car, liked it very much. Actually I forgot that EVs will cost $3,000 in ten years' time. That's going to be great isn't it. And then after that, I just need to book a self-driving car which will pick me up and take me anywhere I want at minimal cost. I know all this is true because everything is being done for our benefit.
  11. Another dirty secret, or at any rate something that gets forgotten about, are the China underground coal fires. Two to three times UK emissions from this alone. it's estimated that a stunning 2-3% of the entire world's industrial carbon emissions may come from uncontained coal fires in China alone--where such fires burn 20 million tons of coal a year.
  12. They are going to build the world's expensive wind /solar power, using their own cheaper coal power to outcompete other suppliers to do so. That is what they are up to.
  13. They look great for delivering mail to me. There was an electric version but there are no photos apparently. Nothing new under the sun.
  14. The production of electric vehicles peaked in 1912: during that time there were 30,000 EV's on the road in the United States, two-thirds of these were used as private passenger cars. If today's supporters of EV's would dig into the specifications and the sales brochures of early 20th century electric "horseless carriages", their enthusiasm would quickly disappear. Fast-charged batteries (to 80% capacity in 10 minutes), automated battery swapping stations, public charging poles, load balancing, the entire business plan of Better Place, in-wheel motors, regenerative braking: it was all there in the late 1800s or the early 1900s.
  15. This is what they are doing already. Can you see energy prices falling back to what they were? A colleague who was with one of the bankrupt suppliers has been transferred to one of the big six and his direct debit has gone from £85 to £240/month. This is what they have in store for all of us.
  16. In this case they would be charlatans. UK is about 1% of global emissions, it's just a few months of growth in China's emissions. As well as that, if you believe the climate scientists, if all emissions stopped tomorrow, over the whole world, the planet would carry on warming for many years. So it is going to happen whatever you do.
  17. Correct and I bet that also applies across most of the UK. Some people live on flood planes and they need to campaign to keep waterways dredged and the drains kept clear. The agencies concerned have been prioritizing other things in recent years and they need putting straight. Also I've told you before what is going to happen will happen. Climate change is baked in, whatever we do in the UK makes no difference. It makes no sense to treat it as an emergency.
  18. It sounds like it will be energy intensive to recycle. The fact that no-one is doing it means the carbon emissions of the (currently undefined) recycling process have not been included in the carbon budgets.
  19. Don't start thinking this is some kind of step-change in battery performance though. It's not, all they are doing is substituting sodium for lithium. In fact, all other things being equal, the energy density of this new battery would be slightly worse, because sodium is heavier than lithium.
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