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  1. Net pension replacement rates: Average earners The net replacement rate is defined as the individual net pension entitlement divided by net pre-retirement earnings, taking account of personal income taxes and social security contributions paid by workers and pensioners. https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/sites/b6d3dcfc-en/1/2/5/6/index.html?itemId=/content/publication/b6d3dcfc-en&_csp_=a8e95975da55b0299df9e90b37215621&itemIGO=oecd&itemContentType=book
  2. There is a wide variety to be honest, and neither Belgium or France are projected to have declining populations going forward. However, a terrific lot of them are, including Portugal, Italy, Spain, even Germany although less extreme, Poland and all the EE states. I can see it coming, you've stolen all our young people so now you'll have to help paying our pensions.
  3. Tell us more, what jobs allow you to claim your state pension early?
  4. That's great to hear. Watch out for the anti-pensioner threads on this forum, usually I am in a minority of one. I never once said they will take down the EU. Certainly of the ones that I have looked into, EU state pensions are significantly more generous than the UK state pension. We have the worst pension in the G20 actually, and more comparable to Mexico than a rich nation. Whilst the contribution rates are also larger, the demographics are usually less favourable (for paying pensions) as I showed you upthread with the amusing graphics. At some point in the future they are
  5. Prefer not to say on an open forum TBH. I doubt many people do these tests just for fun. Even if some do, they will inevitably more intelligent than average. Most people would just give up before they even got to the testing stage.
  6. You're another one then, with IMHAL, I trust you will both wade in with me in defending the UK state pension on here. One of the most common thread topics is how well off are boomers and how pensions should be cut. They are completely the opposite of demanding better pensions. Next time one of these threads crops up I am sure you will be right behind me. It's a lot more generous, and you are almost certain to qualify. Incorrect, the 15.15% contribution rate in France is split between employee and employer.
  7. The fact is, the "replacement rate" for pensions in France comes to something like 75% on average. All you have to do is turn up at work and you will get 75% of your wage as a state pension. If we do the same we get about 23% (from memory). Anyhow, even if you take only the 50% component, on the median UK salary of say £29k p.a, that would give you a pension of £14.5k or £279 per week. Persons on £35.9k p.a (close to the cap) would get £345 a week pension. This is only taking into account the 50% component. In the UK, the New State Pension is £175.20 per week. I don't kn
  8. There is a compulsory occupational pension on top of this 50%, which on average tops them up to about 75% earnings. This is effectively a final salary scheme. The minimum pension is a safety net for those who have not worked for long enough, akin to our pension credit. I did actually say the social security contributions are higher (although our NI contribution rates are far higher than this, but only a portion of it is used for pensions). I am pretty sure the retirement age has been 63 up to quite recently. The fact they are increasing it is one of the things that set off the gil
  9. Last year I undertook the civil servant Higher/Senior Executive Officer level reading comprehension test. I beat the 75th percentile of persons that took the test. Please note this is the 75th percentile of test-takers, not of the general population. The average of the test-takers will certainly be far higher than the average for the whole population. So I think my problem stems from my assumption that others on here have a similar level of comprehension to myself. Some obviously do, but equally a lot obviously do not.
  10. Actually I do apologise. My trouble is, I always think people will be clever enough to get what I am on about. I never learn, I should know by now to dissect every word and explain each tiny step. I always end having to do it anyway and in many more posts.
  11. Let's take a step back. What were we arguing about to begin with? It was the future of state pensions in the EU. All I am saying is look at the demographics in many EU countries. For example, this is Spain projected for 2040 This is UK in 2040: Spanish pensioners get around 90% of average salary as a pension, and their life expectancy is several years more than that of the UK. Now, looking at those two pictures and bearing in mind what I said about pensions and life expectancy, can you tell us which country has got the biggest future problem in paying st
  12. No I answered this. I said it was unlikely the total investment could be as high as the UK because employment is not growing as quickly. You would expect employee numbers to broadly correlate with investment, and the UK has the fastest employee growth by some margin.
  13. If so, employment is still not increasing as rapidly as in UK, plus, even though it might be a record for the EU, they are still way behind the UK in this sector.
  14. Well I don't really comprehend what you say here I must admit. Anyhow, let's spell it out. I was being ironic when I said tell us how much more favourable are the demographics in Belgium. When I say favourable, I mean in the sense of dependency ratio, i.e. the ratio of working age people to people over retirement age in that country. https://www.populationpyramid.net/belgium/2050/ https://www.populationpyramid.net/united-kingdom/2050/ Look at those links and tell us what you see.
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