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  1. Well that is the system "we" have chosen for the new state pension. Under previous schemes there were earnings-related supplements to the basic pension rate. Anyhow, by having years of contributions it does mean you have been working in the UK for those years. In France, the state pension is more or less a final-salary pension scheme, based on years of contributions. They get about 75% of final salary after 40 years or whatever. Yes there is Pension Credit. It is means tested, if you have less than £16k in the bank and your income is less than 170-odd pounds a week it will top you up
  2. I don't think the alleged boomers allegedly blocking the housing developments would be enthusiastic pro-immigration people. On the contrary, they will be asking why do I have to put up with more traffic so they can bring in more immigrants.
  3. Let's see if you feel the same approaching 60. Also you've not explained to us how increasing tax on pensioners would help younger people buy houses. Or why someone in a £130k house should pay more tax to help someone else buy a million-pound house. Also if you are implying that NI should be subsumed into the income tax system I don't agree. It's insurance, and it has to be clearly identified who has paid in and who has not. Also no country in the world does this, as far as I can see, all developed western economies have separate social security and income tax.
  4. They're right. More housing in a locality means more traffic and more demand for services. Usually they don't supply any more roads or services. They shouldn't be allowed to build anything without paying for it to be connected to the tram or railway system.
  5. Actually we've had decades of this, out-of-town retail premises and workplaces built on M-way junctions. People actually wanting to live in large city centres is relatively recent. In the south, people moving out to rural locations frees up housing in the city to house more immigrants. In the north it largely impoverishes the towns because they are left derelict.
  6. That isn't what you said though is it? You said pensioners should pay NI on all income. Also I am still waiting for an explanation of how one year of service would earn a pension of £1500. Did your mother earn the equivalent of £90,000 back then at age 21?
  7. You all sound the same to me. I knew full well what per capita means thanks.
  8. OK the lecturer must have been someone with a similar ID. However, talk about turkeys voting for Christmas. You want us all to pay more tax as pensioners, and somehow that will help young people buy £530k flats in Hackney? if you give young people more money won't that enable prices in Hackney to increase still further? I'm not a pensioner yet, but paying more tax from it while living in my house oop north, so that people can buy million-pound homes in London is going to grate, and not just on me either.
  9. We went up into Ribble Valley last weekend. Lots of new housing estates built on green fields, not served by public transport but very handy for the A-roads. You can guarantee the residents won't work anywhere nearby, and the only way they are going to get to work is by car. The nearby towns in Lancashire are almost wastelands. The developers can probably sell for 3 or 4 times in these new estates compared to most other areas in Lancs.
  10. I'm all for it. The trouble will be that even larger numbers of people will be priced out of London if this measure fails in producing massive price drops. And I'm not sure that it will, because I can't see how the ridiculous prices are supported by earnings as it is. Although Dorkins lives there and he says it is. A couple buying a flat in Hackney for £530k would need one of them to earn £177k p.a if we limited it to 3X gross earnings.
  11. To illustrate the pattern. To show that unemployment was indeed higher in the latter decades of the 20th century than it is now. Unemployment was the defining political issue of the late 1970's and 1980's. That is what got people going then, not BLM. House prices were not on the agenda.
  12. So all these young people being short-changed on their pension will need to save even more out of their income? Good one. Most people are not in the same position as you with your USS DB pension. Perhaps you will be happy to pay NI out of your "gold plated" pension, but it will have a bad effect on poorer people. And how in Gods name will this reduce London house prices ?
  13. Damaging your own interests out of spite ? You certainly don't want any additional taxes on your pensions, but that is what you are suggesting. Shooting yourselves in the foot. What we need is authoritarian control over HPI: Limits on the number that can be owned by one person Stop house ownership by non-domiciled foreigners like most countries in the world. Limit immigration Strict limits on what can be borrowed based on mandatory affordability evaluation. Punitive tax rates on unearned house price inflation income.
  14. That was true in the 1960's but not from about 1974 onwards. By 1977 we reached the 1m unemployed milestone.
  15. Milton Keynes? Preston and Warrington were "New Towns" until quite recently. Both of these are actually not down in the gutter as far as their neighbouring towns, but how many on here are queuing to buy in Preston or Warrington? Urban areas in the north are full of brown-field sites that ought to be developed before we despoil more of our countryside. There are loads of boarded-up homes only a couple of miles from where I sit. What is needed is decent jobs in the north.
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