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  1. We need these lorry parks now, not just because of Brexit and not just at Dover. Your ministry seriously needs to build infrastructure to stack lorries at key parts of the motorway system. The CO2 and air pollution improvements would far outstrip other lunatic schemes in terms of value for money.
  2. Well I'd agree. It's only a feeling but it looks to me we are being herded down this path.
  3. Is he in any position to do so? At the moment I feel we are definitely being manipulated into a second referendum. So I certainly do not rule it out either.
  4. It doesn't matter. Their stated aim is ever closer union. This has not changed. Just because they are currently having difficulties with it, does not mean they will change the direction of travel. All that will happen is more delays and more fudge, until such time as they can do it.
  5. Yes, he is trying to say his personal predictions are factual whereas actual reality is not ! The fact is, at this present time, British armed forces are deployed in Bosnia as part of an EU Integration force, under the EU flag. Not outer ring. Integration. Anyhow, I imagine the current WD agreement deal is what it would be like in any outer ring. If we can't control our own trade with RoW, it's still pants.
  6. 1) I'm afraid there are very few organisations with this as their core value these days. However that is still besides the point. What you are doing is effectively supporting what I said, and that is integration is a core value of the EU. Maybe it's because they believe it will bring benefits, but the point is, it is a core value, perhaps THE core value. 3) I agree that much of the NHS marketization was under Labour and was not voted for. But in theory at least governments have to look over their shoulders at their electorate.
  7. (1) Not in answer to the point under discussion you can't. It wasn't about whether it is mutually beneficial or not, simply that it is a core value of the EU. (2) On this thread we need to pedantically dissect each point. (3) It's up to the government what is in scope of the FTA and what is out of scope. Yes there would have to be give and take, but ultimately this is under the control of the democratically elected UK government. We can vote governments out.
  8. That isn't the point under discussion. The point was about whether the overarching aim of the EU is homogenisation as you call it. Whether it is beneficial, or not, is not the point. The next para: so you do support the martketization of NHS services then?
  9. Yep I was going to say that as well, but since I've said it several times before I couldn't be bothered. All health provider contracts will need to be open to organisations across the EU, and follow the EU regulations on awarding contracts. Just like the railways. The taxpayer funded NHS will then be milked dry with profits returned to the home country. In fact this is happening already and I bet we'd be shocked if we knew what was really happening.
  10. Another one is "integration". Countries get scored on their level of integration. All policies are designed to increase integration. Increasing integration is what the EU is all about.
  11. Just speculation on your part. Certainly there is no evidence they aim to bend anything whatsoever at present.
  12. What has selling off the NHS got to do with this topic? It's happened already, whilst we are in the EU, in case you hadn't noticed. The fact is ever closer union is the overarching principle of the EU. Everything that happens is in support of this objective. Voting Remain means you are signing up to this as a principle. You are not voting for the status quo. All these opt-outs and special deals will gradually be phased out. They are an annoyance to the EU and were only brought in to keep people on board, as temporary measures. That is all they are, temporary fixes to keep people in, as the EU project progresses.
  13. That's evading the point. Voting Remain means ever closer union. The rebate will be got rid of in the next EU budget it is widely accepted.
  14. 90% of unprovoked ad homs are from Remainers. Also see Peter Hun.
  15. I believe we are being herded down the 2nd referendum track.

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