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  1. Some time in OCT 2007 there is a new run of the BBC Money Program, without giving too much away theres a program on the state of the BTL market. Plenty of interesting stuff will be in it (including me ! .. again) and I suspect plenty of doom and gloom. Pencil it in for watching in the dark rainy nights.
  2. We are all in the same market competing for the same resource. The investor shafts the FTB The university shafts the investor. So what, I didn't say I was complaining, I just stated the facts. Remember the commandment - 'shaft unto others before they shaft unto you'
  3. Yep, I have notices this board seems to have its fair share of have nots and never will haves, so your bound to get a lot of communist thinking here. Nowt wrong with computers, there would be no Housing Benefit without them !
  4. Dude, again I totally agree. Althought a property investor, I still have a full time job - admittedly a computer programmer, but over the years I know that I have contributed something to 'manufacturing processes', and not just a telephone jockey
  5. I am sure that under the next communist government (aka new labour) run by Gordon Brown all property will cost less than £60k.
  6. Did you know that Colonel Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken in his late 60's. He originally had a thriving petrol station somewhere in the USA, someone offered to buy it but he turned them down. 18 months later he was out of business becuase a new interstate road was built that bypassed his business. He used to make a spicy coating for his home cooked chickens and decided to turn it into a business - the rest is history. 52 - huh, time to found a few businesses then.
  7. The only Melbourne I know is about 15 miles from Derby, a nice little village .. property prices there are rising nicely.
  8. Charlie, changing your name by deed poll wont work. Computer software at the referencing agencies liks the old and new name together. Christian compassion . mmmmmm .. its not always the banks that suffer when someone goes bust, frequently there are other creditors to - like workmen, milk bills etc. - don't they count ? financial information is kept for 6 years AFTER it becomes inactive. so, if you pay off your car loan in 2004, it will be 2010 before the loan transaction is deleted (this is legal)
  9. dont forget the re-valuation of property bands will inevitably shove you in a higher level as well bloody rip off britain
  10. KOTC, as you put it that way - fair point !
  11. VacantPossession, The last post is a typical misconception of 'Joe Public', who often blame Equifax and/or Experian for excessive credit, not being able to get credit etc. I actually WORK for one of these 2 agencies - they are credit REFERENCE agencies. Neither of them recommend acceptance or refusal for finance. All that they do is store the information for the finance companies to use. As far as data protection goes, yes the information must be accurate BUT that does not mean that Equifax must have a duplicate of Experian data and visa versa. It is up to the finance company to decide w
  12. A central database is there, maintained by Equifax and Experian BUT there is no compulsion for a finance authority to contribute to it (the finance company has to pay to access it). Plus it might not be in a finance companies interest to put its loan book on shared access. Even then, different lenders take different views on 'indebtidness' I guess only legislation will force a central database, and that is not going to happen in the short-medium term. I really don't know what the answer is. If someone really wants finance they will find a way to get it.
  13. Glad to be back, and possibly to make some usefull input to this forum. I have already posted my portfolio on this form, and on Housemouse Am I the only BTL investor to be losing money ? ... well i can't be can I ? - I am pretty noused up on business matters. What makes my loss bigger is that I am still investing in refurbishments for the properties and repairs. The refurbishments and prompt repairs keep the tenants happy, and as a consequence I have very few void periods. I don't charge top whack rent either. If interest rates went up to 5% or even 5.25%, I would still be here. After that
  14. The effects if massive immigration to the uk ? Well actually in property terms it doesn't cause as much problems as you might think. Nearly as may Brits leave the UK, permanently (emmigration, retiremenr etc) as people settle here. I have notice a LARGE influx of Eastern european immigrants coming into Derby, but they are entitled to come here (as I was entitled to work in Germany for 10 years) What we want is productive people coming to the UK, not necessarility with money, but with skills and the willingness to work. We dont want people coming here who dont want to work.
  15. 1) people in debt 'generally' have only themselves to blame (this excludes unforseen thinkgs like redundancy) 2) you cant always blame the finance companies becuase they don't necessarily know what other finance with any other company the borrower has. 3) Equifax and Experian, who are credit referencing agencies do not hold all details of finance agreement from all finance companies. IE, there are some companies that do not use both services. 4) there has just been intoduced a computerised 'consumer indebtedness' package that will help identify people who can'rt afford to take on more finan
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