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  1. On the subject of H2B, does anyone see that as a market segment which might be supported by the govt? If you've just taken out a 20/40% equity loan from the govt and prices significantly i think it'd be pretty unpopular for them to stand back and watch you get repossessed by the bank!
  2. And where the f*ck was our referendum on that?!
  3. I had a play with it a few months ago out of curiosity. Got as far as downloading the software, setting up an encrypted wallet - then it told me i'd have to wait a few days while it downloaded the complete keychain(?) to date - a few Gb of stuff at not great speeds. That killed it for me - there any solution for that on the cards?
  4. A third of 67,000 jobs filled by romanians/bulgarians. So, this would be a story if there were 22k jobs waiting to be filled, which for some reason no one else was looking at before these romanian/bulgarians decided to take them?
  5. Managed to get £15 on cyprus first to leave the euro at 14/1 - wish i'd been less lazy about it yesterday! Betting closed now.
  6. If they did try and hand it back, it wouldn't be $140b. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-07/einhorn-will-not-take-it-anymore-demands-aapl-buy-his-stock-higher-prices If i understood the articles right, they take profits before they've paid tax, and dump it into the stock market. To pay it out to shareholders they'd have to sell off whatever they put it into, pay tax on the profits, and *then* send out the dividend - will be interesting when it happens but doubt any time soon!
  7. "It also said the depositor protection rules did not mean a country itself had to fund the deposit guarantee scheme. " http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9831785/Iceland-wins-Icesave-case-at-European-court.html
  8. I thought it was a bit of a sensational headline - further down in the article: "Britain has a higher state debt than the eurozone average" Which is a bit different..
  9. I don't think she should get child benefit. I'd be happier if they stopped all the circle-jerkery of tax credits and benefits, payed out a lower living wage and taxed people a lot bloody less.
  10. Random question - how many people actually use all the 'cheap' advance fares? I never know in advance to the nearest hour when i'll be going somewhere, and especially when i'll be coming back. Which usually means i'll be getting the standard off peak return if i'm lucky, and they're sure as hell not cheap.
  11. I'm not bloody struggling to get a mortgage. I've looked at what i've got in the bank, the mortgage i could get, and the sort of flat it could get me, and have decided to wait and save more.
  12. Can i? I can put more money into the pension at any point if i want to make up a deficit or increase payments. I can't take anything out of it for another 20 years yet if i find out i've paid more than i can afford (suddenly lose job, decide to stop working or something).
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