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  1. I grew up in Bickley, I think it's fine I have to agree with flying pig tho' ...spot on with his summary
  2. Hi Guys, not posted for ages, But I have seen a house I really like and the EA has indicated the vendors bottom price its a reasonable price but I'd like to get it at a lower to price in more falls, During the boom years sellers where quite happy to play buyers off each other ("we've had an offer of xxx already....") what do people think of playing sellers ie put offers on two house and see who jumps first anyone see any problems pitfalls or other issues with this (apart from the moral one, but who cares. boot is on the other foot now)
  3. The Tale of Ginger and Pickles by Beatrix Potter
  4. I kinda expect a bounce this time of year so I'm not worried about where we are heading generally fo rthe next year or so. But I put this months figures in to my excell sheet and noticed how much the previous monthly figures change The NSA figures are the same but the SA figures move up and down all the time eg Mar 09 report says Mar 08 -1.3 Feb 09 report says Mar 08 -0.9 Jan 09 report says Mar 08 -1.2
  5. most of these 'sports' shops are rubbish any way. most sell cheap chav fashion as opposed to sportswear Ms Kam tried to buy a sports bra and all the assistant couold show us was some chavtasic pseudo-aerobic crop tops not very supportive at all. Tried to buy her some new trainers for running and nobody had a clue.
  6. check the height, speed bumps are illegal if over 100mm, Our council is replacing all bumps as and when they can.
  7. That leaves you with very little room if your circumstances change quickly. I'd say your max monthly payments should be no more that half your take home pay and at 30k thats a mortgage payment of £900. Remember you still need to pay council tax, bills, pension.... if interest rates go to 6.5% a £900 mortgage payment equates to 130k , just over 4 times you income your pretty much in the same situation as I am however I would not be so keen to stretch any more than that. that would allow me to save for rainy days, have a holiday and plan for the unexpected...you never know when the boiler might break or any other major cost. sounds to me like your still in the reckless mindset that got us into this mess in the first place!
  8. With no Council.... who will repair the roads Who will educate most of the population who will ensure the kebab you bought won't kill you or builder repairing the roof of your grandmother isn't ripping her off who will provide food the eldery that can't get out to shop who will light your streets at night I could go on http://www.lga.gov.uk/lga/core/page.do?pageId=13947 I think most of you think that most council ppl are a waste of space (even I'll admit there are a few) but the world you live is greatly shaped by your local council more than you think (or willing to accept) take your average high street / shopping centre do you think that shops just decide to open up because its a nice place. No, councils decide that perhaps there are not enough shops to cater for A/B type people and will plan for the provision of facilities to attract that type of shop (ie John Lewis) What might appear to be a commercial decision to you has subtly been planned and arranged to allow it to happen. EDITED ps I'm writing this on my lunch break before you start complaining
  9. I'm looking in the OP's area and there are a lot of SSTC but as my mortgage advisor said on saturday their are few people getting mortgages due to small or no deposits, I think people trading up are having trouble also, if they have little equity in the house they are selling. I saw a house 300m from the OP's house's went under offer within 1 day of coming on the market. Price was V.good for area. But..... it does seem that people are making offers without the finances in place to do so. After years of easy credit I would think most ppl still assume they can carry on as normal. I'm just gonna sit a watch on the side lines while chains collapse and sellers get more desperate for quick sales. roll on spring bounce. Sales Volumes might help give this crash its second wind.
  10. I saw it too, Then switched over to the News at 10 to see how much Obama is spending on tax cuts and building projects etc. if some of that cash was invested in ITER then we could see near unlimited energy within a decade and end our dependency on fossil fuels but then I thought just what would we do with all that energy,
  11. I'm also an FTB in the same postion, I'm starting to view house with the intention to buy if the price is right and I can price another years worth of falls with a cheeky offer, But being an FTB I have no experience of tips and trick in the entire process of buying Sure I read the usual guides to buying, but I would really like a HPC guide to the process could we have on compiled on the forum and placed in the Wiki
  12. notice how the graph scales have changed recently, the old scale looks more dramatic
  13. So maggie introduced 'Right to Buy' Gordon has introduced 'Right to Buy back'
  14. most planning officers at my council are on short term contracts, they will not be sacked. Their contracts will not be renewed. all job posts are to be reviewed by councillors before going out to advert, job numbers are to be reduced naturally over time as people leave / retire. there are large numbers of people due to retire over next few years within the council. there is also single status coming in to effect, regrading pay structures, for most jobs it looks likely for pay to go down
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