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  1. Where it states 'recession' swap 'rec' for 'depr' for a more realistic headline!
  2. Popped in to th Co Op near my sisters house in Bexley this morning and they had the big tubs of Christmas mince pie filling on the shelves! Thought it was a bit odd but I guess all the retailers are desperate to get a slice of the action while folks still have some money in their pockets!
  3. It's not really going to work is it!
  4. Light blue touch paper and stand clear!
  5. Having mis-spent much of my youth in The Swan in Stockwell many moons ago, I ventured back there for a few drinks with work colleagues after a Twenty20 game at the Oval on a Friday... boy was I disappointed! Times change I guess! It was never a great place but in my mind the years have been particularly unkind to the establishment and the environment!
  6. It may be because I've had the day off and I spent the late afternoon in the pub but this really did make me Laugh Out Loud!
  7. Anyone care to remind me what time the results are announced? IIRC it's an early morning announcement... or am I wrong? Thanks in advance. Rob
  8. Radoc I, along with the vast majority of others on this site, really think that you are either underestimating the current situation or that you are trolling for a reaction. My only post here will be to point you in the direction of a recent report on house price crashes linked from the homepage of this site. http://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/Invest...n-shares-up.jsp There are many other stories available but I will leave you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. R
  9. The eternal question is therefore, 'how do you protect your STR / savings fund?'
  10. Agreed! It's nice to see some 'mainstream' economists moving in the direction of the predictions by 'financial planner' / Jonathan Davis etc... However, I was going to make a viewing on a particular property with a view to, if it all looked sound, putting in a 25 - 30% below asking price offer on it but all this bear food is kind of making me think twice! All I can hear in my head is 'look at what happened in Japan!'. Surely it's not going to get that bad? (that's a rhetorical question!) I guess nobody ever said calling the bottom of any market was easy! R
  11. Probably fancied a holiday and thought nobody would notice! Although they could also have declared themselves bankrupt, cleared all their debts and started up again...
  12. BBC news is suggesting a hostage taken some time ago in Iraq has committed suicide... He was known only as Jason.
  13. Have a little listen to the 'UK Property Podcast' MP3 that has appeared on this site's homepage (left hand side - little green bar). Very interesting bearish discussion. Not sure when it first appeared but I'm pretty certain it is recent. Have a listen and I will check back in an hour to see how you feel...
  14. I'd suggest that is probably because, IMHO, they tend to over value properties by the largest margins.
  15. Dowidzenia! (left out 'pet' as I don't think it'll translate very well! But you could add 'kolego' which means friend)
  16. Nice attempt at Polish! However the only one I recognise is Zywiec!
  17. Thanks for that Dubai. Plenty of interesting stuff to read on that site!
  18. I recall reading on moneysavingexpert.com that the kaupthing edge account is covered by the £35k 'guarantee' but the Icelandic connection was enough to put me off... Do check this out for yourself though!
  19. I believe that Northern Rock's E-saver account is the safest place for n STR fund at the moment. Up to £250k deposit. As safe as government bonds... if that is of any reassurance....
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