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  1. Chaps.. the number of reduced prices is now only 120k, down from 240k only 2 months ago. Is there something that we don't know here?
  2. Let's hope this is just a false alarm. I'm hoping for at least a 30% drop before considering to enter the market.
  3. The latest propertysnake update is 148k reduced prices. So we have gone from 240k to 148k within a month or so. Now I am very very worried....
  4. I think GBrown is way smarter than the HPCers on this site treat him. A falling pound, 0% IR, there we go.. house prices falls will flatten out. With a rubbish pound, house prices in UK now don't look too expensive compared to France or Germany. If GB rides this one out, he must be a very brilliant guy.
  5. Let's hope you are right, but with very low interest rates now and a devalued pound, it seems to me that the government may have been planning this to avoid/slow down the HPC.
  6. working in science field for global electronics company. hiring freeze to-date, no redundancies announced. as for pay rises, will found out in jan 09
  7. Hi, I constantly monitor propertysnake price movements. However, there has been a massive drop in the number of reduced prices. It went up to 240k reduced prices, but this has dropped to only 166k recently. This is worrying me, does that mean that HPC is slowing down. Any comments?
  8. Looks like the best ISA deal in town. Transfer in your existing ISA and you get a 2% bonus for 12 months, giivng 6.67% - 7.32%. There are not catches either. http://www.natwest.com/personal/savings/g2...r#tabs=section1
  9. markets is going to shoot up tomorrow. spreads are already pricing in a 100pts+ rise for ftse by midday tomorrow. looks like they are welcoming this news.
  10. hooray... were at double digits YoY.
  11. Wei


    I'm a tenant with ScottFraser and I got my rent increased by 2% this yaer for a 1bed flat in City Centre, they wanted a 5% increase at first. House price and rentals are crazy in Oxford. Can't wait for HPC to swamp this place.
  12. Hi, I live and work in Oxford. It's a very expensive town to live in and ridiculous rents. 715pounds for a place in Barton sounds about right. I doubt you can get it reduced to 650, maybe 700. The 175pounds agency fees sounds reasonable actually, I usually have to pay 250pounds for agency fees.
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