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  1. Was there no offer of protection from the police or victim support? I can understand your friend`s fear of repercussions, but the authorities should have really banged her attacker up. Yes, society seems to be breaking down - we have become very materialistic and we are all being pushed way too hard in a 24/7 on-demand culture. It is a very sorry state of affairs, I just hope your friend can somehow get over what must have been a very traumatic experience. Best Wishes
  2. This society has seen an increase in violence. Perhaps I put my point over in a facile manner. Your friend - and I`m truly sorry to hear that - was slashed and her attacker said sorry and got a caution (which is utterly ridiculous and makes a mockery of the law). There seems to be an old-fashioned `boys will be boys` attitude to common assault with regards to teenagers and the perception may be that the police wil not do anything if someone is attacked, so `I`ve got to carry a knife / gun etc` because I cannot rely on the law. I`ve been on the odd night out and I saw one group of `guys` stamping on someone`s head. A police van was nearby but did they get out? No, of course not - it was `too dangerous`. That person could have died, and it was only the intervention of others that broke up the fight. That just sends out the message that the police won`t act in even the most extreme of cases. If you owe money for a parking ticket or fine however.... Assault (common or otherwise) should be investigated with a uniform approach and not be down to the police`s discretion (I know the CPS decide what to do, but the police are the first port of call for resolving / escalating a crime). Knives, guns and broken beer glasses can kill. I am flabbergasted that your friend`s assailant got off with only a caution. Under current law he could have been looking at attempted murder, or at least a few years inside. Where was this?
  3. A glass can inflict the most horrific injuries and it`s often used to slice up some poor bugger`s face. IMO the beer glass is a potential offensive weapon and should be treated as such. I`ve seen a few people glassed - it`s really, really horrible. Giventhe propensity for getting pi$$ed up over the weekend, there should be some serious limits placed on the availability of alcohol. TBH, I always found people that light up a spliff tend to be a lot more chilled out than pi$$ed-up people.
  4. Fair enough - at least you`ve had the sense to get out of the filth mate You should come to Portsmouth - loads of glassings down here. Why the hell don`t they replace glass with plastic? I suppose CAMRA will start whining about it changing the `taste` of the beer!!!
  5. Regarding the `ho in the advert - she looks like a much younger version of Sarah Beeney perhaps. Any relation? Bet she`s giving BJs for the price of a bag of chips! (yum!)
  6. Hmmm... you might be facing a lot of legal bills if they get stung! `Where there blame there`s a claim`
  7. Knife culture is hyped up by the fear machine called the media What about beer glasses in face???
  8. The police are a joke - end of story. They only `solve` crimes when it looks good for their statistics. They are a bunch of fecking c8nts and I would not pi$$ on one of them if they were on fire (they`d probably arrest me for common assault and indecency!)
  9. An email I sent to Bradford and Bingley: .............................................................. Hi I represent a fast food outlet. As the property market has gone south and the BTL `nice little earners` are no longer viable how about serving up some BLT burgers instead? We are now recruiting and soon-to-be-unemployed mortgage brokers are invited to apply. Please email me with a copy of your cv attached. Best Regards ...............................................................
  10. Become time-rich and cahs-poor as an alternative. 1. Lose your job (make sure it`s not your `fault` as you might not get benefit for eight weeks). 2. Get the govt. to pay for all your living costs. 3. Buy a camper van and travel abroad knowing that you`ve got a steady income and plenty of time on your hands
  11. Hmmm....I don`t meet many people that I wouldn`t invite into my living room. I don`t see the point of meeting people much - way too depressing.
  12. This outrageous, unbelievable and unacceptable! :angry: Just how in hell can these TV stations keep on recycling the same old stale crap? Are they really so confident of their abilities to brainwash people into believing that all is well in Teletubby-property-land?? Gawd!!!
  13. I still fail to see the social and economic benefits of going to a pub as opposed to brewing your own beer and drinking it at home (or making your own spirits with a still if you don`t drink beer). (Sorry wine drinkers, you`re too bourgeois to be included here!)
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