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  1. Yes, I applied for a mortgage and was accepted (I did not have a mortgage in existence at the time). After all had been arranged with the bank (but before I had completed) I asked if I could move onto the new deal. I was quite surprised when they said yes. Now I have completed and bought the house I'm not sure what they would say.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'm just applying for a mortgage and this prompted me to double check my bank's rates. I found that they have just reduced their rates. I've got onto the new reduced rate. Westbury.
  3. Hi Simon, Just to echo Popgun's comments. Congratulations etc. Glad it’s working out for you. We are still in rented. I hope to get out this year. I’m noticing more houses coming onto Rightmove over the last couple of weeks. Now just need the prices to drop. If they don't I'll have to bite the bullet and purchase. But I'm feeling a bit more optimistic (but only a bit!) but I shall still wait and see what the next 3 to 4 months bring. Westbury
  4. Hi Simon, I was thinking of switching the light off on this thread as everyone else on it seems to have bought now. Was thinking of reporting you all the HPC disciplinary committee. Seriously, good news that the purchase went ok and good to hear that you are both settling in. I'm trying to keep the HPC faith but it’s getting a bit tedious at the moment as I'm getting impatient. Will probably capitulate nearer the end of the year as the rent versus mortgage will be a similar cost (I'm looking at a 5 year mortgage). All the best for the future. (I'm assuming that you won't be around this site much more?) Westbury.
  5. Hope you have better luck with this one Simon. Fingers crossed. Westbury.
  6. Hi Simon, What a bummer - sounds like you got attached to this one. Sorry to hear thebad news. I'll bet you'll be keeping a eye on it when the for sale board goes up to see if the "quick sale" materialises. I'm now clinging to the believe that the HPC bear is now coming out of hibernation, stretching itself, sharpening its claws and teath and will soon set off on a trail of destruction. Westbury
  7. Good luck jghull. I think I'm going to get lonely on this thread. Westbury.
  8. Hi Simon, That sounds great - Fingers crossed for you both and lets hope it goes through ok. Don't think its my imagination, but there seems to be an increase of "for sale" boards going up in West Hull? One or two are popping up in my area but still out of my price range at the moment. Best of luck, your enterprise deserves to be rewarded. Westbury. PS. Thinking about it 4 out of 50 is a higher rate of interest rate than I would expected. Prices may start moving in the right direstion for a change if the volume keep going up. And hopefully your contribution will add to the statistics.
  9. Wecome JG. Not looking, though watching the market and waiting. I'm getting a bit worried that everyone else on this thread has now bought! Plenty coming onto the market here - with very little getting a sold sign. Unfortunately, not much happening in the area I'm looking at. I'll hang on for a few months more yet - If no change to the market over that period I'll give in........ Westbury
  10. +1. Though sorry to hear that its gone under offer. Suspect that the EA used your offer to pressure these buyers? Unfortunately, it can all get a bit depressing. Hence, I'm still not venturing out to see any EAs at the moment. My HPC confidence level seems to be going up on one day's news and then down on the next day's news. On my way to work I've just noticed that a bungalow that has been on the market for ages has now got a sold sign on it. I will wait to see how long it stays like that. Still the SOLD signs are pretty rare. Would like to see more properties coming onto the market. A bit more of a choice would be in our favour. Westbury.
  11. Hi Simon/PopGun, Thought there must be more than two of us in this area with an interest in a HPC. I'm waiting a few more months yet. But it's all up to your own personal circumstances. That dream home may be just around the corner. I think if the prices fall to PopGuns estimate (which I'm in agreement with) of around 140K I will buy. Unless I can persuade my wife that prices will fall further - but I think I'll be pushing my luck. So I'm looking for 20% falls which may take more than a few months! Another Ferriby property has come on to the market (Bungalow 175K) and the overpriced 3bed semi has been reduced, still way overpriced for a 3 bed semi though imo. Could do with a few more coming up for sale in NF just to bring a bit more competition to the market. Don't think anything has sold at the moment which is also a positive note. Simon have you got time for HPC now with all your TV appearances? Westbury
  12. Hi Simon, Hopefully this correction will start moving in the next few months. I still think the election will be the main trigger. My bearish tendencies seem to be emerging early from hibernation after the battering they have had over the last few months. I think that the unemployment figures for Hull were a bit disappointing? ie Down. This must have an effect at somepoint. Reading other threads in the main forum there seems to be some talk of properties coming onto the market. Add the news that Skipton is upping its SVR and its start to look a bit more optimistic for the bears. Though I can see reasons why the Skipton hike will be a one off and other banks/BS won't follow but it may be a wake up call. I have just got a Rightmove update about another ex council house in NF. Priced at about peak rate though. 160K. Going to NF on Saturday may have a drive past to gets its number and look up its price/selling history. Anything caught your eye in the new properties you've seen coming onto Rightmove? Or are they out of your area or not meeting your requirements. Apologies for being a bit slow on replying I've been laid low with a cold for the last few days. Westbury
  13. Simon, Correct again! It is interesting about the couple emigrating because that Ferriby house (with the small garden) was also being sold by people emigrating and it was down to wire with respect to their departing the country date. Perhaps there are a lot of people leaving the country. The two other ex council houses we looked at. One was the selling the parents old house and the other was a couple divorcing and selling up. You have my complete sympathy with your situation. I'm fairly laid back on most issues but over the past four years the politicians have, in my opinion, run this country to the brink of disaster all for the sake of their jobs. (And have done so with their noses in the trough) Find it very difficult to watch any politician on the box without wanting to shout at the telly these days. I thought you were supposed to calm down in old age! Unfortunately, this has hit people like you. Ok, there is not a god given right to own a home, but it should be attainable for people who want it without sacrificing their financial and social future to obtain it. God help the generation coming up behind you. I look at my parents generation with a little envy, which is strange, as I'm sure I should be looking at the next generation with envy. I can feel the ethos of the HPC site surging through my veins now. Even when lurking you can get infected.
  14. Simon, Glad your not looking at Ferriby - we would be competing on the same type of house by the sound of it. 3 bed semi with a decent garden. I think prices will drop below the £170K mark in Ferriby for a 3 bed semi. I have not recently viewed or put an offer in on a property for a couple of years now. I think that was for £150K for a 3 bed semi - But it had a small garden. EA was pushing for me to up the offer slightly to get the property. But due to the fact that we were unsure if we really wanted the property and we were just about to move out of the current rental property, aided by some stubbornness on my behalf when pushed by the EA. We did not go ahead. A few months before that I had put in an offer on one of the ex council houses in Ferriby (£140K) Sold for around £160K I think). I was thinking that this was getting ridiculous then. Unfortunately it has got no better since and I get the impression there is a deperate push to get the maximum price from property at the moment. Though thinking about it the, some of the ex council houses on the edge of the village were dropping in price towards the end of last year. And no need to tell me about Brough - Guess were I am renting! Are the houses you put the offers on still on the market? Did you get any indication why they wanted to sell? PS. Talking to the wife I'm pretty sure we have met once. Have you a younger brother (who also went to S Hunsley) and your mum has still got her sports car. My wife noticed it was still there when she posted her Christmas card. Hope I don't have to dig out the embarrassed smiley icon.
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