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  1. We made an offer on Tuesday anyway. It's quite funny though that you offer someone £170,000.00 and they don't get back to you to acknowledge it. Obviously they aren't in any hurry to sell. I can wait longer than they can though
  2. I think after listening to the Nolan show this morning the fear is setting in. Might be time to go into hibernation again until things seriously cool down!
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/b01ly8nq 34:15 for discussion
  4. Hey Doccyboy, yes I certainly did benefit from the advice of the regulars on this forum and I think it's a good place to start when you're thinking about buying a house. Doing your research before you jump in is so important and I'm so thankful I discovered this website where the complicated business of the economy and its impact on house prices are broken down into laymen's terms to help Joe Soap make an informed decision before diving in! The house is being built at the moment and all we'll need to move in are blinds and carpet and then our own furniture. Good point about an independent surveyor, AusDave, but out of interest? How much is this likely to set us back? And thanks for that breakdown Vespasian, that really puts it into context and shows just how damn lucky we were first time around. I feel like we had a narrow escape last time and certainly don't want to put ourselves in that position again. I'm in the middle of doing some research on propertynews/propertypal at the moment, looking at houses within the area and trying to get an average like you suggested DoccyBoy. We were thinking of £175k ourselves which is about 2.7 times our joint income. I certainly will not be paying anything above this. I'm pretty rubbish at negotiating and was looking for your advice as to whether we should put our cards on the table from the outset and state bluntly what our maximum offer is or is it worth going in lower and negotiating up to this amount?
  5. Hello there, I'm a FTB and have been lurking around this forum for a good few years now and thanks to some sheer good luck and sound advice from this forum, myself and my fiancé managed to escape substantial negative equity. The house we tried to buy was sale agreed at £185,000 in 2008 and a neighbouring house has just sold recently for £95,000. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved we are. Co-ownership funding was pulled and we were within days (literally) of signing the contract. At the time, I was devastated and still wanted to buy, but thankfully I found this forum and realised that I had been totally suckered by the attitude of 'if you don't buy now, you'll never be able to get a house'. So we touched lucky and got £1000 quid back that we'd paid in co-ownership fees and mortgage arrangement fees etc. and took ourselves off travelling for a couple of months and had the time of our lives! We settled for renting when we got back and are still here. We've worked out that we've spent over £30,000 on rent thus far, but saved ourselves 60k in negative equity. So first off...thank you HPCers. So I am in no doubt that we haven't reached the bottom yet. There are still far too many delusional developers/EAs/sellers out there. I'm fairly happy to wait until next year to see what happens but my OH is eager to get moving. We have seen a new build that we both really like but it is ridiculously priced. It started off at £245 a few years ago, and has since dropped to 200k. I'm wondering...without the use of RV/CV, how can you assess the value of a new build?
  6. how can i find out what a house was worth in 2004? my brother is looking to buy a house and i want to know what it would have cost in 2004, i'm trying to convince him he's paying too much! it's a 4 bed semi-detached
  7. miffy


    will i think i've got myself sorted for somewhere to rent, but i agree with you nozzadabest, 600 gets u nothing for your money. wallpaper on the ceiling lmao finally got somewhere by taking out a longer lease and negotiated a reduced price with a private letting landlord. still more than i'd like to be paying though! needs must
  8. yeah well i too am living at home for the minute. my partner and i tried to buy a house back in feb and luckily it fell through cos of the whole co-ownership thing. but it really opened my eyes. i got my fingers burnt a little so i've learned my lesson. going to have some fun first so we're off to australia next summer for two months and we're saving for that. then we're going to save for a year for 10-15% deposit, assuming that house prices fall to 100k or below. that's the plan anyway.
  9. tis indeed scandalous, i agree. but unfortunately my other half is getting impatient. since moving back home to belfast he's back with his parents at the grand old age of 26 but unfortunately his house is becoming cramped with a 10year old brother and a niece/nephew on the way. can't blame him really! so desperation is setting in. we've upped our budget 4 times now. naively we thought we could get a 'nice' 2 bedroom apt for 500, then we upped to 550, then 575, then 600 n now 630. where do ya draw the line? the only thing we have in our favour is that we wouldn't mind an 18months or 2 year lease if that would reduce the rent. but seemingly landlords are greedy folk n all have refused any lesser offers we've made to-date. obviously i'm glad we didn't buy back in april as we had initially intended but we can't friggin rent now either!
  10. well miffy is still looking for a 2 bedroom rabbit hutch n no success to-date. my boyf keeps telling me to lower my standards but there's no chance. if we're shelling out 600 odd quid a month it had better be 'decent' at the very least. a few rental properties been on the market for over a month or 2 n the landlords haven't been willing to accept 50 quid less AND a 2 year lease. i find it all very very melting!
  11. hilarious update had an appt to view a new build apartment tomorrow morning but EA rang to say that although the developer has rented out all the other apartments in the block (6 in total) he's going to keep the last 2 and try to sell them instead of renting. current asking price £230,000! he obviously has a few bob that he can afford to let those 2 apts sit dormant for the next year or 2! that is of course unless he decides to radically reduce his asking price. WTF! disappointed tho...i thought this apartment was THE ONE!
  12. i live in south west belfast at the mo, but admittedly i have the west mentality...i don't want to move too far from the ghetto! north and east are completely ruled out because it would take too long to commute to work. youngFTB i appreciate that shared accommodation is a very sensible idea but it's me and the boyf n we need our own space. so frustrating... can't buy or rent cos of ridiculous prices! the landlord wins every time! tuh!
  13. maybe it's because i'm looking at flats/apartments but there is nothing even remotely acceptable for 600 a month.
  14. buongiorno the omnipotent presence of miffy is posting for some more drops of wisdom from you wise old sages. you told miffy not to buy back in april n miffy is extremely grateful that she does not now find herself in 40k of debt. enough talking about myself in the third person.... ok so i've been reading some of your predictions on how the crash will affect the rental market. naturally, and like many, now that i cant buy i HAVE to rent. so some of u have suggested that although rental prices are rising they will eventually flatten out due to oversupply, is that correct? i've been getting a real sense of deja-vu this last 2 months-everytime i ring up about a rental property it's magically gone on the first day it was advertised! so what should the young, naive and clueless miffy do...? should i ride this one out and wait til later in the year or pay the currently overinflated price that the b*t*rds are demanding? it really is a fat cat's world these days... oh wise ones, counsel me well!
  15. hi ppl, me again. so you lot have convinced me to hold off from buying for at least a year. i've managed to get my mortgage arrangement fee refunded and the co-ownership fee (so all i've lost is my valuation fee which was £170, which in the grand scheme of things is bearable!). so i'm currently looking at renting instead and saving like a mad woman. thing i wanted to ask is... do you think it is acceptable/advisable to try and negotiate rent? seemingly because no-one is buying the cost of renting has now risen and quite dramatically too. i can't seem to find a decent 2 bedroom apartment at £600. the ones i'm after have shot up to £675/700 and a friend of mine is renting one at £575! do you think given that there is a high demand for rent that i am brass-necked to try and negotiate? subby i see you are looking at renting at the mo too, have you found the same?
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