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  1. yanks alraedy blowing this one son
  2. hola just read daily mail article on their property page "a new dawn for america's sunshine state"which mentioned winkworths international, who say now is time to invest in florida. According to the article £15grand gets a two bed condo in orlando area. (Villas del Sol). rental of £525 pcm. i phoned winkworths who said that there were lots of foreclosures at those prices and the rental on a long term basis would be $500 per month. it sounds too good to be true. does anyone know about the florida market. i mean at those rates 30 g gets you 2 condos and a grand a month.....easy street or waste of money that no one will rent?? any views
  3. thanks for the opinions. ecuador looks great but i suppose everything comes with a risk. Besides, the way the pound is plummeting that cheap house in dollars may not end up being that cheap after all. but a beach hut on the Hull riveria will still be a hundred grand!!
  4. hola been reading about this fertle valley in ecuador, house with bit of land can still be picked up for 20k. seems like a lot of US retirees have bought there as well as alternative types. any views on whether a good investment, especially if shit hits the fan with world economy. you can grow veg all year as climate near perfect. also locals rumoured to live to 100 plus if any of you could cope with that many years on the planet.
  5. dont know about portals but whats good about cape verde why are you headed there? how is property investment there in these turbulent times. which island are you off to?
  6. stupid question you might say. but i am in an area that i would like to ask forum members their advice on. it is orgiva in alpujarra mountains near granada. i know that there is a massive oversupply on coast and prices everywhere are dropping. this town is very popular with artists hippies alternative types etc. it has seen a MASSIVE price increase over last years. i think you could buy a cortijo here for a few grand not so many years ago. a bloke wrote driving over lemons and area became very popular. cortijos of an okay size with a bit of land are currently priced at 250 grand euros to about 500 plus. i have been here for a year or so renting but the rental options are not so good, there arent enough long term decent lets. (there just are not enough cortijo/country houses. most people like to rent them as holiday lets not long term) i would like to buy but i want it to be the right time. There are only a limited number of cortijos within the area(town houses are cheap i dont want one) I have heard that owners are obviously taking much reduced offers. one estate agent in town who just closed up due to no sales told me people have even accepted half price. But mostly i think owners are not dropping prices much. so if i offered someone half price or got a 30 -40 % reduction would that not counteract any drops that might happen in the future. basically i suppose i am asking how much percentage reduction would be needed to get a good true value purchase in this particular quirky market bearing in mind the lack of cortijos avaliable? any views appreciated.
  7. i am not in britain anymore thank jah rastafari. i live in a traveller valley in spain, but global economics mean spain aint too cheap either. i am not looking for an investment per se, more a better way of life than a slave in 'the control zone' (UK). i havent been to guatemala but i bet there are many more favourable facets as well as negatives than britain. if i can live in a better country than the one i was reared in, then great. if not back to parking tickets, fear, morgages, 9-5 and more crap i dont need or want to buy. viva guatemala (dont know about the health care but we all gotta go sometime)
  8. lake atitlan guatemala, cheap houses, low cost living, mountain climate, no tropical diseases,nuff expats, good investement, what do you reckon?? sounds better than morroco to me!
  9. Merida in mexico's yucatan seems to have a mini boom, expats from US and canada doing up old colonial properties. still can get one for 20 -40 grand. sounds better than old blighty. any views as a good bet?
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