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  1. The problem is that these f***g LLs are trying to control every aspect of you life. And most tenants are so threatened that they submit to most stupid demands of LLs. Tenants must always fight back, legally obviously. For example, in many cases LLs demand money for defleaing. Tenants however must insist on case going to court. Then LLs will need to pay for expert opinion and collection of evidences that there are fleas in the house caused by pets. I am reading messages from tenants on this forum for last two years, And I am surprised how timid most of them are. Not tenants must be afraid of LLs but LLs of tenants! LLs are just parasites and we must treat them as parasites.
  2. Hello, the following question is to legalities gurus What is exact legal meaning of "no pets allowed" in a renting contract? Does not mean "no resident pets"? If a cat or a dog comes with friends/relatives and stays overnight (or a couple of nights per months) in the property can landlord raise issues (legally!) ? I understand "residency" means at least over 50% of time spending in the property. So a pet will be considered "living" in the propery if it spends there 17 or more days per months. Is anyone aware of related legal precedents? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-193...=1&tr_t=buy 8th Feb 2008 ---> £139,950 25th Apr 2008 --> Offers in Excess of £125,000 14th May 2008 --> Offers in Excess of £100,000 10th June 2008 --> £89,950
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