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  1. What's so wrong about having targets for getting rid of people that shouldn't be here? The target should to be deport 100% of all illegals. Whether or not the Windrush people are illegal is a separate matter. If tptb say that they are illegal, then they go. If tptb say that they're legal, then they can stay.
  2. Renters with private landlord have no local vested interest given they have 2 months notice to move to who nows where That's the current situation of my youngest and his family. They thought that they'd found an ideal rental. Not a btl, the owners had lived there for 15 years but needed to leave the area. 3 months in, the owners daughter splits with her bf and needs a place to live. My son got 2 months notice. Less than than 2 weeks of it left and they still haven't found anywhere that lets their children go to the same school. I think that they'd rather be paying an extra £300 a month on an IO mortgage than be in the situation they're in now. An IO mortgage might be renting from the bank but the bank doesn't tell you to leave if you keep paying them.
  3. I haven't had a tv for over 20 years. I always knew that it was a passing fad. There is so much free educational material available now that there aren't enough hours in the day if you have a thirst for knowledge.
  4. Not these days. Those sort of men are virtually powerless against young teens. 'Leave me alone or I'm going to say you touched me.' How's a guy going to deal with that? The usual answer is to move.
  5. Some of the comments in that article talk about the automatic trading programs going into a loss making loop. Reminds me of Betfair in it's early days. The wide boys found lots of ways to exploit Betfairs code and the poorly written bots that some traders used. If there is an exploitable flaw in trading software, it will be exploited.
  6. As you will have an allotment, your wife will not be available to other allotment gardeners. That could be considered a silver lining. Also, she will be less likely to have a headache at bedtime.
  7. Now I'm wondering how many of my past memories are wrong.
  8. I can remember the initial tv ad campaign for Toys R Us. They were on some pc kick and wanted to show just how righteous they were. The ad I remember had an Action Man and a toy tank vainly trying to get into the store. Because they don't sell non pc toys. Wasn't long before the till beat ideology and they sold whatever toys people wanted to buy.
  9. If you don't earn the minimum wage (or more) in your first few hours of fruit picking, you are fired. There was never a shortage of fruit pickers before the minimum wage came in. Giving employers the duty to pay a minimum wage has removed peoples right to accept a lower wage than others might earn.
  10. A lot of people are mad as hell and sick of the status quo. They've voted for whoever is closest to being a real life Howard Beale. (Network 1976). Corbyn in the UK, Trump in the US.
  11. According to the Kondratiev Wave theory, prosperity comes from the ashes of capitalisms collapse.
  12. fwir, getting a degree in the classics gives a student a better understanding of economics than they'd get from an economics degree. Rise and fall of empires etc.
  13. Painting in question: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42000696 Mona Lisa + nude Mona Lisa: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41436057 Boobs and facial hair aside, it looks like the same model.
  14. Not just boomers but old people in general, it's always been like that. It starts with them owning a house and it ends up with the house owning them.
  15. You have a 3 bed semi and one child. Why do you feel the need for a larger house?
  16. Before anyone had even heard of Uber, just about all taxi drivers were self employed. As close to 100% as makes no difference. It's still that way and it should stay that way because it works out better for both the drivers and the passengers. A noticeable amount of drivers asleep in their cars waiting for work is symptom of a poor economy, not a broken transport system. Passenger safety concerns are down to background checks. If it's true that councils issue badges to immigrants because 'no history = good history' then that is worrying. Maybe a minimum period of residence before any background check can be passed? Where other taxi firms have a genuine complaint imo is that Uber drivers aren't paying what they should be paying. Only working a few hours each weekend cannot pay if you play by the same rules as regular PH drivers.
  17. How come an extra 60,000 black cabs would block up traffic but an extra 60,000 PH cars would not? If there isn't enough work out there, many drivers go home, it finds its own level.
  18. That's how it works round here, the payment is known as 'settle'. It's a good system. It allows the more efficient firms to grow faster. A few companies have tried paying hourly rates to private hire drivers. Doesn't work unless it's a small town with no competition as fares are lower with self employed drivers. There is a large black cab firm here that works on a %. They provide the cab and fuel in return for half of the meter take. To get in, a driver starts with the shifts nobody else wants, eg. covering the day/night off for regular drivers. Shifts that provide little income. It can take years to become a regular driver. That's no help to a guy that has just been laid off and has bills to pay. If they can scrape together the cost of the medical and the private hire badge, all they need is one weeks settle to start work in a company car. Firms like Delta understand that the real money is in the settle collected from owner drivers. The company cars are there to get new drivers onto the circuit and also serve as a backup to keep owner drivers on the road. My start with Delta was delayed by a week as an owner driver had his gearbox die. They gave him the company car I was going to get while his car was repaired. imo, the average income of private hire drivers is a true reflection of the economy. Unlike black cabs, there is no maximum to the number of PH vehicle plates or PH driver badges issued so the market finds its own level. 25 to 30 years ago, after paying fuel and settle, it was possible to clear £300 a week with a short collar night car. (7pm to 7am.) I rarely had the energy to do that for more than 2 weeks at a time but the cash was there if you put the work in. I mention this to PH drivers now and they can't believe it.
  19. I screwed up a few months ago and didn't have enough in my account to cover a dd to my isp. My fault, not blaming anybody. Called the isp and made the payment. A few months later, I got a letter from my cc company, telling me that they had reduced my credit limit. I had no intention of using that much credit anyway so nbd. Either my bank or my isp snitched. Maybe both.
  20. John51

    Proper hpc?

    wsn03, how much would a future house price fluctuation after buying on the Island effect your standard of living? There could be hpi, unlikely, but if it happens, would you sell the apartment to cash in? If prices become static, no never mind. If prices drop like a stone after you've bought, is it just the thought of 'Should have waited' that hurts? With you wanting a bolt hole there, I'd guess it's a forever purchase. If you can afford a place that you want to end your days living in, then spend your money on getting what you want, when you want it. That way, future price changes are irrelevant to you.
  21. Back when I was selling insurance/pensions, I used pints of lager as a unit of currency. I know that the price includes a lot of tax, but that tax is set to what brings the most revenue to the state. So a pretty good indicator of what most people can afford to pay for a pint imo. Made for an easier sale too. You invest 20 pints of lager a month into these funds...and when you retire...
  22. If you don't mind rattles and squeaks, ime the motor that will give you the most miles per quid is an ex private hire car. Round here, a car cannot get a private hire plate after it's 8th birthday, so not that old. While a private hire car, they get an annual test that is stricter than a regular mot and little things, like a small tear in the seat fabric, have to be repaired. Similar for maintenance. Have your car fettled by the place that most of the private hire owner drivers patronise.
  23. Parasites can have their uses. The problem is when society allows a certain type of parasite to flourish with very little benefit coming back. There is a tough slumlord family in this area. Not the kind of people you'd ever want to mess with. They take tenants on trust, no deposit. New tenants get told: 'If the rent is paid on time and the police aren't involved, you'll only see me when you want to see me.' The properties are poorly maintained, probably illegal in some ways but the tenants accept it or move. Some of the long term tenants are people that would have problems getting housing elsewhere, some have been evicted from social housing. They have no choice but to behave, otherwise they get a visit from 'The Management'. Slumlords living well because of HB? Yes. Parasites? Yes. Of some benefit to society? Yes.
  24. I've lived on various estates with people that were always skint a day or three before payday. There are a lot of good people that make bad decisions. Those repeatedly making poor financial decisions end up really needing a loan once in a while. To those people, the Provi APR is virtually zero. If they have cash, it leaks away until it is gone. Booze, cigs, lottery, betting shops etc. They get a Provi loan and when the agent calls to collect, as long as the amount is reasonable, it makes very little impact on their life. A few less pints or lotto tickets, that's all. Between them, the borrower and the agent, over time, establish a workable limit of £x per payday. For somebody that is always going to be broke before their next payday, cash from a rollover loan is a windfall. It's their version of an income tax refund.
  25. She hates to be outbid as she is entitled to pay less than others. She must not sell for less than it's worth, that demeans her. She manages to get a vendor to do the dirty on her and she turns regular people into neighbours from hell. What's not to like?
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