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  1. What's so wrong about having targets for getting rid of people that shouldn't be here? The target should to be deport 100% of all illegals. Whether or not the Windrush people are illegal is a separate matter. If tptb say that they are illegal, then they go. If tptb say that they're legal, then they can stay.
  2. Renters with private landlord have no local vested interest given they have 2 months notice to move to who nows where That's the current situation of my youngest and his family. They thought that they'd found an ideal rental. Not a btl, the owners had lived there for 15 years but needed to leave the area. 3 months in, the owners daughter splits with her bf and needs a place to live. My son got 2 months notice. Less than than 2 weeks of it left and they still haven't found anywhere that lets their children go to the same school. I think that they'd rather be paying an extra £300 a month on an IO mortgage than be in the situation they're in now. An IO mortgage might be renting from the bank but the bank doesn't tell you to leave if you keep paying them.
  3. I haven't had a tv for over 20 years. I always knew that it was a passing fad. There is so much free educational material available now that there aren't enough hours in the day if you have a thirst for knowledge.
  4. Not these days. Those sort of men are virtually powerless against young teens. 'Leave me alone or I'm going to say you touched me.' How's a guy going to deal with that? The usual answer is to move.
  5. Some of the comments in that article talk about the automatic trading programs going into a loss making loop. Reminds me of Betfair in it's early days. The wide boys found lots of ways to exploit Betfairs code and the poorly written bots that some traders used. If there is an exploitable flaw in trading software, it will be exploited.
  6. As you will have an allotment, your wife will not be available to other allotment gardeners. That could be considered a silver lining. Also, she will be less likely to have a headache at bedtime.
  7. Now I'm wondering how many of my past memories are wrong.
  8. I can remember the initial tv ad campaign for Toys R Us. They were on some pc kick and wanted to show just how righteous they were. The ad I remember had an Action Man and a toy tank vainly trying to get into the store. Because they don't sell non pc toys. Wasn't long before the till beat ideology and they sold whatever toys people wanted to buy.
  9. If you don't earn the minimum wage (or more) in your first few hours of fruit picking, you are fired. There was never a shortage of fruit pickers before the minimum wage came in. Giving employers the duty to pay a minimum wage has removed peoples right to accept a lower wage than others might earn.
  10. A lot of people are mad as hell and sick of the status quo. They've voted for whoever is closest to being a real life Howard Beale. (Network 1976). Corbyn in the UK, Trump in the US.
  11. According to the Kondratiev Wave theory, prosperity comes from the ashes of capitalisms collapse.
  12. fwir, getting a degree in the classics gives a student a better understanding of economics than they'd get from an economics degree. Rise and fall of empires etc.
  13. Painting in question: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42000696 Mona Lisa + nude Mona Lisa: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41436057 Boobs and facial hair aside, it looks like the same model.
  14. Not just boomers but old people in general, it's always been like that. It starts with them owning a house and it ends up with the house owning them.
  15. You have a 3 bed semi and one child. Why do you feel the need for a larger house?
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