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  1. This country is as good any any provided you have little debt and are flexible in what you are prepared to do. House prices are to become affordable, cars etc. are already being given away and there are other bargains to be had everywhere if you look. In the country of the blind the one eyed man is King.
  2. I STR last October. I knew the place was not "worth" what I had paid for it, never mind what I sold it to a normal family for. Thanks to sites like this I saw what was already happening and bailed out at the top of the market. I drive past the old place now and then and every time I thank my lucky stars it's no longer mine. Does this make me a bad person? Should I have taken a masssive hit and sold it for next years price? Of course not. You look after you and yours, no one else is going to.
  3. Ouch! that's gotta hurt! I take your point that it is "notional money" in that you made it through HPI but it could have been "real money" if you'd banked your last sale proceeds. Well done for taking the pain now though it's not going to get better if you wait is it? I STR on 22/10/07 (funny how you remember some dates!) and am still thanking my lucky stars 9 months later so if you are anything like me you'll be kicking yourself for years over this. A member of this forum since 2005 as well, Ouch!
  4. £25k was a huge sum in the 1930's. A three bed semi could be bought for less than £1000 then so you could be getting duff information. If the owner is there when you view I'd ask them you'll probably get the full story.
  5. Yep, and when that deal runs out and you are maxed out, you remortgage and start again. Ooops, forgot, can't do that anymore!
  6. Hi Yokel, I've been keeping an eye on Ross for the last year and agree with all you say. The amount of properties for sale rises and rises and with the exception of a few sensible types, they're all on at last years prices or higher. The disconnection between prices and local incomes is hugh, probably due to retirees and people looking to "escape to the country" although this has only really shown through in the last 5 yrs or so. The writing is on the wall now as developers who cannot afford to have unsold units hanging around are cutting deep into their margins. Have a look at the executive flats development at Bill Mills, big discounts there, but still a lot of money for a view of some pylons! I shall sit and wait, reality will dawn sometime soon I suspect.
  7. I'm having the same experience in the small town in Herefordshire I have my eye on. Half a dozen new properties being listed each day, at last years prices (and more), by the 6 estate agents serving a town of 10,000 souls. The number of properties for sale now exceeds 400. Total recorded completed sales for Feb, March and April? 13! As a few of these properties for sale are owned by EA staff, who haven't priced realistically either, despite the evidence of their own deserted offices, it smacks of total denial. The occasional vendor who bites the bullet, takes 15% off, sells in a few weeks. It's all there, plain to see, but only if you have your eyes open.
  8. I would never consider abusing anyone on here for deciding to buy. It's an informed decision that you are making, based on your own set of circumstances, and you obviously feel it is the best course of action (at the right price, of course!) What gets my goat is lazy, uniformed cheer leaders who jump on the latest band wagon without a thought and deride those who see through the smoke and mirrors. Bulgarian/Spanish flats? Let's buy one, it can only go up in value. Self cert liar mortgage to get somewhere you would never consider buying with "real" money? Why not, everyone else is doing it. Etc. etc. etc. Why does it annoy me?, it's their debt, not mine, after all. Putting aside the FTB affordability question, it's because it creates a deluded excess of self esteem and encourages arrogance which I can see all round me whenever I poke my head out of the door. I actually avoid Pubs, shops etc. as much as possible as the site of Joe Average "giving it the large" or talking down to some lowly employee simply because they work in a shop/bar turns my stomach. Just my opinion of course!
  9. This made me laugh out loud (must have a strange sense of humour): "Then he started to purchase the flats." Reminds me of Bob Dylan: "I started out on Burgundy, but soon hit the harder stuff" Or an interview with a druggy: You know, you do a couple of terraces, you feel ok, then a semi comes along and you think "why not, what harm can it do?" and before you know it you're doing flats.
  10. This property featured in a TV show tonight hosted by Piers Moron. An investigation, of sorts, into the Sandbanks bubble within a bubble. Mainly rubber necking dross but one comment stood out for me. The exceptional properties will always have a market (until the sea flows in) but the distinctly average stock changing hands at 1 or £2m on the back of the frenzy are in for a real spanking. I think you can probably extrapolate this nationally.
  11. The area I keep my eye on (in Herefordshire) has about 10K residents. I've seen the amount of properties for sale double to 450+ in the last 3 months while sales in Jan-March total a royal 42. 6 estate agents all piling them on at last years prices, all waiting for who blinks first.
  12. You are dead right. I am sick of seeing kids (and adults) getting everything they want without the slightest whiff of appreciation (anything that comes too easily is never valued) It's easy to get nostalgic and all "jumpers for goal posts" but going without is good for the soul, saving for something and then getting it makes it worth so much more and knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing is at the heart of most of our modern ills. IMHO of course!
  13. I think you've answered your own question there. Just as the media told us we were all rich, now we are being told we are all poor. Not many people actually think about anything, they just take in received opinions and adopt them as their own. Hey presto! We're all rich/broke/happy/sad (delete as appropriate)
  14. Lenders don't want brokers, the FSA don't want brokers, glad I got my coat last year! One question though, what happens to the thousands of slightly impaired borrowers who rely on brokers to facilitate a new deal for them? Fast-track to repo?
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