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  1. Went to view a nice 3 bed semi in a nice village yesterday. On for £129950, been empty since at least last summer, livable but needs serious updating.... we are in rented, mortgage sorted, 10% deposit, ready to move in six weeks. So I offered £110k which EA immediatly poho poohed as too low. Said she should make offer to vendors anyway and to leave it on the table if they change their minds. Rang back this morning, offer rejected, would we consider upping it? I said given the circumstances, £120k is our absolute max (i'm off back to uni next year to train as a midwife) and could I make a second viewing for my husband before making that a ormal offer. She says she won't book a viewing if we aren't going to offer over £120k!!! Frankly, I am surprised at her naivety, it seems the propsect of a double dip recession is news ot her and she laughed when I mentioned another fall in prices. Ho hum. What now? It's a nice house and I would like it but I am not going to be badgered into being over stretched on a mortgage. Never met an agent so much on the side of the vendor!
  2. Whereabouts are you? I'm trying to get a 3 bed semi (on for £129,950), I can pay a max of £120k but don't really want to, £115k would be nicer!! How did you do it? The place I want is empty (has been since early last year) but they won't budge very frustrating!! p.s. we are in rented, mortgage all but finalised, 10% deposit and ready to move in six weeks if needs be... all fro the sake £10k!
  3. Can't find an older listing, it changed agents a few months ago after being repo'd... House before House after The reason for our difference in offer will get me slapped wrist on here but I am going to be brave.... **whispers** we were using the keyworker homebuy scheme but it ran out of funding before we found a ahouse **whispers** On the upside, I think we had a lucky escape, hurrah!! Check out the other places in the village (southrey), this place is now cheaper than a 3 bed bungalow round the corner which we also viewed, was nice enough but not worth anywhere near the money they are asking, they rejected an offer of £130k last year.
  4. He is a she thank you, I am a one woman influence on the property rpice equilibrium in that particular village!! And it's in Lincolnshire.
  5. It never did sell... sorry, what I meant was it came on with a different agent after it was repossed. It was on the market for over a year if I remember correctly when I made my original offers. It's a really nice house although completly unmaintained since the original vendors bought it so a bit grotty.. but my 5yo is settled in another school now and I'm not that bothered about moving again. I do really hope it goes to a nice young family who would the appreciate the bargain it is and make a nice home from it....
  6. This is a quick update... walked away from the house last year... came onto rightmove again after being repossessed, at £189k... reduced to £179k so offered £100k!! Was rejected but it has just been reduced again by another £15k to £165k!!! So it is now just £5k more than my last offer 10 months ago... who says house prices are rising! house
  7. Ouch! Gosh, you lot really don't like a newbie do you?! I stand by my convictions, I think the majority of servicemen and women work very hard and deserve respect, I for one will continue to support them. And as for giving to charity, I like to think that my money is going on something worthwhile instead of something that will be in the bin by the end of January. Right, I am going to leave you lot to it, wish I'd never bothered posting, won't dare to voice an opinion in here again.!
  8. Fab, nice welcome to the forum, thanks... As it happens, DH is a mental health nurse in the army, he is not a 'murderer; he is there to help, though he may well be killed or injured should he have to go to Afghanistan to work in a medical capacity..... there will always be someone who disagrees with every charity but having known good young men (and I mean good men, don't see the scabby benefit theiving chavs out there) who have had their lives destroyed for a war they shouldn't even be taking part in, abandoned by the government when they are no longer fit to fight, I do feel they need support. Personal opinion.
  9. We got sick of Christmas three years ago after receiving loads of Boots gift sets and spending a fortune trawling a mental city centre. So, instead, we choose a charity for each family and made a donation (between £20 - £40) on their behalf. I couldn't get over how many people took this badly "where is my mass produced sh!t?!", I was shocked that the people I cared about and whose opnions I so valued were so selfish... now I don't even bother selecting individual charities that I think someone will like, we just choose a different one every year, this year it is all going to Help the Heroes.... a lot of people don't like it but I feel great!!! For what it's worth, I also request charity donation if anyone asks, but am happy with some nice food and a bottle of wine with the family, I don't need anyone to spend money on me. Am I as mean as my so called friends and family say? I would like to mention my grandmother though who was so impressed that she now does exactly the same thing, the word is spreading! PW x
  10. The letting agent for our new rental needs a reference from our previous landlord but we have always lived in Army accomm, does anyone know how I can get a referernce from Defence Housing or the MOD?! PWx
  11. How does a rise in unemployment, a fall in manufacturing and increasingly negative GDP = a rise in house prices? I'm not being sarcastic, I just want to know what your reasons are for that theory? PW x
  12. I'm in Lincolnshire, mostly the villages around Lincoln, Woodhall Spa and Louth..... we're not looking at particuarly nice houses but they are all on the very edge of small friendly villages... it's hard to tell from rightmove because they just look like bog standard ex-LA houses, it's only when you drive past them that you can really see the location.
  13. Now, I am just doing "research", not intending to buy just yet (unless I can get 50% off peak price ) ... we are looking for a 3 bed in a rural location for around £100k, normally pretty hard to find. This week we have driven past 5 houses we like the look of, promptly ring EA and EVERY time, they have been under offer/sold. WTF is going on ?! I'm not jittery about it, I know it's just a dead cat bounce but flippin 'eck, is everyone piling in ?! Suppose it leaves more for us when we do decide to buy (after christmas) but I've never known the market to move so quick for a while. PW x
  14. As title really, just keeping in with agents for when we start really looking to buy and was amazed at how busy they are, every office I went to was frantic, everyone talking about busy they've been, phones ringing constantly (and all this on a thursday morning).... what the heck is going on?! Does me make me a bit nervous but I am going to hold my nerve and ride it out, hope all this positivity doesn't last too long, already found my dream house but need it to drop £75,000 first!! PW x
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